Is it all doom and gloom? 17 facts about South Africa's youth in 2018

Is it all doom and gloom? 17 facts about South Africa's youth in 2018

South Africans can't help but feel a bit negative about the future of South Africa and its youth. With unemployment, teenage pregnancies and crime at such alarming highs in the country, it's no wonder. But is all hope lost for the youth of SA?

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Briefly gathered some facts about the South African youth and compiled them in list-form to show the current situation that young South Africans face.

While there are many negative things on this list, there are a number of positives as well.

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  1. Access to education has improved despite about 70% of schools still having no proper libraries. 92% of SA children attend an Early Childhood Development facility.
  2. 455 825 of the 1 118 690 children entering school go on to pass matric. 349 983 achieve a university exemption. Since 1996, tertiary institution attendance has grown by an impressive 445%.
  3. Half of SA's population is younger than 24.
  4. Roughly 64% of SA's youth are seen as poor, living in poor conditions.
  5. 120,000 schoolgirls have fallen pregnant and of that number, 3500 are younger than 14.
  6. Less than half of SA children live with both their parents. 40% live with their mothers only and 3% live with their fathers only. 21% of children live in households headed by children.
  7. More than 12 million children receive social grants on a monthly basis.
  8. Unemployment under the SA youth (between the ages of 21-24) is estimated at about 51%.
  9. Graduates have become more with 1.1 million South Africans graduation as of 2011- showing remarkable growth from just 400 000 graduating in 1995, as reported on by SAgoodnews.
  10. Social media has become more popular - 93% of SA's youth have some social media account and more than half of them spend over 2 hours on social media a day.
  11. About 43% of the youth are using social media to find services and goods.
  12. However, 59% of South Africa's youth feel that data costs restrict their lives.
  13. There are more opportunities now as more children grow up in urban areas, and they have better opportunities than their counterparts in rural areas.
  14. South Africa's youth are living at home longer and studying longer in 2018. They are also depending on family longer and taking longer to find a job.
  15. Pressure from family and peers are felt more than before about getting work, having money and 'being relevant'.
  16. An impressive 64% of SA youth feel generally content and 80% feel they do have what it takes to change their circumstances.
  17. More youth believe that the future will be built on individual efforts

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This information was learned from the UCT Unilever Institute of Strategic Marketing’s Youth 2018 report.

If hope continues to grow in South Africa, there could be a bright future for the country yet. Small groups like these are like candles in the dark:

Is it all doom and gloom? 17 facts about South Africa's youth in 2018

Small groups like these can be found everywhere on social media (Image Source: Facebook groups)
Source: Facebook

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