Best sweet and funny love memes 2019

Best sweet and funny love memes 2019

Love memes communicate the message of love in a unique and interesting manner. If you are looking for something to share with your partner then memes can make a great choice. They can be funny and educative at the same time. There is something about putting a message across using both words and pictorial representations. The impression on the picture lasts longer.

love memes

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This has become a common way of presenting information, especially online. With social media revolutionizing, Africans have not been left behind on this front. Whether you want a picture or a video meme, you will be smiling after going through this list.

Sweet love memes

Love is an emotional feeling that can be complicated to the point that it is difficult to say exactly how one feels. If a couple is all about laughter and jokes, then sweet love memes will be a great way to communicate their emotions. The bottom line is to send the message home. Check out these examples.

1. Supportive partner

Show your partner that you appreciate every kind of support you get from him or her. This is proof that you are noting everything even when you do not say it.

2. Comfort in your arms

Your heart will melt when you see this. It goes to show that you will always be there for your partner. Your girl will definitely cherish this.

3. Love is being comfortable around you

It definitely isn't love until you can fart around him and he doesn't mind because everything about you is great.

4. Smitten

This cute display of love, at first sight, is charming. Sometimes you cannot hold it.

Funny love memes for him

Funny memes are probably the most common type, regardless of the message being passed across. People have a way of making fun of every situation, especially those that would have been unbearable. This makes it easier for all people to appreciate the message, even when it is serious. These memes show that love is meant to be enjoyed. Make things light in your relationship by sending each other any of the following.

1. Apology

He will laugh at this reminder of your impatience when he fails to respond to your texts immediately. It is never that serious anyway.

2. World promise

This will get him tickled as you remind him of how much he promised you, yet he has no money for any of it. The jest will be well received and get him to do something since you did not throw tantrums about not getting what he said.

3. Jealousy = love

This confirmation will get your man laughing as he is reminded of how crazy you can get if other girls get too close to him. The fact that you do not want anyone crossing boundaries with him is proof that he belongs to you alone.

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Funny love memes for her

Tease your girl every once in a while by sending her these illustrations that will have her bursting in laughter. This is an excellent trick for when she is angry at you. The right meme will break the ice and make it possible for the two of you to straighten out whatever problem you could be facing.

1. Attention seeker

Tease your girl and remind her of how she behaves when she needs you to be attentive to her. The both of you will laugh at her gestures since you still cannot understand why she cannot tell you what she wants directly.

2. Body praise

Let her know that you cannot get enough of her body because it is perfect and sweet. She will laugh at this but at the same time appreciate the truth in it.

3. Impossible fete

Keeping a woman happy is a daunting task. Sending her this perfectly quoted illustration will make her laugh and appreciate every effort. It is obvious that you have been doing a great job at understanding her crazy moods.

I love you memes for him

A man that can laugh and crack jokes will always be interesting to be around. Share a few memes with him to tickle him. You can choose messages with subtly hidden meanings if you want to pass a specific message. This way, he can laugh about it and identify his mistake. You will notice over time that he has rectified it. It is a win-win as you did not bruise his ego by pointing out is weaknesses openly.

1. Geek blonde boyfriend

Make him laugh by reminding him of how he sometimes is very blonde when it comes to matters of the heart. He will know that despite all this, he is still your number one.

2. Corny and amazing

It is all about sharing your appreciation and affection with him. You bet he will smile at this.

3. Permission granted

This is a great message from your lady. Whenever she talks too much or when she is mad about something, kiss her and everything will calm down. You can then talk about whatever it was bothering her later.

My love and affection meme

In case you want to communicate your deep feelings, finding appropriate memes to do this would be a great idea. Not everyone has the guts or ability to face their partner and tell them how they feel. Those that prefer showing it through their actions will enjoy sending memes since they summarize what they feel.

1. Playful and romantic

Let him know what to look for when you really need him. Your bulging eyes and playful nature at the time serve as proof of your desire for him.

2. Confession of shooting you with my love

Your girl will be excited when she sees how much affection you have for her that you want to keep shooting her down with it. This is the confession of his feelings to his woman. Sometimes you do not have to use words when a meme can communicate much better.

3. Naughty and sexy

Sometimes you do not have to be too upfront, she will get the drift. This will work for you when you want to have a cozy and private time with her.

Whatever your intentions are, using love memes will not disappoint you. This is a simple and straight forward way of dealing with emotions that maybe would ever have been let out in the open.



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