Are the ANC and EFF in the same denial as the apartheid NP about the economy?

Are the ANC and EFF in the same denial as the apartheid NP about the economy?

South African author, columnist and documentary filmmaker Max du Preez addressed the current situation in the country by comparing the financial crisis to that faced during the apartheid and tweeps reacted hotly.

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South Africans are suffering under an unstable economy and the views on how the country's problems can be solved differ widely.

During the 1980s supporters of the National Party were in fierce denial pf the disastrous impact of its politics on the economy, like sanctions. I see the same denialism among ANC & EFF supporters now. It feels good to show the world the middle finger, but we’ll all pay for it

While some agreed with du Preez' view, others felt the only solution is giving people land.

On one side, there's those who agreed with du Preez:

@SeasonTravelerZ - That is anc problem and they refuse to improve the education etc for most black people in South Africa. Yes the sheep vote for them at every election. Who votes to suffer makes no sense
@zakhenxumalo89 - Unemployment is escalating and ANC/EFF will never offer alternate employment but further destroy existing jobs through populism
@TheBeetrootSA - Denialism runs deep in SA's body-politic—ANC/EFF act as if there are no consequences for their actions & DA/FF run by equally naive whites still indulge in fantasies of racial superiority—whites emigrate & return to SA when faced with a racially diverse level playing field abroad
@AlanMWilson - History repeating itself instead of us all learning from it and not making the same mistake again!
@sapolnews - International Investors put on hold due to policy uncertainty has a similar impact on the economy as Sanctions...another own goal ? @CyrilRamaphosa @MYANC @GwedeMantashe1 @DrZweliMkhize @ANCDSGDuarte @GovernmentZA #Land #landexpropriation

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Then there are the tweeps who didn't really agree with the author:

@PlaySAMusic - I expect you as a respected Journalist to understand the plight of landless people , and how affordable it will be if we have to purchase back the land. How do you deal withfarmers owning hectares of land they not using?. Whats wrong with making sure all land is used?
@Moeti93935013 - You compare denialism of a criminal system with a call by people to do what the laws allow? Is changing the Constitution comparable to support of aparheid by nationalists in any measure? You are going too far.
@Orson_Fox - The NP policies were crimes against humanity. It is a really cruel world that doesn't want the people of the land to own it.
@ephraimse - Max shut up, your not a prophet. We want the stolen land back, finish and klaar, in the process we are allowed to make mistakes ofcuz.

Debates over how to fix South Africa can carry on for hours. But it's up to the leaders of the country do what will be best, even if it's not popular.

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