Happy birthday, beautiful quotes and messages 2019

Happy birthday, beautiful quotes and messages 2019

Sending your girl happy birthday beautiful messages will cheer her up during her special day. It shows that you appreciate the fact that she came into this world just for the two of you to meet and have a life. This is one of those special moments that you need to make her feel loved and cherished. Fortunately, you can always send her a message that will touch her heart.

Happy birthday, beautiful
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So what is the best message for birthday? It is never easy to identify a message that will be perfect for the person you care for. As such, you need to write a message from your heart. Birthday wishes messages do not have to be complicated or common. Write a simple and unique message that the recipient will appreciate.

Happy birthday quotes

Happy birthday, beautiful
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Have you ever asked yourself what do you say on someone's birthday? Have you found it difficult to draft a happy birthday wishes SMS and got stuck along the way? If any of these scenarios have applied to you at some point, then the chances are that you were overthinking. A great wish comes from the heart as it is pure and sincere. Write to him or her the first thing that comes to mind when you think about them. Here are some great examples to model on.

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  1. Happy birthday beautiful, you are one in a million. A star created just for me.
  2. I am not one to sing and celebrate, but I make an exception today with this happy birthday song for the one that has captured my heart. All the best as you start your year, darling.
  3. I know that you remain the same inside even as years catch up with you. I adore you. The happiest celebrations my dear.
  4. I celebrate this day with you, for on this day many years back, someone special was born. That person is you, darling. Have a good one my precious gift.
  5. I am indeed a lucky person t have met a queen such as yourself. I will forever treasure this day because it was on such a day that your beautiful soul came into the earth. As we celebrate, we remain grateful for the far that you have come.
  6. Today is a day that we look back and say thank you for the milestones. As you turn a year older, your achievements have been a lot. This is an indication of what lays ahead. All the best my love.
  7. Your beauty compares to none, at least for me. You are beautiful inside and outside. Your heart is that of gold, and your smile can melt the coldest souls. You are exceptionally beautiful.

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Happy birthday messages for girlfriend

Happy birthday, beautiful
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If you have a girl then you know that it is a crime to forget her birthday. You have probably asked, is it correct to say the happiest birthday? Chances are that you have considered a perfect gift for her already. What you may not have paid attention to is the message that you will attach on the gift card. If you have asked yourself 'what can I write on my girlfriends birthday card?', the following are suggestions that can help you.

  1. I decided to pick you among the many women on earth because of how special you are to me. On this day of your birth, I recognize that a special woman was born to complete my soul.
  2. Girlfriends are special people. They keep you on toes and make you sweat because they will never let you rest. I know this because I have one of the best in the world. Thank you, sweetheart for accepting to be mine. I celebrate you this day on your day.
  3. I was lucky to meet a woman that is more than a friend to me. You are my life's heart desire, and a promise kept. The happiest one honey.
  4. I appreciate your parents every day because they brought forth a queen that would be mine forever. As I remember this day of your birth, I am grateful that you were born. You are the most precious person in my life. Happy anniversary.
  5. I do not think twice when it comes to acknowledging your goodness in my life. You are the only woman that completes me. How grateful I am that on a day like this, the queen of my life was born.
  6. I have known love because you were born on such a day as this. A beautiful girl with a kind heart is what you are. It is almost impossible not to fall for you. Have a great one sweetheart.
  7. To be reminded of the day that a queen was born is quote something. Of all the children born on that day, God knew that you would end up with me. Nothing is more magical than this. All the best love.
  8. I believe in fate just because it worked in my favour. On this beautiful day, a few decades ago, a queen baby was born. She has grown into a beautiful woman with love so fierce and strong. As we celebrate your day honey, I pray that everything good is your fortune.
  9. The world is a better place today because of a woman as beautiful and as kind as you were born on such a day. Have a fulfilling one honey.
  10. Your space cannot be filled by anyone else in this world because you are an exceptional woman.

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Birthday message for a special friend

Happy birthday, beautiful quotes
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Even if you consider happy birthday images, there are those that suit your beautiful friends. The people that you share a good amount of your time with deserve to be recognized and celebrated on their birthdays. The following examples will give you an idea of how to go about this. You can model these to create your own birthday wishes for best friend.

  1. Best friends make life bearable. You always know that there will be someone to watch your back when you plan to get into some form of mischief. As you add one more year, I wish you all the happiness that this life can bring your way.
  2. You understand everything that happens to me. Our friendship makes a lot of people envy. We have known each other since we were young. I have seen you celebrate many birthdays but this is a special one because it marks a major milestone in our friendship. I wish you love and happiness my dearest friend.
  3. My girlfriend deserves the best. As you celebrate your birthday, I wish you all the best. I know you are getting a little wiser and even more caring. Have a happy one my darling friend.
  4. Birthdays are a reminder of how much we have grown over the years. I know that you were born to be special which is why you continue to be the greatest friend anyone can wish for. I wish you more love and grace as you turn a year older today.
  5. You are one in a million. A friend to be treasured and kept for life. As you celebrate your birthday, I thank the universe for allowing you to be born. You are a blessing to humanity.

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Whether you are sending birthday wishes for best friend girl or want to wish the love of your life a blessed birthday, this list will help you. Sending her a romantic and thoughtful happy birthday beautiful message is a sure way of putting a smile on her face.


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