'Zuma insults us' writes Johannesburg Advocate Mfesane Siboto

'Zuma insults us' writes Johannesburg Advocate Mfesane Siboto

Editor's Note - Jacob Zuma's recent explanation of what a state is and how that means there is no state capture had South African tongues wagging. People are divided in opinion on what Zuma had to say. We take a look here at the opinion of Advocate of the High Court in Johannesburg, Mfesane Siboto.

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Dear former president Jacob Zuma.

As a law graduate, I watched with marvel your eloquent and technically sound exposition of what a state is.

You are indeed correct, Msholozi. I am in agreement that a state is constituted of three branches of governance – the executive, the judiciary and Parliament.

Not once has anyone suggested that the latter two branches have been captured. How then can one argue that there is state capture? Laughable reasoning by your detractors, Nxams. Banomona laba, Msholozi (they are jealous, Msholozi).

They are jealous because you have been successful in radically transforming the lives of those that matter to you. You have led by example, my president. How are you expected to feed the village when you cannot feed your own household? Banomona laba.

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They accused you of patronage. How could they miss the obvious strategy you were employing – build and enrich the core, and then expand outwardly. It all clicked when you insisted that you be kept on as state president to solidify our relations with Brics.

These howling clever blacks missed it. Instead, they aligned themselves with white monopoly capital to discredit the son of the soil, our father in radical economic transformation. They missed the brilliance of your chess acumen. Because of their greed for power, they evicted you from office prematurely. How are we possibly better off as a country without you, Msholozi? Banomona laba.

I digress. Back to what state capture is. You will hear them suddenly say substance over form matters in understanding what state capture is. The fact that one branch is captured does not detract from the substantive argument that state institutions and personalities were used to advance certain interests without complying with the legal prescripts, so they argue.

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Then why did they not just call it executive capture then? You will masterfully raise the defense of state capture being a technically incorrect description of what they accuse you of.

Even if they were to suggest that the executive is captured, how many Cabinet ministers are there? Does that mean all ministers are captured? Can they just say what they mean for once?

I retrospectively agree, we should have let you become a dictator so you would not have to deal with such basic minds. The real reason you could not achieve radical economic transformation in time was precisely because they had a ballooned appetite for taking you to court.

None of this would have happened had you been a dictator. They would not let you be a dictator, because banomona laba.

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