10 best Sinach songs to check (latest and best gospel tracks)

10 best Sinach songs to check (latest and best gospel tracks)

Over the years, gospel music has revolutionized to capture people's devotion to worship and praise just as is seen in Sinach songs. Officially known as Osinachi Joseph, this Nigerian female gospel artist has made immense contributions in the gospel industry across the globe. Her songs have been sung and appreciated in Nigeria and different African countries, not to mention that they are also sung in other continents. Sinach worships and praises God in a manner that is contagious and moving. You will get into a worship or praise mood whenever she takes the stage to sing for her God.

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Singing to the sovereign maker requires total brokenness and surrender. It means forgetting everything including your own identity and focusing on the Lord as the only one who deserves your attention, adoration, and worship. This may not be easy to achieve but that does not mean it is impossible. Artists such as Sinach have done a great job in ensuring that the Lord takes preeminence in their singing, which explains the massive impact her tunes have on people. This can be seen in the depth of the lyrics of both her worship and praise numbers. Everything seems to be perfectly done for the glory of God. If you listen to her hits you will realize that it is not about her but about God. The following ten songs will give you an idea of what it means to serve God in worship and praise songs.

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The best Songs by Sinach

1. Sinach Way Maker

This song may have been released in 2015, but its powerful impact continues to make it famous four years later. This powerful worship tune made Sinach famous beyond her Nigerian borders. She sings about the traits of God that are incomparable to anyone or anything else. She refers to the father as the way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper, and a light in the darkness. For this and many more, God deserves to be worshiped. She further acknowledges the presence of God healing hearts, changing situations and mending the broken. She recognizes Jesus as the answer to it all, the one who heals broken hearts and wipes tears away. No matter how low you feel, listening and singing along to this track will uplift your spirit. You will realize that Jesus is in charge and that is all that matters. Whether you are in church, in your house or driving in your car, you can be sure that this melody will help you connect spiritually with the Lord that you serve.

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2. I Know Who I Am

Many people sing along to this praise number because of its powerful message. It is one of the best Sinach worship songs you will come across. This is a number that expresses confidence in who you are in the Lord. It does not matter what people think because everything that you are is in the Lord. This addictive tune is played in different places including in public transport vehicles. It is great to know whose child you are. Sinach does not mince her words when she reminds us that we should all know who we are. It does not matter what people see now as long as God's glory is seen through it all. This would be a great uplifting number for the mornings that you wake up feeling dejected and almost fed up with life. The wake-up call will keep you in line. The track may have been from 2015, but its impact continues to reach many even .

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3. The Name of Jesus

What a way to begin a song. Sinach reminds you that the name of Jesus is higher and more potent than anything you may be battling. It is higher than any form of cancer, any terrible heartbreak or any disease you feel is taking you down. This tune will help you reflect on the goodness of the name of Jesus. You will think about how good this name. It is a sweet fragrance that will give you the victory that you need. Listening to this song will make you want to worship God and break down in awe of his goodness. The melody is set in a church pulpit thus bringing you closer to the Lord's presence. You can be sure that just by calling the name of Jesus, everything will be fine. There is no other confidence for Christians but in the name of Jesus. The track is also from the production of 2015 which appears to be the year that Sinach was fired up for Jesus. With a powerful message, this tune will continue to touch hearts even in future years to come.

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4. He Did It Again

He Did It Again is a praise number that will get you dancing for the Lord as you count your blessings for the great things the Lord continues doing for you. It is clear that Jesus will always do more for you. Sinach reminds us to continuously give thanks for everything that God does again and again. This may be a different genre from what we may have been accustomed to. Sinach is not only a great worshiper but is also an excellent praise artist. The video tells it all. You need to dance for the Lord and shout about his goodness and faithfulness all the time. When you know and hear the reaffirmation in this melody that Jesus will always do good to you, then you can rest easy knowing that he will never fail. Add this to your playlist and praise the Lord all the time.

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5. Great are You Lord

Singing about God's holiness is something that all Christians should often do. Knowing that the Lord is sovereign and holy will make you worship him in truth and spirit as you realize that it is a privilege to be before Yahweh. It will not be about you as your focus will shift to God as it should. In case you are looking for a tune that will take you before the Lord in awesome worship then this is your choice tune. With 11 minutes of acknowledging the holiness and sovereignty of the almighty, all your reservations will be broken and all you will focus on will be on the Lord. The appropriate instrumental music provides the best accompaniment for this cool worship track that brings you before the face of the Lord.

6. Rejoice

This live recording of Sinach praising the almighty was recorded in Texas in 2015. It is still as relevant today as it was then. This is a great praise song will get you dancing as it is fast tempo. The song is a recognition of the joy that can only be found in the Lord. It does not matter what situation you find yourself. Finding joy in the Lord has a way of bringing immense peace even in the midst of a storm. The 7 minutes long praise tune will make you sweat for the Lord as you reflect on his goodness.

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7. I Stand Amazed

This is a tune that affirms the might of God. Sinach sings about how amazed she is standing in the presence of Jesus. She continues to sing that Jesus is one of a kind. He does mighty things, he does glorious things, and he is a faithful God worthy of being called awesome. This song will make you feel uplifted as you trust God for joy, peace, and hope for your situation. The fact that you sing and believe that there is nothing Jesus cannot do for you is already freeing. As you sing and reflect on the goodness of God, you will appreciate that Sinach has a way of capturing the truth that matters in all her songs. This is probably why these songs will continue to be relevant several decades after they were released. You will break down in tears if you take the message of the song to heart. This is a good thing as you realize that God's love and faithfulness will always stand the test of time.

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8. Nothing is Impossible

Are you looking for motivation when nothing seems to make sense? This song will bring you out of the pits of depression and despair. All you need to do is to believe with all your heart that God is able to do the impossible. She sings the words of the Bible as an affirmation of what the Lord says. God is not a man to lie which means that you can trust his word. This melody, when sung in truth and spirit, will make you get your long-awaited breakthrough. You will testify that our heavenly king is able.

9. I Celebrate

This praise song starts with a reminder of God's word for us not to be anxious about anything. Sinach reminds us to celebrate for our Lord is great. He has everything covered because he knows everything about us. He knew our beginning from its end. He loves us enough. We should celebrate and believe in his love that endures forever. If he clothes the grass that withers away in just days, we should rest in the assurance of his supply and provision for us. Sinach collaborated with Assent Tweed in this great song. This is one of her recent songs which is an affirmation of how amazing your heavenly father is. Everything about the tune, from the vocals to instrumentals comes together for good.

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10. Wonderful Father

Wonderful Father is an excellent song by Sinach released in 2018. It makes part of Sinach 2018 hit releases that blessed masses. It is a proclamation of how good God has been in her life. If you take a moment to reflect on the goodness of the Lord, you will realize that he has been a wonderful father to you as well. This melody will draw you closer to your maker in an experience of worship like never before. The powerful track has a way of making your relationship with God more intimate in such a way that God attends to your issues at a personal level. If this is what you want to experience then consider singing along to this worship song before you get into prayer.

Sinach songs will take you to a level of worship that you may not have been able to achieve before. Surrendering yourself to worshipping the king of kings as guided by the tunes will give you an experience that will make you feel the almighty's presence much closer. Get yourself a few downloads and enjoy the experience of being before your Lord.

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