Heartbroken woman's plea: “Wake up South Africa. You’re chasing us away”

Heartbroken woman's plea: “Wake up South Africa. You’re chasing us away”

South Africa's political unrest, governmental corruption, high crime rates and record-high unemployment rates are causing many South Africans to flee from their home country.

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Yet another South African to leave is Lorraine Blauw. She recently shared her tearful goodbye-video in which she said she missed her family but could not return. Lorraine now has to build a life in the Netherlands.

The video went viral as fellow South Africans could relate to what Lorraine is going through.

The video is in Afrikaans but here is a summary, as translated and shared by SApeoplenews, of what Lorraine had to say:

I miss my mother, I miss my father, I miss my family, I miss my animals that are there.
My life is now here. My life is now in a foreign land. Some may not understand. All that I know – my children will have a future, my children will be safe.
A message for the ANC – I never did anything wrong to you. Nor did my children. I must come live in a foreign land. I never did anything bad to a black person. I was a teacher, a good teacher who taught black children, who gave them my sandwiches because their mom and dad didn’t have the money, who picked them up from the side of the road because they had 15 km to walk…
You sent us away.
You’re sending your own people away – the ones who cared, because you were scared…
For every person that says it’s the white person’s fault. What did I do to you? I ride here… I don’t come from here… my feet are in the African soil. I don’t look like a Dutch person, I don’t look like a Frenchman or an Englishman. I look like an Afrikaans boeremeisie… who must come and live in a foreign land with my children, because you didn’t like me.
Every day I listen to Afrikaans because I miss my family, I miss my culture, I miss my language.
But here, there is no racism. Here, it doesn’t matter about colours… as long as you’re safe.
Lorraine went on to say she feels safer in the Netherlands
So wake up South Africa. You’re chasing us away.

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Friends and strangers responded to Lorraine’s heartfelt message. They wished her luck in her journey.

Sabine Lloyd - Life in a new country can be very challenging. Because one is away from all familiar friends and places in a town were no one knows your name, leaves one with a certain lack of identity. You are not quite the person you were at home and haven't fully changed into the person you are going to be here. A bit like a caterpillar while changing into a butterfly first has to exist as a pupa were it redesigns itself before metamorphosises into a beautifull butterfly.
Karla Bergh - My liefste Lolla, immigrating sucks, not having your family and friends sucks, leaving everything and the only thing you've known all your life sucks! But believe me, you will never look back, you now actually have a life! You have given your kids a future. And that takes guts!!! Hou vas Lolla, it will get better xxx

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