Cell C data packages and prices 2019

Cell C data packages and prices 2019

Cell C data packages are probably among the most competitive offers in the South African internet data market. South African's spend a considerable amount of time online. As such, there will always be demand for internet bundles which creates a lot of competition. Users, on the other hand, want something reliable to enable them access fast and stable internet without being overpriced. Affordability may be relative, but it is a key component for users looking to find great offers.

Cell C data packages

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The company is organized in such a way that it has numerous data packages. This helps to accommodate all customers ranging from those requiring small amounts to real guzzlers. Knowing what is available on offer is the first step to choosing the perfect package.

Cell C data packages and prices

Before we get into the pricing and package figures, we may want to start with the basic questions. How do you buy C cell data bundles? This may seem like an obvious question, but it is equally important. Once you understand the packages that are available, you need to know how to access them in the first place. Here is how you go about the purchase. The prices may vary, but the method of buying is the same.

  1. On Self-Service option Self-Service IVR dial 135. Select option '1 for manage'
  2. Alternatively, on the Cell C website, login to the self-service and then add data as well as add extras
  3. You can also call 135 or dial 135&9 if you want to talk to an agent

To enjoy more of Cell C internet services, you will have to choose between their contracts or top up plans.

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Data contract packages

Cell C data packages

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This is the arrangement where all Cell C WiFi deals and plans are priced on a contract basis. Under the data contract packages we have the following:

  1. Media play data which delivers necessary connections to your home and offices at a fast 4G network. It comes with a free black and exclusive to watch plan, all on one bill.
  2. Smart data. So what is mart data internet? This is an extensive package with several smart plans.
  3. LTE A package offers you around 5 plans to choose from. All of them deliver fast internet speeds for your needs.
  4. Whatsapp bundle. This package allows you to have 30-day access to Whatsapp at only R17.
  5. Always On bundle allows you to browse whenever you want because you have access to constant hotspot all over the country.

Smart data bundles

These are priced according to the amount of data and type of data usage. The following breakdown will be helpful. Dail *109# to purchase.

  1. 5MB at R2
  2. 25MB at R4
  3. 65MB at R9
  4. 120MB at R14
  5. 500MB at R17
  6. 1024MB at R20

The advantage of Cell C data bundles is that they do not expire. What you have to do is to ensure that you buy another data package within that period and they will be carried over.

Fixed LTE

Cell C data packages

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This is a fast method of accessing internet on Cell C network as long as you are connected to the router. You can connect over 32 WiFi-enabled devices conveniently. The LTE packages can either be fixed or ISP enabled. The following is a breakdown of the 2 categories.

Fixed Cell C data deals

These are the monthly prices for offers on anytime packages. These are offered on a contract basis where customers must sign for up to 24 months subscription.

  1. 15GB at R219
  2. 25GB at R309
  3. 50GB at R359
  4. 100GB at R539
  5. 200GB at R859

Cell C ISP offers

These are also available on an anytime basis and are priced per month.

  1. 20GB at R219
  2. 50GB at R349
  3. 100GB at R530
  4. 200GB at R845

It is important to note that apart from the monthly and 24-month contract basis difference, the LTE offers vary in other ways. For instance, ISP packages have a Huawei B315 router that is provided by default. In case you want an upgrade to Huawei B618 you will have to pay a one-off charge of R999. It comes with a data top-up option that costs R12.50 for each GB. Cell C deals come with a Cell C RTL31VW LTE-A router and have no data top-up options.

The above Cell C data packages are among those that you can consider when looking for the best data deals for yourself. Whether you need internet for home usage, the office or even for your mobile on the go, check out what Cell C has to offer for some of the best deals ever. You may find the need for a Cell C upgrade.


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