Soccer star Tendai Ndoro’s assault charges reveal a fake marriage

Soccer star Tendai Ndoro’s assault charges reveal a fake marriage

- Tendai is facing assault charges from his wife

- He allegedly chocked her and threw a TV at her during a fight that apparently stemmed from a fake marriage certificate

- His was was recently evicted from her home by Ndoro, out of spite, and now has to drive over an hour to drop her so at school

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A hearing will be heard today in Benoni with regards to the assault charges against Tendai Ndoro. The striker says that it was a fraudulent certificate of marriage that caused the drama.

The contentious footballer has just settled another court case he was involved with. Ajax Cape Town and the PSL were involved. Ndoro claims that his wife, Thando Maseko, made-up the assault in order to spite him.

Ndoro stated that he was explaining that even though they only celebrated, in December, their traditional wedding , there was already a certificate of marriage which was issued.

When applying for permits, marriage is one of the questions. He says when he was playing for Ajax Cape Town when he applied for a permit he discovered the certificate of marriage. He went home and asked Maseko what was going on. This is when the problems started.

It was Ndoro’s plan to marry his traditional wife in Zimbabwe before he would officially sign.

Sowetan has apparently seen the fake certificate which states that Ndoro and Maseko were married 20 September 2017. So strange as their actual wedding was in December.

The alleged assault against his wife had Ndoro spend a few nights in a tiny holding cell in June this year. The charge was for him choking Maseko and throwing a TV set at her during an argument over car keys. This allege incident happened in their home in Boksburg.

The footballer came to hear that law enforcement services were looking for him. He decided to go to the police station where he was told that he was wanted for physically abusing his wife.

Maseko had apparently spoken to the police which lead to Noro spending two day in police cells. Ndoro says this was all for nothing because after the court case she apologised to him!

The soccer star declined to give any details as to what happen that day. He said that the true will come out in the court hearing. He stated that his hands are clean and that he has never laid his hands on any woman.

Ndoro also said that the time has come for his estranged wife to stop all the lies and not to continue defiling his good name.

The house the couple were staying in Benoni, Ndoro has stopped paying for. Maseko moved out last week. She claims there is another women involved by the name of Emily Mamoepa, and due to this their marriage has collapsed. learnt that she had to move out on Sunday when she received an eviction notice from the soccer player.

It is an hour’s drive every morning for Maseko to drop her child at school now. She thinks that the notice letter was drafted by his girlfriend who is apparently and estate agent by profession.

Maseko went on to say that the agent told her to move out after Emily had written them a letter asking them to vacate the premises as Tendai would no longer be paying for the house.

Allegedly it was Ndoro who made her sign the fraudulent certificate.

She says that Ndoro is the one lying and the marriage certificate is not fake. Maseko claims that he was away at the time and forced her to do it to assist his daughter receiving a South African birth certificate.

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It was also stated that Ndoro set out to make her look like the bad one. He apparently did this to protect his bae who is paying for his stuff.

Mamoepa was contacted by Sowetan where she acknowledge that she knew Ndoro, saying they were only friends and that when people have an argument generally other people’s name are named as an excuse.

The eviction letter was mentioned and she denied ever drafting it!

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