Telkom ADSL packages and prices 2019

Telkom ADSL packages and prices 2019

If you need an internet service provider that offers high bandwidth on telephone lines for personal or business use, then you can count on Telkom ADSL packages. Telkom's Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) is a technology that enables the transmission of digital information with relatively fast internet speed on the go. With this exciting offer, every of your internet needs is met while you pay a moderately low price for any of the packages that you choose.

Telkom ADSL packages
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With Telkom ADSL packages, as a customer, you can avail yourself of the opportunity to check your statuses on social media platforms, transfer big files and even stream live without any concern about the speed rate. Also, the service provider ensures that subscribers can make or receive calls without any interruption to their internet connection or ADSL speed rate. Therefore, to help you make the right choice of the package that will meet your needs, we take a look at the various ADSL plans that this internet service provider has for their customers.

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Telkom ADSL packages

There are lots of exciting ADSL packages available from Telkom. While these packages do not cost much, it is worth noting that the prices listed below do not include a line installation fee of R620 and another DSL installation fee of R792 that you will be charged. However, subscribers who want to carry out the installation by themselves will not have to pay the installation fee.

1. Fast ADSL 2Mbps

This package is billed at R166.45 per month, and it makes it easy for you to search the internet, transact online and do other light activities that require very little data bundle.

2. Telkom Faster ADSL

With this package, you can connect with friends and family members, video-chat and even upload pictures with up to 4Mbps ADSL that you get once you pay the sum of R301.62 on a monthly basis.

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3.Faster Plus ADSL

For every special moment that you want to enjoy without any interruption in your internet connection, then you can opt for this package. With a token of R402.50, you get up to 8Mbps ADSL.

4. Fastest ADSL plan

While you get up to 10Mbps ADSL for R428.73 paid on a monthly basis, you can enjoy a high-speed internet connection. Apart from that, you will be able to upload large amounts of content, video-chat and do other exciting things on the internet.

5. Telkom Elite xDSL

The unique thing about this package is that you can enjoy VDSL/ADSL of up to 20Mbps depending on the available network technology in your environment for the sum of R503.38. With that, you can stream live, download as much as you want to, and also play games that require lots of data.

6. Telkom Elite Plus VDSL

On this Telkom VDSL Uncapped package, you can access the fastest DSL of up to 40Mbps VDSL for just R604.26. However, this package is subject to the area where you are.

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Telkom Uncapped Fibre deals

Telkom's Fibre deals help you enjoy a speedy and reliable form of internet connectivity. While you have nothing to worry about when it comes to your internet needs, the following are the packages that choose from.

1. Telkom 10Mbps Fibre

With this package, you enjoy up to 10Mbps Fibre download speed and another upload speed of 5Mbps Fibre for just R806.1. You also get Uncapped Internet Data, an email account with a storage capacity of 3GB and five aliases, and if you order online, you will get a free WiFi range extender.

2. Telkom Fibre 20Mbps Uncapped

With an R1,007.76 subscription, you get a download speed of up to 20Mbps Fibre, upload speed of up to 10Mbps for you and your family to stream, play games online and do just anything on the internet without concerns about connection or speed. You also get Uncapped Internet Data, an email account with a storage capacity of 3GB and five aliases, and if you order online, you will as well get a free WiFi range extender.

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3. Telkom 40Mbps Fibre

This package comes with a download speed of 40Mbps Fibre, upload speed of 20Mbps Fibre and Uncapped Internet Data at the rate of R1,310.39. You will also get an email account with a storage capacity of 3GB and five aliases, and if you order online, you will be given a free WiFi range extender.

Telkom Uncapped Fibre deals
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4. Telkom 100Mbps Fibre

With a monthly payment of R1,713.90, a subscriber enjoys a download speed of up to 100Mbps Fibre and an upload speed rate of up to 50Mbps Fibre. He or she also gets Uncapped Internet Data and an email account with a storage capacity of 3GB and five aliases. Then, there is a free WiFi range extender for anyone who orders online.

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5. Telkom 200Mbps Fibre

With the sum of R1,699.00 paid for this package, a subscriber enjoys up to 200Mbps Fibre download speed and another upload speed of up to 100Mbps Fibre. Apart from those, such a person gets 600GB SoftCap data instead of the Uncapped Internet Data access that comes with other packages, an email account with a storage capacity of 3GB, and five aliases.

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More so, there is a free modem that is WiFi-enabled and an installation which is based on a 24-month contract and an opportunity to surf the internet for free from midnight to 7 am. Those who order online also get a free WiFi range extender.

Telkom Uncapped WiFi deals

The exciting thing about this company's WiFi deals is that it is so easy that people who do not have a Telkom contract or SIM can also access the WiFi hotspots all over the country.

1. Telkom prepaid deal

If you are on Telkom prepaid, every time you recharge with R50, you will enjoy unlimited WiFi access for seven days with 2GB Fair Usage Policy. If you recharge with R100 or more, that means you automatically qualify for 30 days unlimited WiFi access with 10GB Fair Usage Policy. You can also buy more WiFi bundles at the rate of R15 for 30 minutes or R25 for an hour.

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2. Telkom contract deal

Although most Telkom contracts come with free WiFi, if yours does not have, that means you will get free WiFi every day for 30 minutes. Then, if you want to buy more bundles once you exhaust the one you got earlier, you can get a time-based bundle by simply dialling *180# and following the prompts that appear on your screen.

3. Non-Telkom users deal

Apart from the opportunities that abound for Telkom users, there is also a provision for those who are not with Telkom at all. Those who want to enjoy the WiFi package will only need to buy WiFi bundles at R15 for 30 minutes or pay R25 for an hour.

Whether you have a contract with this internet service provider or not, from what you have read so far, you can see that there are exciting Telkom ADSL packages that you can benefit from. What makes them unique is that their services are reliable and very fast without any form of disappointments.

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