Best Trevor Noah jokes ever

Best Trevor Noah jokes ever

Trevor Noah is a talented South African born comedian and host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central. He was born in 1984 in Johannesburg, South Africa, and apart from being a comedian, he is also an author having released Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood. Trevor Noah jokes are rib-cracking, and he has a huge number of followers since he never disappoints his fans. Here are some of his best jokes of all times.

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Noah is multilingual and speaks Tsonga, Tswana, Zulu, Afrikaans, Sotho, and German. He began his comedy career by accident back in South Africa. Trevor, with some friends, attended a comedy show in Johannesburg and when the show ended, his drunken friends dared him on stage. He has had a successful career in comedy. In 2009, he released the Trevor Noah Daywalker which was a stand-up comedy that was specially filmed in South Africa. Another comedy film he produced was Trevor Noah: I'ts my Culture, which was released in 2013. In this film, Trevor Noah is performing in Johannesburg and he jokes about the hilarious aspects of African culture. Trevor Noah Crazy Normal is a video that was filmed in 2011 during his “Farewell for Now” comedy tour in South Africa. The 100-minute video includes political jokes on South African Politicians such as Zuma, Zille and Malema and other funny South African jokes worth watching. Below are the best of Trevor Noah jokes on different topics.

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Trevor Noah jokes

There are numerous funny South African jokes as well as jokes from other parts of the world by Trevor Noah, but we have only selected some of the best. Trevor Noah best jokes can be categorized into the following:

Jokes about South Africa

Flying has been particularly stressful for me in the recent months. Flying into America has been the worst. You go through different lines, there’s extra checks. Especially if you come from what they consider a high-risk Ebola region, which apparently is the whole continent-we are all coughing on each other in one big hut.
The sun in Cape Town is so hot today that even white people are getting bad service.

Trevor Noah Joke on Oprah School in South Africa

Oprah’s school has a state of the art everything. Well, not everything- teachers, not so much. Those kids got beatings for no reason. There was always these cases of teachers walking into class and losing their minds. “Mavis, did you do your homework? Then you are going to get a beating and because it is Oprah’s school, everybody is getting a beating, you are getting a beating, and everyone is getting a beating”.

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Trevor Noah joke on growing up in a mixed family in South Africa during apartheid

In the streets, we could not be seen together. My mum could walk with me but if the police showed up, she would have to let go of me and drop me and pretend I was not hers, because we’re not supposed to exist as a family. It was horrible for me, I felt like I was a bag of weed.

Trevor Noah joke on London

Just landed in London. Bought some sun with me. It was a nightmare getting it through customs but definitely worth it.

Trevor Noah joke on flying into the UK

You have one of the most stressful border controls I have ever come into my life. They ask you so many questions. The guy looks at me and says “So you are a comedian, you don’t look funny”. So at one point I stopped and I said. “Look man I have given you the paperwork, I have told you why I am here, why don’t you believe me?” He said: “Well, the truth is, we can’t just believe everybody that comes into the United Kingdom, and we can’t just believe that you are gonna do what you say you are here to do, you might do something totally different”. I thought: “Fair enough, that makes sense. I just wish, as Africans, we’d thought of that when the British arrived, that would have served us well.

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Trevor Noah joke on White House

Can we just acknowledge how weird it is that under Trump no one wants to visit the White House anymore? The Golden State warriors would not go last year. The Eagles won’t go this year. In fact, the Cleveland Browns released a statement saying the only reason they have never won the Super Bowl is because they don’t want to meet Trump. Apparently they are not losing they are resisting.

Trevor Noah joke on the celebration of America

You would think that if you have invited people over for a patriotism party, you would at least know the words to America’s favourite songs.

Trevor Noah joke on racial inequality in the United States of America

Here is the amazing part. For South Africa to achieve that kind of black-white wealth gap, we had to construct an entire apartheid state denying blacks the right to vote or own property. But you, you did it without even trying. We trained for decades and we just waltzed in and won the gold medal.

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Trevor Noah joke on watching sports on television in America

I have never seen more focus put on sports anywhere else in the world. You worship them, you analyse them, and you watch the game before the game. You talk about what happened in the game and what could have happened in the game, what did not happen in the game. It is all statistics, you know every statistic. Then you switch over to the business channels and you are like. “Well, what’s happening in the economy this year Bob?” Bob: “Well, nobody knows”.

Trevor Noah joke on the internet

The internet is a weird place. If you put up naked pictures nobody cares but if naked pictures of you get leaked then it is on!

Trevor Noah joke on Sony PlayStation

If PlayStation was smart, they would get Brian Williams to be their spokesman, “PS4. So real, you will think you were there”

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Trevor Noah joke on furniture sales

Well played furniture stores. You never ending “Closing down sales” has tricked us all. Well played.

Trevor Noah joke on couples

Whenever I see a couple kissing in public. I always wonder if they are just trying to hide from bad guys chasing them.

Trevor Noah joke on the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

My favourite thing was how the British media talked about how black the event was. This is like one of those things where I understand they want to talk about it because you are not used to having like a ‘black wedding’.

Trevor Noah joke on women

Want your woman to appreciate you? Take her to watch a movie about a super good looking billionaire sex machine.
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Watch more of Trevor Noah videos and Trevor Noah latest comedies on his official website. Trevor Noah latest news is about the 10 million dollar house that he acquired at the heart of Manhattan, and this had got many talking especially the breathtaking images of the inside of the 3-bedroom apartment. You can visit Trevor Noah Youtube channel for Trevor Noah stand up full comedy special as well as other rib-cracking jokes by the talented comedian.

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Trevor Noah is considered to be among the most successful African comedians. His shows are very popular since he is able to address various issues in his comedy, especially when it comes to race and culture, as evidenced by our collection of best Trevor Noah jokes ever above. I am sure you can relate to more than three of the jokes above, regardless of your location in the world. They say laughter is the best medicine, so always watch out for past and future jokes by Trevor Noah.


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