Best Cell C deals in 2019

Best Cell C deals in 2019

The early months of a new year are usually tough for most people, especially after the flurry of spending for the festivities. Accordingly, most people would rather be smart about their spending in pretty much everything, including their communication bills. The good news is that you can enjoy the best Cell C deals this year, ranging from amazing voice contracts to data packages.

Best Cell c deals in 2019

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Cell C is a South African mobile company that was established back in November 2001. The young company has grown its user base over the years to the point where it had more than 20 million users by July 2015. One of the key reasons behind its growth is the brilliant pricing strategy for its users as well as impeccable company mission and values. Here are some of the best Cell C deals 2019 that you should take advantage of as early as now.

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Voice contracts

Making calls is the traditional form of communicating in this technological area. Not everyone has internet enabled phones, plus you cannot use SMS or social media platforms to pass messages and receive feedback immediately. For this reason, Cell C voice contracts are handy, and here are deals that you can grab!

1. Mediaplay Mobile

Each plan includes anytime data that is twice the specified data in the plan name in what is one of the best CELL C contract deals 2019. All plans below R999 come with free black streaming of 2GB/day while those above that come with 4GB/day. All local SMS’s cost R0.51 while the cost of local voice calls ranges from R0.99 to R1.25. The price of the bundles is less with the increase in package's price.

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2. Premium contracts

There are only three packages under this: Premium 10GB, 15GB, and 25 GB at R999, R1,499, and R1,749 respectively. All three come with 3,000 monthly SMSs and 4GB/day of free black streaming. The 10 GB and 15 GB come with 3,000 monthly minutes while the 25GB plan is packed with 5,000 minutes. Local SMS’s are charged at R0.51, while local voice calls are charged at R1.25 for the premium 10GB package and R0.99 for the rest of the packages.

3. Pinnacle contracts

For this plan, you get local SMSs and local voice calls at R0.51 and R1.25 respectively for all contracts except for the 500MB and 1GB contracts where voice calls cost R1.52. All plans have free black streaming of 2GB/day and have an equal number of minutes and SMS’s

C deals pinnacle

Cell C data packages

There are two types of Cell C data packages, Contract and Topup data packages that represent the best Cell C data deals. Note that in all packages, the company’s terms and conditions apply. Here are finer details that will guide you on the most suitable package that you can select.

Cell C contract data packages

Below are some of the deals under this package

1. MediaPlay

Best Cell c deals Mediaplay

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This plan is most suitable for people who want an extremely fast 4G connection for the office or home. In addition to the allocation of internet bundles, there is free black data for the user’s enjoyment. The contract can extend for 24 months, with international calls included as per the prevailing tariffs. Below are the data options plus monthly cost.

  • 20 GB – R239
  • 45 GB – R489
  • 80 GB – R849
  • 175 GB – R1099

2. Smartdata Share

This plan is exclusive to users who are on 5 GB, 10 GB, 20 GB, and 50 GB Smartdata plans. In addition, the plan allows WiFi calling for devices that have the feature enabled. Families and small business are particularly suited to this plan because it allows for the sharing of data for up to 14 Cell C SIMS with only one bill. Local voice calls are charged at R1.52, a local MMS or SMS costs R0.51, while an international SMS costs R1.72.

Under this contract, each plan comes with inclusive monthly Nite data and inclusive monthly anytime data that is equivalent to the amount specified in the name of the plan. For example, SmartData 500MB comes with inclusive monthly Nite data of 500MB and anytime data of 500MB. Promotion bundles have unlimited WiFi calling (1000 FUP), anytime data and Nite data that is equivalent to the plan name, and SmartData share of an extra 14 SIMS at R5 per SIM. The data options in the plan with their costs per month, and price of the in-bundle rate (MB) are as listed below:

  • 500MB – R45.39 - R0.09
  • 1GB – R75.66 - R0.07
  • 2GB – R99.87 - R0.05
  • 3GB – R170.48 - R0.06.
  • 5GB (Promotion) – R200.75 - R0.04
  • 10GB (Promotion) – R301.62 - R0.03
  • 20GB (Promotion) – R503.38 - R0.02
  • 30GB – R604.25 - R0.02
  • 50GB (Promotion) – R906.89 - R0.02
  • 100GB – R1613.03 - R0.02
  • 200GB – R2016.54 - R0.01

A promotion fee of R0.51 applies to all plans, apart from 3 GB, 10 GB, and 100 GB whose promotional fee is R0.50

3. LTE-A

Best Cell c LTE

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This plan offers high-speed data as long as the user is in an area that has a fixed LTE-coverage. To confirm if you are in an area that supports this coverage, visit the Cell C website and find out. Each plan is inclusive of a monthly anytime data allocation equivalent to the amount specified in the plan name. The plans with cost per month as well as promotion fee are:

  • 15GB - R301.63 - R150.31
  • 25GB - R503.38 - R241.10,
  • 50GB - R705.14 - R493.29
  • 100GB - R1007.77 - R856.45,
  • 200GB – R1512.15 - R1109.65,

For 15 GB and 25 GB, the data-in-bundle rate (MB) is R0.02, while for 50 GB, 100 GB, and 200 GB is R0.01.

CELL C Topup data packages

Best Cell c deals in 2019 topup

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The Smartdata Topup plan is suitable for users who prefer to control the data they spend but need to access data anytime. A local MMS or SMS is R0.51 while an international SMS is R1.72. Each plan includes a monthly anytime data allocation as specified in the plan name and a SIM & connection fee of R195. The plan includes the following options with monthly costs and data-in-bundle rate (MB):

  • 500MB Topup - R45.39 - R0.09
  • 1GB Topup - R75.66 - R0.07
  • 2GB Topup - R99.87 - R0.05
  • 3GB Topup - R170.48 - R0.06
  • 5GB Topup - R200.75 - R0.04
  • 10GB Topup - R301.62 - R0.03
  • 20GB Topup - R503.38 - R0.02
  • 30GB Topup - R604.25 - R0.02
  • 50GB Topup - R906.89 - R0.02
  • 100GB Topup - R1613.03 - R0.02
  • 200GB Topup - R2016.54 - R0.01

Prepaid Packages

The prepaid plans come in three types: voice prepaid, data prepaid packages, and vouchers. One of the best deals under voice prepaid is the ultra-bonus package, which offers the triple amount of your recharge. For example, recharging R500 will triple your airtime to R1500 that is valid for 24 hours. This bonus comes every time your recharge.

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Note that Cell C offers amazing monthly deals on electronics, among them Cell C laptop deals, so keep checking their franchise booklet to know the best offers available. With the Cell C deals above, you have no reason not to enjoy voice and data services offered by this company. Since these deals keep changing, always stay up to date by checking the company's website.



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