Man makes heartfelt confession: ‘I probably racially profiled many good Afrikaners’

Man makes heartfelt confession: ‘I probably racially profiled many good Afrikaners’

- Two friend were stranded on a remote road after their tyre got a puncture

- A white, Afrikaans man came to their rescue, much to their surprise

- One of the men said he learnt a valuable lesson, not to judge people by their appearance

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A beautiful story of Ubuntu is going viral. Although the original poster of the story is not known, the message itself is still beautiful and worth a read.

In a post shared on the Facebook group, Positive Racial Testimonies in SA, Hennie Muller posted:

"Today I learned an important lesson. We had tyre burst some kilos away from Kamanjab. Just few minutes after this issue, a pickup driven by a guy with a dog behind passed and my cousin tried stopping it.

Helped pn side of road

A young Afrikaan man helped two men who were stranded on the side of the road. Image source: Facebook - Positive Racial Testimonies
Source: Facebook

“I commented: ‘he is Afrikaner, he won’t stop’. He was probably driving at 120 km/h.

‘To my surprise, he stopped few meters away before he could return. He looked quite serious. My cousin talked to him in Afrikaans asking for some help, while I put on my shoes hoping that he takes us to Kamanjab to fill up the spare tyre.

“I nervously asked him if he could take us with to Kamanjab if he is going that far, he said, of course. He was heading to Kamanjab.

“As my friend tries to load the tyre in the car at the back, I started contemplating whether I should go to the passenger’s door/seat or I should get to the back of the car so that we sit with his dog, I mean, that is what I see some workers transported from and to their work.

“While taking some time to decide, I saw him clearing the seat to make room, so I went and sat with him.

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“It was so awkward for me at first, I did know what type of conversation to have with him. I even thought if I keep thanking him, I could annoy him.

“He started the conversation, spoke to me in Afrikaans, that he was coming from the farm. I told him my Afrikaans is so bad and that we were also coming from the farm, from visiting our “oupa”.

“That he was the first person I wanted to visit since I returned from my studies in Germany. ‘Why go to that horrible country?’, he asked.

“I told him I am only there for studies. Our country is nice and has friendly people, he continued. I started to loosen when I heard “our”. The conversations were still minimal as I tried to watch what I say to him.

“As we approached Kamanjab, I told him how thankful we are. He told us, we should fix the tyre, he will wait for us and take us back.”

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But, the man quickly made a stark realisation: “I was absolutely wrong to racially profile Manna, as he goes by his nickname. He not only took us back after getting the tyre but helped us change it before he wished us a good journey.

“I probably racially profiled many other good Afrikaners and German Namibians out there. Lesson absolutely learned and I never want to have such thoughts about someone before I talk to them.”

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