How to make slime at home 2019

How to make slime at home 2019

Making slime has been a school project for kids around the world for decades now. The purpose of it is to teach children about chemical reactions and viscosity. You might have also seen someone squish it in their fingers while smiling hard or having a great time watching it freeze and melt. Well, the former activity is a proven way of reducing stress, but the process of making it is even more fascinating. The traditional method for preparing it using baking soda, contact lens solution, and white school glue is very common but there are many other ways of doing it. With hundreds of videos illustrating how to make slime at home, not all are safe.

How to make slime at home

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Have you seen the stories doing rounds on the internet showcasing teens and their prowess in making the best slime? It is no longer just a trend but a competition too with millions of people taking to social media sites such as Instagram to show off their skills. Making this gooey substance at home can be a sticky affair considering its gluey nature. However, more people are coming up with videos of how to make different types ranging from metallic ones, mush, or even the fluffy kind.

What is the best kind of slime?

Viral how-to videos have flooded the internet over the past few years, and almost everybody has a different procedure for making the sleazy substance at home. But, do you know that you can also make it edible? If your kids love this sleazy substance so much, and you do not trust them not to eat it, then you might as well try the recipe for edible slime. People often ask a lot of questions regarding the different recipes for this gooey material available, and the answer to that might be baffling. In truth, there might be many ways to make this substance in the comfort of your home, but not all methods are environmentally friendly. As such, we have compiled a list of ten DIY slime making recipes with clear instructions.

Considerations for how to make slime at home

Before using any of the recipes below, make sure your child or whoever is making this is not allergic to the ingredients. If they are allergic to borax, then I would suggest that you avoid watching 'how to make slime with borax' recipes. Not to mention, the ingredients listed might be from the same brand but vary widely regarding their effectiveness.

Even then, you should be very cautious when substituting ingredients. Ingredients posted alongside a specific recipe offer the best reactions. Using alternative options can affect the reaction, which might not be safe for kids or even adults. Knowing how to make this sleazy substance is one thing, but mastering the effect the ingredients have on each other takes time.

How many types of slime are there?

How to make slime at home

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As mentioned before, there are many types of this gooey substance, and each one is characterized by the ingredients used. Popping slime is made using harsh borax, which is hardly found in most of the making procedures. Considering our list also features directions on how to make slime without borax. You can also use color to add a little glow to your gooey substance. Other types of this sleazy material include fluffy, cleaning, and glitter slime.

Homemade slime recipes

1. How to make slime without glue at home

You can make this sleazy thing without using glue at home by following the procedure in the video below. You do not need a lot of ingredients, just regular soap slime, face mask slime, and a refrigerator. The process takes roughly two days considering the mixture has to be refrigerated for some hours, but the result is terrific. Follow this procedure to make glue-less goo at home.

2. How to make fluffy slime with simple ingredients

Fluffy slime is harder to make compared to its counterpart above, but if one follows the procedures, the rest is easy. Some clear glue is required as well as glycerin, white glue, and water to reduce the viscosity. Shaving foam is also required and an activator to ensure the sleazy substance does not become too sticky. After a few hours of mixing this contortion, your fluffy material should be ready. The full procedure is listed below.

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3. Making glitter slime at home

Glitter slime is one of the most revered types of goo more so by kids who love the allure of the shiny substance. You will require glitter glue (any color depending on your preference) and baking soda. Contact lens solution is also required to enable the gooey mixture to have the perfect shape. Make sure you have a whole bottle of glitter glue for the best results.

4. How you use borax when making slime.

Borax is an essential ingredient when making most types of goo. It might not be ideal for kids and as such parents are encouraged to stick around while their kids make this gooey substance using borax. Just a small amount of borax is enough to make a big bowl. Other ingredients include Elmer’s glue, a few bowls, and some popsicles for stirring. Here is the full description.

5. Making water slime at home

Want to know to make slime at home using water? It is possible to make this gooey substance using water and a few other ingredients from home. After adding water to the soap, do not stir vigorously or else bubbles will form, making it hard to get the best quality. Considering this gooey substance is made using water, expect it to be clear. However, you can change that by adding a color of your choice as one of the ingredients.

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6. How to make cleaning slime

Did you know that this material can be used for cleaning things such as your keyboard or even your table to a fantastic effect? So, how do you make cleaning slime using safe ingredients? You do not even need much to make this revolutionary gooey substance. Some glue, borax, food coloring, and water will do the trick. The video below gives the full procedure.

7. Making Borax-free slime at home

As mentioned in the article, borax is not precisely a child-friendly ingredient when making this sleazy material. Despite the amazing effect it has on this gooey substance, borax can be a missing ingredient when making your sleazy toy. For this kid-friendly recipe, be sure to have all the ingredients mentioned to get the best goo.

8. Making slime using toothpaste (no glue, no borax)

It is also possible to make this substance without using both glue and borax. However, this procedure might be a little complicated for those who are just finding out about this sleazy material. The main ingredient is toothpaste, preferably Colgate. Others include water, coloring agent, sugar, and some salt to mention a few. You might be required to mix it for an extended period, but the result is fantastic.

9. Recipe for making popping slime at home

You can also make one-of-a-kind goo using popping beads, food coloring, glue, and activator. Mixing the last three ingredients is easy, but when the beads (orbeez or beados) are added, you have to be extra careful. Orbeez and certain brands of beads might not pop but merge effortlessly with the slime once it forms. As such, they remain inside the goo giving it a fantastic feel and allure.

10. Glow in the dark slime

Before getting too excited about this particular slime formula, make sure you can acquire glow in the dark glue. Once you find it, you can purchase as many as you want and create the biggest glow in the dark goo as seen in the video. An activator is also required, as seen in most recipes above as well as food color if you purchase clear glue. Here is the full process.

How long does slime last?

After making slime, you are required to store it in an airtight container. If exposed to elements such as heat or wind constantly, your goo will stiffen up. If properly preserved, your goo can last for up to a month, after which it dries up. Refrigeration is by far the best method for preserving goo over a long period.

The procedures above show how to make slime at home using affordable and readily-available ingredients. However, before settling on the one you like the most, make sure to check the ingredients as some might be sensitive to your skin. Needless to say, ensure your children do not lick their fingers or stick the sleazy substance in their mouth as is common with some children.



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