Top trending Migos songs of all time (with music videos)

Top trending Migos songs of all time (with music videos)

Migos songs are some of the most popular hits that music lovers will identify with easily, more so for those that love hip hop music. These great artists formed their group in 2009 and have been around for quite some time now. They continue to release great hits on their own as well as when they collaborate and feature other artists in their numbers. A closer look at Migos' songs list is enough to show you that the group is indeed one of the world's best.

Top trending Migos songs 2018-2019
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If you are wondering what was Migos' first hit song then this list will come in handy. This group has released hit after hit from its inception. With numerous views on YouTube, it is easy to see why they continue to excel and why they may still be around for quite a long time.

Top song by Migos

Hip hop is one of the most significant music categories in the world. The number of people that listen to hip hop across the globe cannot be ignored. This said, the group has set a track record that puts them among the best internationally. The following are hits that have been particularly popping in 2018 to date.

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1. Moses

This one features Chris Brown and the group with French Montana. With over 35 million views, it is an explosion of musical talent. The different artists will make you have goosebumps. This is an excellent club banger that is still doing great 4 years on. It may have been released in 2015 and still does so today.

2. Stir Fry

Are you looking for a hip hop hit that will make you get on your feet dancing? If so, this is an excellent choice from the group. With its impressive 69 million views, this is a number that cuts across cultures in the world. Perfect creativity in action.

3. Danger

The hit has over 43 million views on YouTube. It was out in December 2017 and still rolling. Going by the look of it, it will also be doing rounds nowadays. That is what a well-done track is all about. This is a hip hop number with the potential of blowing out even more.

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4. Kelly Price

The audio attracted over 38 million views and is a perfect show of the strength of each member of the group. They feature Travis Scott who brings in more power and vigour making the track stand out even more.

5. MotorSport

It is not surprising that this hit is at almost half a billion views with chances of this number changing on the upwards. This is what happens when the best of the best in the world hip hop industry come together to work on a gig. Cardi B, Migos and Nicki Minaj bring the house down with this number.

6. Walk It Talk It

With 275 million views, the track is a great hit that gives an old-school kind of vibe. If you love hip hop from way back then this is a jam that will capture your attention. So much love for the journey in hip hop is seen in this video. One of the best 2018 releases. It is even more epic because they brought in Drake on the action.

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7. I Get The Bag

This adds to one of the best melodies released by the group so far. Having been released in August 2017, the hit has been trending as one of their best songs. The over 392 million views on YouTube is proof that it is a great hit.

8. Bon Appétit

An extremely seductive number that would be perfect for lovers that want to enjoy an intimate moment. Katie Perry and Migos come together in an excellent collaboration that makes an excellent jam. It has over 610 million views which proves that it is definitely one of the best the group has worked on lately.

9. Deadz

Standing at over 62 million views, this is one of the hits that this group collaborating with Chains have ever worked on. It is pure talent expressed in the simplest ways. It is proof that lovers of music express it best. The video is also epic and charming. You will love it.

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10. Sacrifices

The tune has 34 million views on YouTube. It is a collaboration between the group and Big Sean. The message is clear, we got to make sacrifices to get ahead.

Other Migos' great songs

The above videos may be among the best songs by the group. They are however not the only ones. The group has been busy. The following are more hits that the group has been a part of. They are part of Migos albums. They include:

  • Narcos
  • Drip
  • Migo Pablo
  • BBO (Bad Bitches Only)
  • Made Men
  • White Sand
  • Gang Gang
  • Beast
  • Notice Me
  • Open it Up
  • Crown the Kings
  • Waterworld
  • Too Playa
  • Emoji a Chain
  • Movin' Too Fast
  • Higher We Go
  • Flooded
  • Too Much Jewelry
  • Super Stars
  • CC
  • Auto Pilot
  • Top-Down on Da NAWF
  • Work Hard

The list above shows some of the top trending Migos songs that you can listen to. If you love hip hop and enjoy a mix or it with RNB once in a while, consider downloading any of the lyrics by the group. This is a group that invests time and creativity in coming up with hits that fans enjoy.

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