Vodacom launches Wi-Fi calling for iPhone

Vodacom launches Wi-Fi calling for iPhone

In a bid to stay current - and rather late - Vodacom subscribers with iPhones reported they now have Wi-Fi calling support for their devices.

“This effectively allows customers to use a Wi-Fi network as their Vodacom tower when making a call,” said Vodacom.

“This is especially useful when you have poor indoor coverage, as the Wi-Fi network… allows the call to be transferred over the existing ADSL or fibre backhaul network.”

However, the feature will only becomes active after you receive a carrier update.

At that stage, navigate to the Phone section in the Settings menu, tap on Wi-Fi calling, and tap on the slider to enable it.

If you are a Vodacom subscriber and want to take advantage of Wi-Fi calling, you must:

Ensure you are running the latest version of iOS

Ensure they are provisioned with VoLTE, which is used as a provisioning for VoWiFi. Call 082 111 to check. However, most customers are auto-provisioned.

Go to Settings>General>About. A pop-up should appear stating there is a Carrier Update available. Select the option to update.

Go to Settings>Phone and find the option for Wi-Fi calling and Select it.

When Wi-Fi calling is on, the network name should show “Vodacom VoWiFi” next to the signal bars.

Vodacom said subscribers will be charged standard call rates, or will use available monthly minutes, when using VoWiFi.

“It is important to note that there will be simultaneous data usage on the respective Wi-Fi network.”

Source: Briefly.co.za

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