25 best sweet dreams my love quotes, sayings and images

25 best sweet dreams my love quotes, sayings and images

Nothing beats a romantic, sweet-dreams-my-love-message after a long day of hustling and grinding. This message will help you go to bed relaxed and assured of being loved. As a good man or woman in a relationship, it is your responsibility to ensure that your partner feels treasured even at the end of the day. Send him or her a message that leaves them knowing that you are the last person in their mind.

sweet dreams my love
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Sending your partner a sweet message before they go to bed is one of the things that most people take for granted. While it may appear simple and meaningless sometimes, its significance cannot be downplayed. You want your man or woman to know that you think about them throughout. In the same manner that a romantic good morning text from him or her will put a smile on your face, a good night message written from the heart will make you go to bed a contented person. Fortunately, it is easy to come up with messages that touch the heart.

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Good night sweet dreams my love quotes

Love is a wonderful feeling that needs to be fueled if its sustenance is to be guaranteed. More often than not, ignorance and taking for granted the little things that bring excitement to a relationship are what cause many people to feel that they are not loved. This can change by simply writing to him or her a beautiful good night message. Check out these examples.

  1. As the day winds down, I want you to know that I have you in my heart even as you retire to bed. Think about me as I will be dreaming of you tonight. You are the only one I want to think about all my life. Have a blessed evening my love.
  2. Happiness comes from knowing that you are loved. It is even more rewarding when you receive back the love that you have given out freely. Just remember that you are in my heart as you go to bed today and forever. Good night.
  3. May this night bring you dreams that will put a smile on your face. May you get all the peace you need to rejuvenate this night. May all your dreams come true. Good night, honey.
  4. Every day comes with good fortune. As you sleep, remember that tomorrow is a new day to grab fresh opportunities. Rest well darling, for tomorrow awaits you with great challenges to be faced.
  5. The day is gone, not to be seen again. The night is young, giving you a chance to rest. Put your head down and let go of all your fears and worries. At the start of the day, tomorrow brings a promise of better things. Sleep tight.
  6. Many may fear the night because of its darkness, but I am happy because I know that without darkness, no stars will shine. Rest well my sweetheart.
  7. I wish you were in my bed tonight. I long to be in your arms but distance will not allow us to be together. As you go to sleep, remember that you are always in my heart. Have a restful sleep.
  8. The day comes with a lot of activities, excitement, and worries. Let us welcome the night for it gives us a moment to forget our problems, even if it is for a few hours. May your guardian angels watch over you. Kisses.
  9. I am sure that we are meant to be together. I know this because I am never myself when we are apart from each other. As you go to bed, dream about me. Forever in your heart.
  10. I may be struggling to sleep because all I think about is you. This is a confirmation that I am awake in your dream. Sweet dreams my love.

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Sweet dreams best quotes

sweet dreams my love
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Wishing someone that you care for a good night is the perfect way to end the day. This is proof that they will always be in your heart no matter what. It also assures them that despite the difficulties of the day, they are the last person in your mind. This is very special since it helps cement feelings of intimacy between couples.

  1. I may dream but I choose to follow those dreams that come from my heart. As you go to sleep, I want you always to remember that you belong in my heart. I will always follow you no matter how far you are.
  2. Ours is a love that many admire. As we retire this night, may this be a chance for us to reflect and be thankful for the gift of love that we share. Sweet dreams darling.
  3. Distance may try to separate us but it will not succeed. There is no force strong enough to break the bond of love between us. As you sleep, I pray so hard that I will show up in your dreams to kiss you and remind you that you are my everything. May your dreams be sweet forever.
  4. Sleep, just like a kiss, a cry or a creative thought, needs us to close our eyes. The explanation is simple. The best things in this life are not to be seen with our eyes, but to be felt by the heart. As you sleep tonight, may your closed eyes be the pathway to a beautiful feature together. Sweet dreams darling.
  5. The success of tomorrow depends on how well you rest tonight. I want you to sleep and rest, so that our day may be cheerful tomorrow. May the angels watch over you. Sweet dreams.

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Sweet dreams quotes for her

sweet dreams my love
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Pick the correct message for your woman. Ladies love to be pampered, and doing it right when she is going to bed, will guarantee that she will wake up with you in her mind. Send her a loving message as she goes to bed, and put a smile on her face. This is a simple trick that will keep your relationship exciting.

  1. I send you the moon and the stars as a sign that I will always be near. May they light your night and give you all the comfort that I would have if I wrapped you in my arms. I love you and will do everything to make sure you are safe. Dream about me today. Sweet dreams, my lovely wife.
  2. May the night come with the peace that guarantees sweet sleep. You will not worry about anything for I have prayed for you this night. Relax and sleep, for the angels stand guard. Sweet dreams babe.
  3. I look at the stars and marvel at how powerful their light is. That is exactly how you are my love. No distance can dim how bright you shine. Look outside the window, and I will know that you have received my message of love. Sleep well.
  4. Apart from waking up earlier to see you sleep, my second favourite thing is to watch you struggle to stay awake when you really need to sleep. It is sometimes hilarious but it is also romantic as you surrender to the whims of your tired body. I will always pick you up and place you on the bed as long as we are together. Till then, sleep well my queen.
  5. I love the peaceful woman that I see sleeping by my side every day. It is a pity that I have to work tonight. I wish you a restful night honey.

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Sweet dreams my husband

Men also want women to care for them even late in the evening. You can show your affection by drafting simple and sincere good night messages. This will show him that he is important to you, even when you are going to bed. Here are examples that you can model on.

  1. I appreciate every sacrifice that you make for me. I know you are exhausted from running up and down during the day. All I wish for you is a night full of peace so that you can rest properly. Tomorrow is a new day that needs you sober and refreshed. Sweet dreams babe.
  2. Sometimes we may never find the right words to say, and as such, we keep it simple. Good night is all I want to say. We will talk more in the morning when you are well rested. I love you.
  3. Knowing that you do everything for my sake makes me want to support you all through. I wish you a night that gives you all the rest you may need to face tomorrow. I know that a good night's sleep is crucial for pursuing all dreams. Sleep well, honey.
  4. I look forward to the night every day because I am consoled that it washed away all our struggles and prepared us for a new chance to face life the next day. I wish you a good night with no struggle for tomorrow awaits. Sweet dreams my love.
  5. May you retire to bed without any anger. Let no burden follow you to bed since the last thing we want is for your dreams to be haunted. May you believe in the beauty of the world even when it is scarred and contaminated. May you maintain your sweetness despite life's issues. Sleep tight, honey.

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With over 25 sweet dreams my love messages above, any person can write a meaningful text for those they care about. Let your wife or husband know that you cherish them, regardless of the time of the day.


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