Man reminds SA what Ubuntu looks like by reaching out to fellow South African

Man reminds SA what Ubuntu looks like by reaching out to fellow South African

With the festive season upon us, it is easy to get lost in Christmas shopping and gift-hunting. However, there are many South Africans who aren't as fortunate and need a helping hand. One person Zolile, who gave a helping hand, shared his story on social media.

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Zolile Mlonyeni recently decided to reach out to a fellow South African who happens to be homeless. He didn't do it for attention or to receive praise, but to help another human being.

Zolile says he passed the homeless man, but something told him to turn back and give him the R8 in his pocket. He then walked away, but returned again, driven by a voice inside him that urged him to do more.

Zolile eventually took the man for a decent meal and bought him some much-needed items from the shops. He also learned that he shared a name with the man he was helping and that he came from Khayelitsha.

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Zolile (number 2) apparently had a job and house but lost everything because of things going very wrong for him.

Here's the story as it was told on social media:

So today knocked off work and took a walk around town past 8am and I bumped into this guy who lives on the streets and he asked for some coins and I had like R8 coins and I pass him and go back again and gave him the R8 and he said “Ndabulela bhut’wam”. As I went my way something said “turn back and go to that guy again” and so I did and first words to come out my mouth were “Bhut’wam ubukhe watya namhlanje?” And he said “Not at all”.
Here’s the thing I was not forced to give him the R8 in the first place and I definitely was not forced to turn back and go to him but my heart and a voice inside told me to. I told him masambe sothenga ukutya and we went to shoprite and asked him to take a trolley and take what he wanted I’ll pay. You won’t believe what he only wanted, was just a loaf of bread and amasi alumele. And at that moment my heart broke and made me realize that some people don’t want our sympathy but just food. And my heart couldn’t let me just buy him a loaf of bread namasi, so I pleaded with him to take other stuff and fruit too and so took a strol at the shop and took some stuff.


As usual you know people by giving funny looks. But what I noticed about him was he was not bothered by the looks people have him and surprisingly I was not bothered myself.
We talked like brothers and laughing and we went to pay and my heart was like “that ain’t enough” so we went to KFC and again I was not forced to do this and I bought him a 5 piece meal so he can have a nice meal too like anybody else. We sat down and talked and he told me his name is surprisingly is “Zolile” too but I forgot the surname . He’s from Khayelitsha ko-I and he ended up on the streets cause of his girlfriend. He had a house and a job and he did everything for his girlfriend but she apparently often disappointed him and cheated on him and she dumped him but still he never stopped helping her whenever she needed anything. People called him names for doing that and it was too much for him so much that he ended up drinking and losing his job and the girl kicked him out the house and he had depression hence he ended up on the streets.
I’m not writing this because I wanna be famous or something but that guy showed me that never judge someone by how you see them on the outside cause you don’t know their daily struggles. I learnt a lot from him today even though he doesn’t know. I’m not rich but the money that I had he needed it more than I did and I felt so blessed after everything . I don’t regret anything I did today as long as I’ll know I used my money to make someone’s day and brought joy to them.
Tomorrow at 8am made a date with him I’m taking him for breakfast and blanket shopping.

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