Cold with a chance of...snow? SA left giggling after hilarious weather forecast

Cold with a chance of...snow? SA left giggling after hilarious weather forecast

South Africans have a wonderful way of finding reasons to laugh even when it seems their country is unstable and eroded by corruption. After a recent weather report predicted snow and the weather chart showed an "interesting" pattern for the expected snowfall, South Africans were left giggling like teenagers.

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On 23 August, the South African Weather Service announced that South Africa could expect snowfall and it led to many people blushing and giggling like kids. Wonder why a snow prediction would make people giggle?

Well, it's more the interesting shape of the expected coverage that had people choking on their coffee.

The comments that followed were even more giggle-inducing as South Africans delivered their best puns.

The official warning was:

If you plan on travelling on Saturday night or Sunday morning in these areas, please be extremely cautious as icy roads are very dangerous. We expect that some of the mountain passes will be closed if the snow that we are expecting arrives as predicted.

There were many witty and funny responses and Briefly gathered some of the best ones, for your entertainment.

Ingrid Johnstone - Hope is growing.
Erik Aissing - Imagine how big if it wasn't cold
Barry Luus - The storm is going to be hard to forget.
Gerhard Badenhorst - This must be the funniest snow report ever, the weather has a very cocky sense of humour... I bet we can expect an increase in female tourists this year...

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Jessica Antionette le Roux -That looks a bit willy...I mean...chilly.
Tariq September - Seems like a hard time ahead. Hope nothing bad comes out of it. Everythings gonna be wet when its over though. I hope this report is not jerking us around.
Andre Vermeulen - Ladies....if you have studied this before then you are a qualified cannot be disputed!
Karen Meyer van Tonder - Thankfully I'm not the only one who may be construed as having my mind in the GUTTER!

Here's to South Africans - they seem able to always look on the bright and funny side!

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