A journey through Claire Mawisa’s impressive life and fruitful career

A journey through Claire Mawisa’s impressive life and fruitful career

- The beautiful and talented, Claire Mawisa will be 40 soon and she has accomplishes so much

- She went from being a successful model to becoming on of Mzansi's most well known faces on TV

-Consistency is key for Claire and has been the basis of her success

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Turning 40 might be a scary thought for many women, but Claire Mawisa is so excited to rejoice her big 40 in October.

In a telephonic interview, Mawisa shared a couple of things about her famous career in the entertainment industry over the past twenty five years. She had such a good time chatting that she said it felt like a therapy session.

Claire is currently in Cape Town with the award-winning investigative journalism show Carte Blanche, reported Sowetan Live.

Briefly.co.za learnt that it was in her 20’s that Claire thought turning 40 would be the end of the world. She said that it is surprising to her that she has so much excitement for her 40th.

Comparing her life at 40 to that of her mother or grandmother, Claire said it is so different. In today’s time people are able to rejoice being alive and are able to determine their own destinations.

Using some famous names, she commented on Janet Jackson having a baby at 50, JLO still looks amazing at 49 and Angela Bassett just looks stunning in a bikini at the age of 60. She said that women are fabulous, fierce and strong.

It will be Carte Blanche’s 30th birthday on Sunday. It was in April 2015 that Claire had the fantastic opportunity to join the admired team of Derek Watts and Devi Sankaree.

Sunday will be a day where the M-Net programme will take their viewers back in time and reminisce from the start of the programme back in August 1988, in a 90-minute special.

All the experience Claire gained working in the industry as a model and TV presenter, this particular show was a totally new experience for her. She said it was a little nerve-wrecking in the beginning because of the high respect the show held.

She recalls as a child how her mom used to ask her to be quiet when Derek Watts was on TV. She is humbled by the fact that she is able to add to the puzzle of the 30-year legacy.

Claire says she is a person on her own, and does not compete with Derek or Devi. They have their way of doing things just as she has her unique way.

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Being a mother of a 13-year-old son Neo, Claire enjoys watching him grow and develop. She says it is also stressful as you always hope you are doing the right thing.

The love a mother has for her child is so special. She says when she tells people she is a mother to a teenager she shocks herself.

Claire shares the reason she is why she is reluctant to speak about her past relationships. It’s her view that it is not fair to the other person if they are not in the public eye.

She says that she has not publically made a statement about someone she has been seeing as she feels it only ends up badly.

Things that are written about her still has some effect on her and she says it’s time for her to develop a thicker skin!

Her free time over the past few years is spent relaxing in-doors. She would rather enjoy a good glass of wine then painting the town red.

Claire enjoys the space of her own home over weekends, watching her favourite shows like Luke Cage and The Good Fight.

If there was a lesson Claire would teach her younger self, it would not to compare yourself to others and always trust your gut feeling.

Consistency is the one thing Claire believes make you have a long time career. She is not one to seek attention from entertainment industry.

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