This is the real SA: A black man will never leave a woman stranded on the road

This is the real SA: A black man will never leave a woman stranded on the road

In a time when racism keeps making headlines week after week, it is refreshing to see people help each other regardless of colour. When a white woman had car troubles, 4 black males came to her rescue, saving her from a potentially dangerous situation and giving SA a little hope again.

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A woman was left with her hands in her hair when she got stranded on a road with a flat tyre.

Instead of simply passing by, a group of men decided to help the woman out. She wasn't exactly safe from criminals who could rob her at any time.

A Twitter user share the feel-good moment on social media and soon other tweeps shared their own experiences.

Many white people told of how black people helped them out when other white people ignored their obvious need for help.

@simoolman - No surprise there. That’s what I know about about real black men when they see a woman in trouble.

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@AlanJBaxter - This is not a phenomenon, my wife will attest, without fail, when ever she has roadside problem, fellow whites ignore, help is always from black people.
@UrbanisedGeek - I had problems with my battery once. Needed to push start my car. The only guys willing to help me were black and also told me where to go to get my battery tested and how to idle so it won't die again.
Best part was, I didn't even have to ask. They just saw I was in trouble and took over, making sure I was OK.
@USHER23823106 - Black men will NEVER live (let) a woman(of any colour) stranded on the road NEVER! ask me

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However, attempts to help out don't always go so smooth:

@mokabah - Once found a white female university student with a flat tyre between Bethal and Ogies. We stopped and she locked all the car doors, I asked her to open the boot, we took out the spare wheel and we changed the tyre. Waved goodbye. Honestly I stopped because I felt scared for her
@NightKn46967737 - I once came across a woman who could not get her car started in a supermarket parking lot. Me and a group of guys tried to see what the problem was. When I looked around she was gone. Found her panicking in the supermarket. I'm white so was she.

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