Nasty C girlfriend 2018

Nasty C girlfriend 2018

Do you ever listen to Nasty C's music and wonder what inspires his lyrics? While most of us think about this question, there is one person who knows even better. Apart from being an inspiration behind his songs, Nasty C girlfriend has been a source of emotional support. Surprisingly, she has been around since Nasty C has started his career. Read down below to know more about her.

nasty c girlfriend

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Some celebrities chose to keep their partners away from the limelight. In Nasty C's case, he decided not to distract his beau or expose her before the right time. Instead, he dropped hints about their relationship in hits like Send Me Away (SMA), Mrs. Me, and Everything. When the appointed time came, Nasty C finally introduced his girlfriend to the world, and here are the details of the woman who stole the heart of the Best Male Artist in the Southern Africa region in the recently held AFRIMA.

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Nasty C's girlfriend

While on tour in Kenya, Nasty C mentioned that his girl Ntombizodwa Beatrice Sibanyoni provides emotional support throughout his music career. Recently, he celebrated his six-year anniversary with a girl named Sammie. Is Beatrice and Sammie one and the same? What we are sure of is that Nasty C's girlfriend has been by his side since he was just Nsikayesizwe David Junior Ngcobo. The two celebrated their sixth year together on the 16th November. In SMA he states that Sammie was with him when he was trying to figure out things. But most fans only officially learned about Sammie this year, and rarely would you find the two posting each other's photos all over the social media. Here are some interesting facts about Sammie.

Sammie is Nasty C high school sweetheart

nasty c high school

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According to Nasty C, the two met while at Nuz Junior High School. At the time, Nasty C was in grade 8 while Sammie was in grade 7. The two became an item when Nasty C was in grade 9 and Sammie was only 15. By now, you are probably wondering how old is Nasty C. The award-winning rapper turned 21 on the 11th of February, 2018.

Nasty C introduced Sammie after she had completed high school

In an interview with Tshisha Live, Nasty C revealed that he waited until Sammie was through with high school before exposing her. He also states that he did not want the fame and limelight to distract Sammie. Nonetheless, Sammie seems to be adjusting well to this new life.

Nasty C love story has inspired Nasty lyrics

nasty c love nasty

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Even though we just learned about Nasty C's girlfriend recently, she has been the subjects of his songs. In SMA, Nasty C details their relationship journey including the struggles along the way. From the look of things, Sammie has played a pivotal role in his life. Before Nasty C releases any song centered on their relationship, he consults his beau apart from Bad Hair that made Sam somehow upset.

Sammie can sing

Like Nasty C, Sammie is gifted musically judging by the video she uploaded on Instagram. So, how would these two lovebirds sound in one track?

Sammie is a fashion enthusiast

Nasty C's girlfriend often posts images of her photo-shoots on Instagram. She particularly loves street-inspired styles.

Nasty C's girlfriend is an eye candy

They say beauty is the eyes of the beholder and we say Sammie appeals to even the non-beholders. She gets her good genes from her gorgeous mother.

Does Nasty C have a child

In May 2018, Nasty C announced that he was expecting twins. Further, he asked his fans to suggest names for the twins. The twins arrived on the 6th July, 2018, and Nasty C named them Strings and Blings. No, Strings and Blings are not children, but it is the name of his sophomore album.

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Nasty C house and Nasty C car may be a measure of his success till now, but the details in his journey make it all worth it. People like Nasty C girlfriend have contributed to his growth this far, showing the importance of a good support system in life. We wish the couple all the best in their relationship.



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