10 best Brenda Fassie songs 2018-2019

10 best Brenda Fassie songs 2018-2019

Brenda Fassie songs showcases the great talent the musician had. If she were alive today, she would be over 50 years old. Its is sad that death takes away the talented when they still have so much to offer. Fortunately, they do leave behind a legacy which is what we can always hang onto. Brenda's legacy is one that is rich with its great music. It is almost easy to see why her music will still be timeless and will continue to move listeners even in years to come. She was a talent that put all her energy and passion in every song she did, and the result was always magical.

Brenda Fassie was a musical sensation in South Africa as early as the 90s. She had already gone international with her songs being played locally and abroad. Hers was a talent that matched no other. She left behind an admirable legacy that not many musicians can emulate. The following 10 songs will give you a glimpse into who she was. You may finally understand why she is a musical genius with a power to move masses and touched hearts just by her unique singing even today. After all, it does seem as though she lives on through her music.

Top 10 songs by Brenda Fassie to watch out for

1. Weekend Special

The musical queen started excelling way too early. This is a song she did back in 1986 which was the year it caught on after being released a bit earlier in 1984. The song is a unique African tale that was a catchy disco banger back in the years. It somehow catapulted Brenda into fame as the song was adopted as the official side chic tune. With more than two decades since it was first played, the song still captures people's hearts. This is what a masterpiece would do to you. Brenda's talent cannot be disputed as it touched many even when music was not adequately appreciated as it is today.

2. Vul’indlela

In 1997, Brenda released a song that is probably her significant identity to date. Identified majorly as a wedding hit, because of its introduction where the way is being cleared for the song to get married, the song surpassed all expectations and rose to become one of the greatest hits in South Africa and the world, at least as far as African music was concerned back then. You may not be able to count the number of times this song has been played even on official functions. It lives on because of the great lyrics, not to mention the beats and tune that will get you moving in uncontrollable dance moves.

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3. Too Late For Mama

Brenda was not just about producing club bangers and disco hits. This particular 1991 song is about a sad tragedy that happens to a woman whose main aim was to protect her baby. The narration is that of a woman who loses her life when she is struck by lightning as she hides under a tree to protect her child from the rain. She was on a mission of fetching water when the worst happened. Mother and baby die in the ordeal.

4. Memeza

Nothing would beat Brenda's voice especially when she sang in her local South African dialect. Her voice would radiate power and strength with each note she sang. This is precisely how this 1997 track sounds. She sings with a choir in a song whose meaning is to shout or to scream. The message is that of complaint against oppressors as she screams against those that have captured her without mercy. This is an excellent song for a vast audience.

5. Black president

Brenda Fassie was not left out in the action of welcoming Nelson Mandela as president with her song in 1990. She released the song as a celebration of the battle that Nelson Mandela fought to bring back South Africa to the blacks. It is a straightforward tribute to Nelson Mandela where she sings about his life experience. This is a powerful song celebrating the person that paid the price for South Africa's freedom as we know and celebrate it.

6. Higher and Higher

In 1985, Brenda showed her great lyrical prowess in this song. This must have been one of the famous songs played back then especially when people went dancing. Even with great background instrumentals, her voice still cuts through. This is something that only great and talented artists can manage.

7. Ngekhe Unconfirm

This was a 1995 production that was so rich musically that it is difficult not to appreciate it. One would say that this song is one that showcases all available possibilities. It is a song that is perfectly done with a proper mix of both vocals and instrumentals, a combination that makes the song perfect.

8. I Straight Lendaba

You can trust Fassie's talent. This tune was made in 1992 to capture the way people talked in townships. Phrases such as I'm telling you straight. It is one of those songs that correctly shows what Kwato music can be. With a mix of electronic beats and pop sounds as well as a few of Brenda's chants, the song stands out. It seems as though Brenda could sing about anything and in whatever style she felt. The versatility of her voice is one that will be missed forever.

9. No!NO! Senor

Musically speaking, this is one of her best songs. One can depict a baseline and a chic guitar therein. The message is also clear as she is setting boundaries on what and how far her man can go with her. She had this strong command in 1986 when the song was released.

10. Kuyoze Kuyovalwa

By the time it was 1994, one could easily tell the direction that Fassie would have to take musically. This song was a hint of it all as she stayed on top of her game. The song is a perfect blend of taut baselines, big beats and a sound that will live forever. Somehow she manages to maintain her cool through it all, and that is where her magic lies. She has a way of making it all seem too easy. This is a party song going by her opening remarks which means 'we are not leaving this party.'

Listening to any of the above Brenda Fassie songs brings back memories especially to those that were alive during her days of fame. Those who did not have the luck to experience the queen can also listen to her songs today and appreciate what real musical talent is. Brenda was not known to be one to do any song wrongly. Her hard work paid off as she entertained her fans and topped charts.


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