10 best Shekhinah's songs of all time ranked (music videos)

10 best Shekhinah's songs of all time ranked (music videos)

Shekhinah's songs have over time proven that the artist is not only great at what she does but a musical genius that is also into production. Everyone has probably made peace with the fact that her voice is unique and special, there is no arguing about that. Shekhinah proves time and again that South African music is actually going international and deserves to be there. Hers is a show of excellent talent. Whether she is collaborating with other artists, or singing by herself, Shekhinah will get you appreciating African artists like herself instantly. Listen to a few of her songs to ascertain this truth. It will be worth your while.

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With a recent album to her name, Shekhinah clearly deserves to be among the top artists in the South African music industry. She has earned her spot at the top with her fantastic musical talent. Hers is a unique representation of African music as she combines trap, boom-bap and electronic beats, not to mention her angelic voice. She is special in so many ways. The quality of her videos will also have you glued to your screen as you take it all in. For a taste of who she really is, the following 10 songs will introduce you to the rising star that is here to stay.

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10 songs by Shekhinah that you must listen to

It may be of interest to many of Shekhinah's fans to know what are the top songs on the radio sang by her. Well, being a talented artist, she has done quite a lot. However, if you are wondering what are the best songs to listen to then consider the 10 listed below.

1. Suited

Well, this is an exciting way to introduce this musical genius. Suited is one of those songs that will never get old. Dancers will be on their feet, moving to the addictive tunes and beats. The catchy lyrics also come out clearly as she sings about lovers that are perfect for each other. If the comments on YouTube are anything to go by, Shekhinah has taken Africa by storm as many express their love for this one. It may just be a matter of time before she becomes a worldwide sensation. With a bit more love and support, South Africa and the world at large will get more of such great music from her in the coming days.

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2. Different

The only complaint about this hit would probably be that it is too short. With an explosion of such massive talent at one go, the South African beauty continues to bring it home. Here, she features Mariechan, another top-notch artist worth listening to. The message of the powerful duet will stick in your head as you sing along. Appreciate being different in your own way as you watch the video of the two beautiful artists doing what they love best. This is a must-have song in your playlist and definitely not the one you skip when listening to her entire album.

3. On It

This is another one that pushes the lady to shine and sparkle. All she needs is a platform to blow up and go really big. Even when she has been featured by DJ Sliqe, you can easily hear her stand out. There is no doubting that she is a queen that knows where she fits best. Even with the song being over a year old, it makes an excellent club banger to date.

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4. Your Eyes

This young star may have started out being featured by other artists but that did not make her light any dim. If anything, she continues to brighten her path. One perfect song that proves this is Your Eyes where she was featured by Black Coffee. She may just be the best vocalist in South Africa if we are being sincere here. The fact that the words just flow naturally makes it easy for listeners to identify and feel the song even more.

5. Just Fine

There has never been so much love in one place as this hit represents. Shekinah takes you down an emotional roller coaster with her song 'Just Fine'. She has a way of awakening the deepest hidden feelings through her singing. She doesn’t even have to try too hard.

6. Please Mr

This queen will make you feel nostalgic as you listen to this particular hit. She will soothe your feelings on the days that you feel so lonely. It is a great jam for single ladies that could be struggling with past love experiences.

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7. Overdose

You will probably overdose with Shekinah’s songs when you get to hear this one. If you thought you had heard everything there is to hear about love then you must be wrong. Shekinah expresses how people get obsessed when they love someone. Chances are that you will identify with this song especially if you have ever been madly in love with someone at one time.

8. Let You Know

Sketchy Bingo features Shekhinah in this great song that will get you dancing. If her beauty and voice do not capture your attention then the message will. She sings the truth in the most exquisite and simple ways that it is difficult not to hit replay and give it all a second thought. That, if anything, is the definition of great music. Music that moves you to evaluate life and has a massive impact.

9. The Sound

Feature Asali in ‘The Sound’, one may say that she has outdone herself. It seems as though she gets better with each musical release. If you appreciate great music then you will fall in love with this particular one the first you hear it. It is one of the songs in her debut album ‘Rose Gold’. You will learn to appreciate Africa more when you listen keenly. The artists here really know how to bring the message home.

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10. Into The Jungle

This jam is on fire and is proof that Shekhinah is ready to fight it out, jungle style. Her talent and hard work will get her ahead in this industry. She is a star in the making and one that can easily thrive if she isn’t doing that already. There is so much to look forward to as far as the lady star is concerned.

The above list shows just ten of Shekhinah's songs. She definitely worked on a lot more in the past. What’s more, if the trend she has set is one we can analyze, the future seems very bright for her. As long as she keeps doing what she does best, Shekhinah is sure going to win a lot of fans to her side. Chances are that a good number of her songs are featured in the new songs 2018 list. She deserves it all.

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