Shivambu vs Gordhan: 9 hectic claims by Floyd against Pravin

Shivambu vs Gordhan: 9 hectic claims by Floyd against Pravin

It's no secret that there is no love lost between EFF Deputy President Floyd Shivambu and Minister of Public Enterprises Pravin Gordhan. In a recent online rant, Shivambu threw some explosive claims around.

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Shivambu recently shared a blog post that outlined what he thinks of Gordhan and he did not hold back.

The accusations made by the EFF second-in-command had heads turning and mouths gaping, according to a report by The South African.

Please note: The opinions are that of Floyd Shivambu and do not represent or reflect the views of

Here's a brief look at what Shivambu had to say:

1. Gordhan was ok with the Guptas' criminal activities

According to Shivambu, not only did the Public Enterprises Minister know about the financial crimes of the Gupta family, he was in on it with them. He says Gordhan knew that the family was Jacob Zuma's biggest financial funder and he only tried to expose the after he was overlooked by Zuma.

2. Gordhan has capture SA's media

Shivambu seems to adore conspiracy theories. He's convinced that big media entities like the Daily Maverick and Sunday Times are under Gordhan's control. They allegedly publish lies and pretend it's investigative reports.

3. Gordhan runs the secret Cabal that controls SA

Another conspiracy theory by Shivambu. He says Gordhan has been in control of things from behind the scenes for years now. According to Shivambu, Gordhan operates from the shadows and has input on all the important decisions in the country. He added that Trevor Manuel, Deputy Governor of SARB Kuben Naidoo and Ismael Monimat are also involved.

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4. Indians were well looked after by Gordhan

Shivambu's (and really the EFF's) constant opinions on Indian South Africans are borderline racist. According to Shivambu's blog, Gordhan showed favouritism to Indians during his time as SARS commissioner.

5. Gordhan used to be Zuma's biggest fan

Shivambu insists that Gordhan and Zuma were thick as thieves. He added that Gordhan was the key enforcer for Zuma's 2012 Elective Conference win. That was until things got sour when he was not re-appointed as Minister of Finance in 2014. Shivambu says Zuma made himself an enemy of Pravin (and the Cabal of Pravin) when he took away his power.

6. Gordhan hurried the VBS investigations for personal reasons

According to Shivambu, Gordhan only wanted the looting of VBS Mutual Bank investigated as soon as possible so he can retain his hold over SARS, the National Treasury, SARB and the FIC.

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7. Gordhan influenced the media about the 'rogue unit' reports

Shivambu is often looking down on the SA media and this time he said Gordhan heavily influenced them. He says Gordhan's appointment as Finance Minister in 2015 forced media top dog Sunday Times to report an apology about the 'rogue unit' within SARS.

8. Limpopo was taken down by Gordhan

Shivambu says Gordhan was behind the move that put Limpopo into administration. He alleges that Gordhan did this because he wanted to take down any possible opposition against Zuma.

9. Gordhan financially looked after himself - unlawfully

Shivambu's blog also claims that Gordhan procured shares in over 40 businesses and corporations and this was not an act of neutrality. Shivambu says Gordhan placed his own interest above that of the country.

Shivambu ended his rant by laying out a plan to get rid of Gordhan and the Cabal. He wants Gordhan to be removed from the government.

All of these opinions are that of Floyd Shivambu and while he may believe in them completely, others can't help but see "conspiracy theory" stamped all over his blog.

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