Chinese new year 2019: animal and lucky colour

Chinese new year 2019: animal and lucky colour

Different cultures around the world have different traditions and beliefs, which is why the Chinese new year 2019 is unique. Interestingly, 2019 is the year of the pig according to zodiac experts. It begins from February 5th, 2019, until Jan 24th, 2020. According to travel guide China, the pig represents the 12th in the 12-year Chinese cycle. This means that the years of the pig are 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, 2031, 2043 and so forth.

Chinese new year 2019

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So, what is the animal for the Chinese new year 2019? Following the 12-year cycle trend, 2019 falls within the 12th, which means that it is the year of the pig. According to the people of China, a pig is not considered very smart. In fact, it is associated with sleeping and laziness. In addition to that, it is also clumsy. Even so, it is one of the animals that is associated with wealth and prosperity in addition to causing no harm. There are several things associated with the 2019 year of the pig.

Year of the pig explained

With so much to look forward to, one may wonder what is the lucky colour of the year 2019. According to the zodiac, there are several lucky things associated with the year 2019. These include colour, numbers, flowers, and directions. There are also warnings on the things one should avoid. Keeping yourself updated, especially if you are a believer in this culture, could mean a few things.

Lucky colours

Chinese new year 2019

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It is believed that in this year, anyone that associates him or herself with the following colours will attract some levels of luck to themselves. These are:

  • Yellow
  • Grey
  • Brown
  • Golden

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Lucky numbers

In the same manner, certain numbers will be lucky this year. In case you need to take part in a competition or do anything that requires you to choose some numbers, take note that these are the luckiest according to the experts. They include:

  • 2
  • 5
  • 8

Lucky directions

If at any point you will be required to pick a direction to follow, consider going for those that the year of the pig suggests as the luckiest. You never know, this could be the direction towards your fortune and breakthrough. They are:

  • South East
  • North East

Lucky flowers

In case you need to choose flowers for an occasion or just want some feel-good flowers to boost your mood in the 12th year recommendations, remember that according to the calendar, the luckiest flowers are as follows:

  • Pitcher plant
  • Marguerite
  • Hydrangea

While you may opt for other colours, numbers, and flowers, it is believed that you should keep off certain things if you want to have a great time. Avoid red, blue and green colours as they are considered unlucky this year. Also, keep off from using 1, 3 and 9 as they are also unlucky. In addition to the numbers and colours, stay off East and West directions as they could lead you to unlucky territories.

What about the pig's personality?

Chinese new year 2019

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Usually, the pig's zodiac sign refers to individuals with a unique set of traits. These people are considerate, warm, responsible, optimistic and independent. Usually, they have excellent interpersonal relationships because of their ability to accommodate other people's mistakes and shortcomings. However, they have a downside in the sense that they are sometimes lazy and easy to take advantage of since they have a pure heart. Their strengths include being warmhearted, loyal, honest, good-tempered and gentle. These are the people that you can trust. They have several weaknesses though, including the fact that they can get sluggish, are naive, easily gullible and are sometimes short tempered.

What about love?

With this being the Chinese new year fortune, many may wonder if they will be fortunate in love. Is 2019 a good year to have a baby? Such questions would not come as a surprise as many people want to find love. So who is the perfect partner in 2019?

If you are a pig zodiac sign, you are advised to match up with rabbit, sheep or tiger. These are the combinations that are likely to have a lasting relationship or marriage with you. These combinations are supportive and can deal with challenges with you. They are also patient and encouraging. The chances are that you will have similar goals and values which means that they will make life fun on a daily basis.

You are also advised to keep off snake and monkey zodiac signs as these have conflicting personalities. Their opinions are contradicting, and they hardly arrive at any agreeable conclusions. In a marriage setup, they will always think about what works for them regardless of whether or not the other person is hurt.

There are chances that females with the pig zodiac signs have a high chance of starting successful relationships in this year.

2019 financial fortune

With the Chinese new year 2019 animal being the pig, the animal that attracts wealth, everyone would want to know what is in it for them. The zodiac experts say that this may be a period of mixed fortunes for those with the sign. It is true that they could experience an increase in wealth through incomes, but there is the possibility of having a challenge with increased expenditure as well. With high chances of getting financial support and income increment from various sources, it is unfortunate that unnecessary expenditures will also come up.

Pig's personalities based on blood types

People with the pig zodiac sign are considered to exhibit varying personalities based on their blood group.

  • Blood group O type is independent, enthusiastic and brave. Most of them believe in gaining success on their own.
  • Blood group A is optimistic and gentle in character. They seem to have an influence on everyone they interact with.
  • Blood group B is honest and will always exude a sense of security especially in relationships.
  • Blood AB are born leaders. They are highly intelligent and have a deep sense of responsibility in careers, almost enviable. They have an outstanding character and are almost always able to take advantage of every situation.

Types of Pig personalities

There are different types of pig personalities based on when the date of birth is. The type that you are could also influence the traits that you exhibit.

  • Wood Pig - 1935, 1995. These are honest, simple, endurable, easy-going and unrestrained.
  • Fire pig -1947, 2007. These are cooperative, dependent, ambitious and lucky when it comes to wealth.
  • Earth pig - 1959, 2019. These are social and great at interpersonal relations.
  • Metal pig - 1911, 1971. These are frank, helpful, gentle and broad-minded.
  • Water Pig - 1923, 1983. These are serious, responsible and love to do things their own way.

With the Chinese new year 2019 being a few days old, there is anticipation for more that is yet to come. Those with the pig zodiac signs wait with baited breathe to see if this is the year for their success. Chinese culture is interesting.



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