Malcolm X hands out moola like its small change: Blesser or not?

Malcolm X hands out moola like its small change: Blesser or not?

- Malcolm X has been splashing cash around like nobodies business lately

- He has always given to the less fortune but says that he is not a blesser

- A lot of people have put negative labels on him, but he says that it wont stop him from doing what he believes, is good

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He’s only known as Malcom X, a Good Samaritan or not? When someone is giving to those less privilege than himself but while doing these good deeds, he is bringing attention to himself.

A video of Malcolm X went viral even catching the eye of celebrities with the likes of Alicia Keys.

His escapades have also caused havoc at certain venues. In the hard times we are all suffering, it is only human for us to react when there is someone handing out cash. Chaos is inevitable, because there is no one out there that would not take money that is been handed out for no reason.

Malcolm told TshisaLIVE that people have labelled him a blesser. He considers this nickname to be a delusion.

He also claims that he is not wealthy and his objective is to just give to those people who are in need. Even though he is making headlines, he says that he is not expecting anything in return for the good deeds he is doing.

The question still remains, is he just a show off or is he really doing things from the good of his heart? Those who are not ignorant after seeing his daily posts will come to the conclusion that there is more to what he is doing!

Malcolm’s view is that when these kind of things happen it should be broadcasted in order to inspire others. He stated that he has done this for years and only now made it public and then results have been positive as there have been others following in his footsteps by giving to those who need a little help!

With negative responses he has been receiving, Malcolm is taking it with a pinch of salt. It does not bother him and he says he will carry on with his mission. learnt that, for those that think it is only a temporary thing, he denies this and says he will not stop.

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Not having money to buy food, Malcolm felt what is was like to not have. So 12 years ago when a stranger came to his rescue, he made a promise to himself that when he is rich he will give to those in need.

There are times that Malcom has no money and reiterates that he is not wealthy contrary to what people think. One thing that gets to him is people that think they are ‘entitled’ to luxuries. He will only give to those who are deserving of his money. Colour or creed plays no role in who he gives to.

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