Julius Malema vows EFF will continue to fight for a land revolution

Julius Malema vows EFF will continue to fight for a land revolution

- EFF leader Julius Malema said his party’s followers would occupy vacant land in a bid to force the government to follow through on land reform

- Malema slammed President Ramaphosa’s proposed land reforms and said the president changed his tune on the matter on day to day basis

- The EFF leader dismissed suggestions that white people would leave South Africa by saying rich white people in South Africa are poor in Europe and cannot afford the luxuries they can at home, he even suggested that rich white people could not feed or clean themselves

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EFF leader Julius Malema has vowed to continue the fight for what he called a land revolution to take place in South Africa. Malema said this revolution would take the form of EFF followers occupying land which currently lies vacant.

Malema said this would force the government to take action and follow through on its commitment to enact land reforms. Malema said the tactic of seizing land had worked and was what led the ANC to adopt its current path towards land reform.

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Malema, however, slammed President Ramaphosa's proposed land reforms as fake, he added that Ramaphosa was wishy-washy on the topic and prone to changing his mind on a daily basis.

Briefly.co.za gathered that ANC was disconnected from the new generation of South Africans who felt that the ruling party had abandoned them and failed to deliver on the post-1994 promises.

Malema said the EFF had been established at just the right time to help the disenchanted, poor youth of the country to take their fight for economic liberation to into the future.

EWN.co.za reported that Malema warned that the current generation of South African youths was quickly becoming frustrated by the lack of progress from the ANC-led government and that their collective patience was draining quickly.

Malema said the EFF was by far the most influential political party in the country when it came to producing ideas and he once again claimed that his party was actually leading the country’s policy direction.

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The EFF has in the past boasted that the ANC had run out of ideas and relied on the EFF for policy guidance.

Malema boasted that he had overseen the seizure of land near Polokwane where more than 3 000 families were peacefully settled on land which was owned by South Africans currently living abroad.

Malema said he believed white farmers were willing to share the land with black people and had shown a willingness to engage with black people on how to best deal with the land matter.

The EFF leader once again reiterated his party’s belief that the state should become the custodian of all land in South Africa and allocate land to the people of the country.

Meanwhile, Citizen.co.za reported that Malema took a swipe at the lifestyle which many rich white South Africans still enjoy. Malema said white people could not move to Europe permanently because they could not afford domestic staff in Europe.

Malema said since 1994 people have spoken about the great white exodus and this exodus just never happened. He said this was because rich white people were poor in Europe and had grown so used to being tended to by staff that they were incapable of feeding or cleaning themselves.

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Source: Briefly.co.za

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