MTN packages and prices in South Africa 2019

MTN packages and prices in South Africa 2019

Life has just gotten better with the juicy MTN packages that are available to South Africans in the new year. For every need that you may have when it comes to connecting with your friends and loved ones, surfing the internet, and streaming live, there is a right package for you. Apart from that, if you enjoy talking more than messaging, you will find some of the packages discussed in this article worth considering. Read on and choose the package that suits you best.

MTN packages
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MTN South Africa is not taking it gently with the provision of the best services at affordable prices for its customers at all. As South Africa's best mobile broadband provider of the year based on the 2018 MyBroadband Awards, the telecom company yet again has come up with juicy packages to meet the numerous needs of its subscribers. And so, this article discusses all these packages for your information.

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MTN data deals

There are lots of exciting offers that you can choose from based on your internet needs. Apart from hourly data bundle packages, there are also daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly data bundles that have been tailored to meet everyone's demand and budget.

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1. MTN hourly data bundles

With the payment of R2.00, a subscriber can get 15MB or pay R5.00 to get 50MB. There is also a provision for those who want more bundles. For instance, if you want 150MB, you will need to pay R12.00, or you pay a token of R30.00 to get 1GB.

2. MTN daily data bundles

For those who are interested in going for the daily bundle, they need to pay R5.00 to get 25MB or R8.00 to get 50MB. Then, anyone interested in getting a 75MB data bundle is expected to pay R12.00, R15.00 for 120MB, R27.00 for 300MB and R50.00 to get 1GB.

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3. MTN weekly data bundles

For the weekly bundles, you have the grace of seven days to enjoy your data. With that, you can pay R10.00 to get 50MB, R12.00 for 70MB, or for 100MB. If you want 120MB, you pay R17.00, R25.00 for 200MB, R40.00 for 350MB data access, and R55.00 for 500MB. Also, for 1GB, a subscriber will pay R70.00, R99.00 for 2GB or R199.00 for 5GB.

4. MTN fortnightly data bundles

The only available option for anyone who needs this package is the 1GB data bundle, and such a subscriber will pay R110.00 to enjoy an offer for 14 days.

5. MTN monthly data bundles

In this package, there are so many available options that anyone can choose from. While all of them have a validity period of one month or one bill-cycle, you can choose any of the variations depending on your internet needs and the bundle that you think will be able to cater for those needs. The table below has a list of all the packages with their prices.

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MTN packages and prices
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MTN contracts

On the MTN Contracts, subscribers have the privilege of controlling how much they spend by merely setting a usage limit of their bundles in the most convenient way to ensure that they are always connected.

MTN minutes and data contract

On this contract package, you have the option to determine how much you get for calls and data.

1. MTN Made For Me contract

With this offer, you can add more minutes to talk for a more extended period if you prefer to talk to your friends instead of messaging. Alternatively, if you love to stream your favourite movies and music, then you can add a booster bundle that you think suits you best.

In MTN Made for Me Small variation, you have up to 50 minutes for calls, 50 SMS and a 350MB data bundle while you get up to 150 minutes for calls, 100 SMS and a 1GB data bundle on the MTN Made for Me Medium variation. Also, on the MTN Made for Me Large variation, you get 200 minutes for calls, 100 SMS and a 2GB data bundle while on the MTN Made for Me XLarge variation, you get 300 minutes for calls, 100 SMS and a 5.5GB data bundle.

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2. My MTNChoice contract

In this package, you enjoy a mix of talk time, data and then SMSs. In fact, the contract offers you up to 1,000 minutes per month. With My MTNChoice 25 variation, you get 25 minutes for calls, 50 SMS and a 50MB data bundle while with My MTNChoice 50 variation, you get 50 minutes for calls, 100 SMS and a 100MB data bundle. And on My MTNChoice 100 variation, you enjoy 100 minutes for calls, 200 SMS and a 300MB data bundle.

Also, the other variations that are available in this contract include My MTNChoice 200 variation, which gives 200 minutes for calls, 300 SMS and a 300MB data bundle, My MTNChoice 350, which gives 350 minutes for calls, 500 SMS and a 500MB data bundle, My MTNChoice 500 variation, which gives 500 minutes for calls, 500 SMS, and a 500MB data bundle, and My MTNChoice 1,000 variation, which gives 1,000 minutes for calls, 500 SMS and a 1GB data bundle.

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3. My MTN Choice Flexi contract

With My MTNChoice Flexi, you get airtime value, which you can use as you need for less than R1,500 on a monthly basis. So, if you go for My MTNChoice Flexi R55 plan, you get R55 worth of airtime, and if you opt for My MTNChoice Flexi R110 plan, you also get R110 worth of airtime. With My MTNChoice Flexi R200 plan, you get R200 worth of airtime. My MTNChoice Flexi R350 plan has R350 worth of airtime, and My MTNChoice Flexi R500 has 500 worth of airtime.

More so, My MTNChoice Flexi R750 plan has R750 worth of airtime; My MTNChoice Flexi R1,000 has R1,000 worth of airtime, My MTNChoice Flexi R1,200 plan has R1,200 airtime worth, and My MTNChoice Flexi R1,500 plan has R1,500 worth of airtime.

MTN packages and prices in South Africa 2019
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4. MTN Sky contract

In this contract, you enjoy unlimited calls, SMSs and loads of internet. There are just two options here, and they are My MTN Sky Lite plan which offers you unlimited minutes for calls and SMS with 3GB data, and My MTN Sky Supreme plan which offers you unlimited minutes for calls, SMS and data together with 25GB Uncapped internet access.

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Top Up

When you need more data, then this contract is worth considering. There are several available packages that you can choose from depending on your need, and they are discussed below:

1. My MTNChoice+ TopUp

This package gives you bigger data as well as anytime minutes and SMSs for your enjoyment. On the My MTNChoice+ S plan, you get 100 minutes worth of calls, 100 SMS and a 2GB data bundle, while on the My MTNChoice+ M plan, you get 350 minutes worth of calls, 350 SMS and a 5 GB data bundle. On the My MTNChoice+ L plan, you enjoy 500 minutes worth of calls, 500 SMS and a 7GB data bundle.

2. My MTNChoice+Flexi TopUp

This package has two plans which are My MTNChoice Flexi R55 and My MTNChoice Flexi R110, and they give you R55 and R110 worth of airtime respectively.

3. My MTN Sky TopUp

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As for this package, you enjoy unlimited calls, SMSs and lots of internet. There are also two plans under this package which are the My MTN Sky Lite TopUp and My MTN Sky Supreme TopUp. While both of them give you unlimited airtime for calls and SMSs, you get 3GB and 25GB of Uncapped data access respectively.

MTN data contract

To enjoy as much data as you desire, you can consider this contract. It comes with loads of exciting packages that are explained below:

1. MTN Data

This package guarantees from 500MB to 20GB data bundles per month. For instance, with the My MTNChoice 500MB plan, you get 500MB while on the My MTNChoice 1GB plan, you get 1GB also. If you subscribe for the My MTNChoice 2GB plan, you enjoy 2GB, and on My MTNChoice 3GB plan, you also get 3GB. Also, on My MTNChoice 5GB plan, you get 5GB, 10GB on the My MTNChoice 10GB plan, and 20GB on the My MTNChoice 20GB plan.

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It is worth noting that for each of these plans, there are Anytime Data and Night Express options that are included.

2. MTN Made For Home contract

This contract is MTN's Fixed LTE wireless connectivity that anyone can use at home with an instant wireless set-up. It comes with a super high-speed connection, extensive coverage of the network, and it can also connect as much as 64 devices at a go with the Sh@reLink connector.

With Sh@reLink B612 or Sh@reLink B618 devices, you can subscribe for MTN Made For Home 15GB plan to enjoy 15GB Anytime Data and another 15GB Night Express or you can go for the MTN Made For Home 30GB plan to enjoy 30GB Anytime Data and another 30GB Night Express.

Also, you can either go for the MTN Made For Home 60GB plan to enjoy 60GB Anytime Data and another 60GB Night Express or you get 110GB Anytime Data and another 110GB Night Express if you subscribe for the MTN Made For Home 110GB plan.

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MTN upgrade deals

Any MTN upgrade deal is part of the plan that the telecom company runs for a period of 24 months. Once your contract reaches 21 months, you will be expected to renew it which then grants you the opportunity to upgrade your phone and your contract. A significant benefit attached to upgrading is that you will be able to make your choice from their range of latest devices based on the price plan that you think suits your cellular needs. Apart from that, you will also maintain your cellphone number without any need for a credit check.

To be able to upgrade, the following is a step-by-step guide that you need to follow:

  1. Fill and complete the upgrade enquiry form to ensure that you qualify for an upgrade. Once you do, you will be notified if you are qualified or not qualified. You would also receive the future date when you will be able to do the upgrade. You can also check when you can upgrade on MTN by sending 'Upgrade' as an SMS to 30630.
  2. Once you are qualified for the upgrade, you would be given the latest price plans and handsets from which you can make your choice. But make sure that you make selections based on your current budget.
  3. After you have selected the best MTN price plan and handset offer that you want, you can either visit an MTN Store nearest to you or you request an Upgrade Consultant to book an appointment to finish your upgrade.

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Note that when you are in any of the stores or when you are speaking with an Upgrade Consultant, you will need to provide proof of your identity for security reasons. Then, while you are carrying out the upgrade process, be sure to inquire about the Value Added Services of MTN like how to receive your cellular bill statements, SMS bundles and insurance.

So you can see now that you have a good deal of choices which you can make from the MTN packages that have been discussed above. Feel free to enjoy the various services that this world-class telecom service provider has for everyone.

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