Top 10 Distruction Boyz songs 2019

Top 10 Distruction Boyz songs 2019

The dynamic and prolific Gqom music duo, Distruction Boyz, undeniably had tongues wagging throughout 2018 and still managed to hit the ground running in 2019. The pair from Durban, South Africa, has been churning out very likable Distruction Boyz songs in the last two years. It is made up of the budding music producers and recording artistes Zipho “Goldmax”, Mthembu (20), and Thobani “Que” Mgobhozi (21).

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Que and Goldmax were born in the second biggest township in Durban – KwaMashu. They distinguished themselves as highly talented individuals through performing their own compositions of Gqom and house music at local entertainment spots within and outside the township. Through such gigs, the two used to run into each other quite often and soon they began appreciating each other’s style of play, as the idea of merging their abilities and skills gradually blossomed in their minds. Eventually, they decided to combine forces and formed the formidable group that we know today.

The Top 10 Distruction Boys Songs that have kept fans dancing

Since 2018, the duo’s songs have gained huge international fame, and this to a larger extent, can be attributed to the success of the film Black Panther. The hit song “omunye” from their debut album was used as the soundtrack for the “Black Panther challenge” videos which went viral.

Here are the top ten Distruction Boyz 2018 songs list that kept music lovers on their feet. They have amazingly carried their glory into 2019.


This hit single Omunye in the duo’s debut album features established artistes Dladla Mshunqisi and Benny Maverick. The song got certified gold by RISA ahead of the release of the Distruction Boyz’s debut album Gqom is the Future, which was also certified gold by RISA on December 18th, 2017. The song Omunye begins with the words Vali umlomo uvule amadlebe…Hoza, which loosely translates to close your mouth and open your ears…come. It has highly danceable beats that normally keep revelers on their feet any time it is played. It became an instant hit the moment it was released, and since then, the Gqom music lovers have never had enough of it.

Shut Up & Groove

This hit single, featuring Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha, was released in 2017. The song’s success is a classic example of how Que and Goldmax have managed to churn out a hit after hit, by fusing popular beats from various genres. Their fans loved this approach, and it helped them claim a lot of space in the local music industry. The release of Shut up & groove also saw the duo rise in popularity ahead of the launch of their first album, as the song got nominated for the SAMAs, alongside Babes Wodumo’s Wololo. This song is a typical example of the simplest and most common sounds out of Durban


Released on October 17th, 2017, Madness features hitmaker Tipcee. It is one of the hit songs in the platinum-selling Distruction Boyz "Gqom is the Future" album. The song was among the ones that qualified the pair to be named as the ambassadors of KFC’s Streetwise 2 campaign. The group was said to have been a perfect choice for the edgy campaign since they symbolize the philosophy of what being streetwise is all about. The video of the song is also quite an eyeful. It is largely made up of animated scenes from a typical street party, where the hit-makers can be seen energetically dancing with friends.

The Conductor

The Conductor is one of many Gqom hit songs in the first album of the dynamic pair. This song is yet another club banger with the usual robust, unique and dance-able Gqom beats that have become synonymous with the two popular musicians from Durban. The song is real evidence of the duo’s determination to leave a lasting imprint on the music scene, with one of the most electrifying sounds to emerge out of the sprawling Durban townships in the recent times. The video features a killer dance squad of girls in dungaree shorts. It is professionally done and really interesting to watch as these ladies execute unique dance moves.


Released in 2018, Generator is another highly celebrated Gqom music lovers’ anthem. The hit-making pair released the song as their first single of 2018 to much pomp and praise from their fans. It was released as a pre-order gift on their “It Was All A Dream” EP release that was scheduled for October 26th last year. The style in the song, just like all the other hit songs done by the prolific pair, has been nicknamed sghubu, which is a sub-genre of Gqom. This particular sound is much softer and more melodic, with a lot of commercial leanings as compared Gqom.

My Guitar

This is another song from the duo featuring the Afrotainment producer and bass guitarist Prince Bulo. My Guitar happens to be the first track on the pair’s celebrated first album Gqom is the Future. As much as it may not be the best song on the album, My Guitar is definitely a potential street hit. By pre-ordering the album, one got My Guitar for free. This was a smart marketing strategy which highly promoted the Gqom kings’ debut album. The song is another hit through in which these music stars have showcased their unique talent and confirmed that they are here to make a lasting difference.

2 O’Clock

This banger was released in 2017 and is one of the favorite hits in their first album. Having dominated the Durban sound in the past year, the duo has been producing single hit after another and 2 o'clock was not an exception . This song ranks as the Distraction Boys 2018 club bangers that will keep the revelers going in 2019. The track makes sitting still impossible due to its melodic beats. It is only rivaled by other favorite hits in the duo’s favorite album such as Midnight, Madness and 2016’s national hit Shut up and Groove.

Distruction Boyz Uzophuza Amanzi

This track, which hit the music scene in 2018, is without a doubt, one of the best tracks done by the two Gqom music magicians. Released by Soulful Horizons Music, Uzophuza Amanzi has gone ahead to become one of the most coveted Gqom music anthems alongside the hit “Wololo.” by Babes Wodumo. The song dominated the South African music charts for the better part of 2018, and it still keeps fans dancing in 2019. There is no doubt that it is going to be a Gqom fans favorite for a while due to its well-arranged beats and superb instrumentation.

Roll On

Roll On is one of the hit songs in the duo’s first album, Gqom is the Future. Like the other tracks in the debut album, this track is lovely, and the percussion instruments are just on point. One cannot resist shaking a leg each time the song is played, and you might find yourself fighting the temptation to play it again and again. This track will definitely keep Gqom lovers turning up on the dance floor for the better part of 2019.

Shasha Kushasha

In this track, Goldmax and Que teamed up with the celebrated Nigerian afro-pop artiste, Mr Eazi to give us a splendid hit song called Shasha Kushasha. The song, released in 2018, begins with the words “Shasha Kushasha Shasha Kushasha…” accompanied with highly dance-able beats that have become the signature of the maverick pair. The new banger is off their new LP called “It Was All a Dream” that was released last year, and it has since done quite well across South Africa and beyond.

If the success enjoyed by the composers of Distruction Boyz songs, (Zipho “Goldmax” Mthembu and Thobani “Que” Mgobhozi) is anything to go by, then we can safely conclude that the Gqom music is going places. They have done extremely well in shifting this type of music from its former underground scene to a well-respected genre that is now highly recognized within the urban as well as electronic music scenes. Get any distruction boyz 2018 mp3 download online and have fun.



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