KeyHealth: All 2019 medical aid plans detailed review

KeyHealth: All 2019 medical aid plans detailed review

KeyHealth is one of the best medical aid schemes in South Africa. You do not have to worry about the medical jargons that come with deciding on one among numerous medical aid plans. What's more, the wide range of benefit options availed by KeyHealth makes it possible for everyone to get something that suits them. KeyHealth 2019 offers you the best option for your medical needs.


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One of the reasons you should choose KeyHealth is because it gives you what you see. There are no fake promises. You are guaranteed of plans that are meant to suit your needs. Even as you work on getting KeyHealth medical aid contact details, knowing which scheme to settle for is important.

KeyHealth hospital plan

With several options and payment plans available at KeyHealth, you need to consider the details in each before settling for a plan that suits you right. These plans include:

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1. Equilibrium

This package comes with several benefits. You can be sure that the program will cater for specialized radiology (co-payment), medical appliances, maternity, preventative benefits. You need to note, however, that limits will always apply. All else will be paid from savings, from your fund or from out of pocket, unless it is PMB. Users are assured of 100% help in the following services:

  • Pathology
  • Dentistry
  • Optical services
  • Over the counter medicine
  • Routine medical expenses
  • Oncology
  • Dialysis
  • Transplants

The benefits may vary depending on the description of the benefits. Some of the benefits require pre-authorization and case management. Your monthly contributions will be R1885 for the principal amount, R1164 for an adult dependent, and R578 for a child dependent. Your monthly savings should be R148 for the principal member, R91 for the adult dependent and R45 for a child dependent. This means that your total monthly contributions should be R2033 for the principal amount, R1255 for an adult dependent and R623 for a child dependent. You are allowed to pay for a maximum of 3 child dependents.

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You will also get assisted when dealing with supplementary health issues such as psychiatric problems, blood transfusion, certain chronic benefits, and HIV/AIDS among others. With all this info in mind, you can decide if KeyHealth Equilibrium 2019 is the ideal package for you.

2. Essence option


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This package requires that you make a monthly contribution of R1456 as a principal contribution, R1167 for the adult dependent and R525 for a child dependent. The benefits will vary depending on what you need to be treated. Some of the areas you are assured of unlimited benefit include X-rays, pathology, and routine medical expenses. You can be sure that you will get assistance with specialized radiology (co-payment), medical appliances, maternity, preventative benefits, and oncology. Just like in the previous package, limits will apply. You will be needed to cater for all others from out of pocket, except for PMB. Any extra services are offered at a fee.

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3. Gold

The KeyHealth medical aid gold option is another of KeyHealth's packages that you can opt for. The following are examples of what the package caters for as out of patient benefits. These include specialised radiology (co-payment), medicine, dentistry, maternity, optometry, medical appliances, preventative benefits, and hearing aids. As usual certain limits apply. Anything else will be sorted from savings, the fund or from your pocket except for PMB. Other benefits vary and include the following examples:

  • Over the counter medicine where you get R1910
  • Reading glasses at R170
  • OptIcal services worth R2940
  • Category B chronic medication at R8000
  • Psychiatric treatment worth R38000
  • Oncology at R377500

The total monthly contribution for the gold package is R4946 for the principal amount, R3345 for the adult dependent and R970 for a child dependent. The KeyHealth gold 2019 option may be a great plan for anyone that is looking for coverage that caters for the most crucial health aspects. It is important to scrutinize the benefits plan before making a decision.

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4. Origin

For a monthly contribution of R1680 for the principal amount, R1197 for an adult dependent, and R546 for a child dependent, you are assured of some of the following benefits:

  • Medical appliances such as wheelchairs worth R6900
  • Psychiatric treatment worth R18700
  • MRI and CT scans worth R15500
  • Oncology at a cost of R147000

The package will also sort a few other out of hospital expenses including specialized radiology (co-payment), medical appliances, maternity, as well as preventative benefits. You need to note the limits that apply. In case of anything else, you will have to pay it from your savings, from the fund or from out of pocket, with the exception of PMB.

5. Platinum package


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This is one of the best packages offered by KeyHealth. You need to make monthly contributions of R8112 for the principal amount, R5687 for an adult dependent and R1711 for an adult dependent. Some of the benefits include:

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  • Medicine and discharge of R500 per discharge
  • R46500 for sub-acute services and wound care.
  • R23200 for MRI and CT scans
  • R2860 for over the counter medicine
  • R4900 for optical services
  • R2270 for optical lenses
  • R990 for refractive surgery
  • Psychiatric treatment at R52500
  • Hearing aids at R32800
  • Wheelchairs and related equipment at R10850

With a lot more benefits on this package, it is advisable to go for it. However, you should be able to afford the monthly premiums. You can also count on a few out of hospital expenses being covered including medicine, specialized radiology (co-payment), optometry, dentistry, sub-acute facilities, maternity, medical appliances, and preventative benefits. Limits application are mandatory. All other costs will come from the fund, from out of pocket, or from above threshold benefit unless for PMB.

6. KeyHealth Silver 2019

This is a package whose monthly contributions are highest. This means that the benefits are also higher and better. At a monthly contribution of R3474 for the principal amount, R1869 for the adult dependent and R724 for a child dependent, some of the benefits breakdown are as follows:

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  • Wheelchairs and appliances at R7100
  • Prosthesis and Prosthetic at R6000
  • Psychiatric treatment at R18700
  • Contact lenses at R655
  • Optical services at R1470
  • Over the counter medicine at R1560
  • MRI and CT scans at R15500
  • Oncology at R165000
  • Wound care at R28000

For all the KeyHealth aid packages, there are additional benefits that are dependent on certain pre-authorization and entitlements. This means that there is a lot more to gain. You can also count on out of hospital assistance on specialized radiology (co-payment), medicine, dentistry, optometry, medical appliances, maternity, and preventative benefits. There will always be limitations except for PMB.

Now that you have a proper understanding of the medical aid, one of the main reason why you should stick with the program is that it offers exactly what it promises. You will always get what you see with KeyHealth.


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