An inside look at Kylie Jenner's over the top purse collection

An inside look at Kylie Jenner's over the top purse collection

- Kylie let us take a look inside of her purse closet

- Her collection is worth more and most peoples homes are cars put together- it's impressive

-Aside from make-up, purses are definitely her other love

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The beautiful Kylie Jenner took the world on a tour of her lush purse closet. Second to make-up seems to be purses for this Jenner.

In her very large family, Kylie is known as the Queen of purses. On Tuesday she generously opened her purse closet to the world and gave us an inside tour, reported Mail Online.

We now know where all the money she makes goes. Her purse collection is worth more than most people’s homes and their cars put together.

The purse collection has been valued at around 1 million US dollars, that’s roughly R14 million.

Kylie’s purse collection is next level though. It is ever girls dream and the purses are displayed like rare diamonds in a showcase.

She has a purse from almost every brand that actually matters. They range from Louis Vuitton to Hermes. learnt that she has a crocodile skin bag that is valued at 83,000 US dollars and another Hermes bag valued at 7700 US dollars.

Being a mega celeb, Kylie has access to the best of the best. She has limited edition purses that no one else could get unless their name was Kylie Jenner.

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In the tour, she shows us some of her all time favs and one of them happen to be a bag that has her mother’s face on it.

Hermes Birkin purses seem to be her thing, as she has an entire section just for them. Her collection is something else and super impressive.

In the video, Kylie says that Stormi’s first bag will definitely be a Birkin. The mini Birkin was given to Stormi by her special aunty Kourtney.

Kylie has been collecting purses for years. It is more than an ‘I’ve got the money’ thing, it is definitely a passion and love for her.

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