South Africans come together to help blind mom see her children for the first time

South Africans come together to help blind mom see her children for the first time

Sometimes, it's the smallest act of kindness that can escalate into something life-changing. When Simonne decided to open her heart to a fellow South African and lend a helping hand, it set in motion something that would be bigger than either of them expected.

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Melissah Mfema asked for help on a Facebook Group in 2017. She needed clothes for her baby. Simonne Solarsh responded to the call for help and organised a meeting so she could drop off some clothes.

When Simonne met Melissah, she was surprised to find out the mom is blind. But Melissah wasn't feeling sorry for herself or angry with life. She had a zest for life that could be surprising to many.

So Simonne's heart moved her into finding a way to help Melissah, as reported by GoodThingsGuy.

She found a doctor and set up an appointment. The two women and Simonne's family met at a Rivonian McDonalds before going to see Dr Stoler.

At the restaurant, they talked to a writer and photographer from "I Have A Name" and Melissah shared her story.

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She was born in Zimbabwe and had poor eyesight. Her mom used to take her to the clinic for checkups and eye drops regularly, but when she passed away the visits stopped. Her father told her to stop complaining and eventually, her eyesight worsened.

Melissah can now only see slight moving shapes with the one eye and has no vision in the other.

Melissah came to South Africa in 2013 and met her now-husband Justin when she worked as a waitress and had to walk home alone.

He was a security guard and used to keep an eye on her as she walked home.

The lovely couple got hitched in 2014 and have 2 beautiful girls together. Nadia is a year old and Natalia is 2 and a half.

Dr Stoler examined Melissah and informed her there is a procedure that could help restore some sight in both her eyes. The doctor also added the procedure would be done pro-bono.

The procedure is scheduled for 16 August, when Dr Stoler and Dr Maleka will operate on her in Rivonia.

However, despite the surgery costing Melissah nothing, she will need very expensive medicine afterwards.

The photographer from "I Have A Dream" helped Melissah set up a crowdfund account to raise money.

According to their sums, R20 000 would be needed to pay for all the medicinal expenses.

To Melissah immense delight and thanks to the generosity of strangers, the fund was soon able to raise all the money she needed. Whatever extra money there is will help transport her to and from the doctor's.

The grateful mother had this message for Simonne and others who helped her.

“I thank everyone for all your efforts, care and kindness. Please don’t get tired. Its been almost 14 years of my life I hoped and prayed for this moment. It’s like I’m being born again, starting a new life. You guys are sooooo fantastic you have changed my life for the better.
To Simonne, I thank you so much you have been like a Mother sent from above. You have done so much to make this possible. I hope this is the beginning of a much stronger relationship that will not end even after the operation.
Thank you so much”

A very touching and beautiful story of kindness and South African ubuntu for sure.

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