Kwesta new song 2018 - 2019

Kwesta new song 2018 - 2019

We are almost done with 2018 and Kwesta has yet again surprised us with a new song. The track is just another smash hit from the South African hip-hop artist to sing along to as the year has come to an end. The new single, featuring Kwaito-infused beats, has the makings of a summer sensation, judging from the creative work that takes music fans back to the old classic times. Kwetsa's consistency in releasing a hit after hit clearly measures up to his title of ‘Da King of African Rap’.

Kwesta new song
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Sit back and listen to this dope Kwesta new song that he released a month ago.

Kwesta new release

Kwesta - Vur Vai

Vur Vai is one of Kwesta songs that has had a positive reception since it hit the airwaves on September 24th, 2018. So far, the track has had over a million views on YouTube

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The hit song is a follow up to his earlier 2017 hit single, ‘Spirit’ that featured the American rapper, Wale. Producer, Makwa was the figure the behind the success of the track that is destined to become the song of the year. This is for sure the best Christmas gift to his fans this 2018.

Vur Vai' is a simple slang word meaning chaos. The lyrics shed a concept of confusion and commotion associated with the festive season that beckons us. The jam is a departure from the precedence of many African artists who seek to infuse foreign sounds to their music. The indigenous tune has been received well with many die-hard fans wishing the song was a national anthem.

The music resonates well to a large populace of young people living in low-income townships and suburbs. Since its release, the artist had made the song available for download and streaming on various online platforms. You can buy and download the song on Amazon or Sound Cloud. Additionally, iPhone users can grab this Kwesta 2018 jam on iTunes.

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Kwesta songs list

As of today, the rapper has three albums under his belt. On top of that, he dished out two mixtapes Unkwestionable and Rally 4 DaKAR in 2009 and 2012 respectively. Each of the records contains 11 tracks. Check out the list of his songs that are in no particular order including singles from as back as 2010.

  • Pray Hard ft Reason
  • Family Matters Radio ft Charles Mchunu
  • Stomp
  • Flash It
  • Spirit (featuring Wale)
  • Johnnie (Keep Walking)
  • Make You Go
  • Flava
  • BoomShakaLaka (Ft. Kid-X)
  • Shooting Star
  • Hyena
  • Nomayini
  • High On Life
  • Thank You
  • Radio (Ft. Charles Mchunu)
  • Mmino (Ft. TLT)
  • Ngud (Ft. Cassper Nyovest)
  • Vur Vai
  • Radio (Ft. Charles Mchunu)
  • Shall Not Forget
  • Balloon
  • The Fire
  • Pump It
  • Ring The Siren
  • Mr Cool
  • Kokotela (Ft. Kid X and Yanga)
  • 7 Day Hustle
  • Day One
  • K1 God
  • Lights
  • Act Like

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Kwesta new album

Hip Hop lovers were expecting Kwesta new album this year. However, the artist has cleared the air by promising that the awaited album is still in the making and would be released soon. From the look of things, he will make the collection available in 2019.

Although reassuring, he indeed gave reasons for the delay. The musician hinted that he had incorporated creative tunes that fans can expect when the album hits the scene. Also, he made it public that the new playlist will feature international artists, although he fell short in naming them.

His first album, Special Rekwest, saw the light in 2010. After three years, he added a second one titled DaKAR in 2013. His third album DaKAR II went on air in 2016. To listen to any of the tracks in the album, head online to Kwesta songs download sites like iTunes, or better still, listen to the track on Spotify.

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Kwesta new song

All his latest songs this 2018 are singles. They are well-packaged jams to keep fans hooked as they await his upcoming album. Listening to his music, it is notable that the tunes are a mix of English and IsiZulu dialect. You will notice his effort in crafting impressive punch lines and throwing some metaphors into the mix. Check these two Kwesta new songs that the rapper released this 2018.

Kwesta – Hyena

Released in April 2018, ‘Hyena is an exciting song that has so far garnered 200k+ YouTube views. Much can be said about the song especially considering the distinct video scenes shot during a music tour in the states. Like all his jams, Hyena is no short of punch lines plus the musical melodies are just on point. The thought-provoking lyric goes in-line with the artist’s unique artistic style. Basically, the superstar raps about being the reigning artist in the industry. The words reinforce his proclamation of singing about reality rather than fantasy. Get Kwesta mp3 download from Amazon or download the Hyena track for free on Mzansistream.

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Kwesta - Spirit ft. Wale

Spirit is one of the big tunes that has effortlessly ruled the airwaves since the release of the video on January 2018. However, the audio version was made available in October 2017. So popular is the banger track that it has accumulated more than 3.6 million YouTube views. There is no doubt that 'Spirit' is one of the biggest hits from a South African artist this year. Even still, his collabo with the American rapper, Wale, brought a whole new meaning to the music.

This is also one of the songs that make you appreciate your Africanness; due to its heavily-inspired cultural undertones. If the lyrics are something to go with, Kwesta digs into the soul of the African Spirit that oversees the success and triumph of Africans despite the ever-present challenges.

Depending on how you perceive the connotations and references, you will appreciate the ingenuity that went into producing the hit. Kwesta strives to drive the agenda that, although the society is facing a social divide between the traditional-leaning old generation and the fast-paced youths, we all connect through one spirit. That unifying element is what will unite us to achieve progress, as Kwesta puts it.

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A brief preview of Kwesta music career

Since he quit high school to pursue music, the rapper has bagged a huge fan base thanks to his unique style of Hip Hop fused with Kasi tunes. For the past few years, he has risen to challenge the status quo with his three albums and several singles under his sleeve.

From the set precedence, we hope to get a new album in 2019. Collaborations with the local and international artist have reinforced his standing in the South African music scene. In return, it has endeared him to be the most awarded rapper in South African. Hits like Ngud', were received with positive reviews, catapulting the artist to the top of the music charts.

By blending the hood or ghetto culture into his music vibes, he has enticed a great following from young generations who look up to him to narrate the African story. You can keep in touch with the artist’s life updates and major industry moves including current music releases by simply heading to Kwesta Instagram.

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There you go. I am glad you have enjoyed Kwesta new song and hoping it is a new addition to your playlist. Please share the song with your friends and do not forget to leave a comment on the hit song.


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