Top 10 tips for emigrating from South Africa 2019

Top 10 tips for emigrating from South Africa 2019

Do you have any plans of emigrating from South Africa? Will you move because of work engagements, or have you found greener pastures elsewhere? No matter what your motivation is, it is always advisable to take a few steps to make sure your transition is smooth. Remember that this is more of a long term thing as opposed to working and coming back regularly.

emigrating from South Africa

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There are a myriad of challenges that come up when someone is emigrating from one country to another. Moving overseas for whatever reasons requires both psychological and physical preparation. Consider the following tips for whenever you want to emigrate from South Africa.

Tips to consider when emigrating from South Africa

So, have you wondered how to emigrate from South Africa. If the thought has crossed your mind, then there are a few considerations you must make. The following suggestions will come in handy once you have identified the best countries to emigrate to from South Africa.

1. Decide where you will be moving to

The first decision should be on choosing a country you want to move to. Chances are that you have already looked at different countries and the opportunities they will afford you. Decide if you will be moving to a country in Africa or if you want to go to a different country. Once you have made up your mind, you can then proceed to the other steps.

2. Decide if you want to formally emigrate

emigrating from South Africa

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This simply means that you need to deliberate about moving all your assets to the country you have decided to settle in. It merely a financial term and should not anything that worries you, however, you need to consider this very carefully since it is a rather expensive and would not make a lot of sense especially if the assets in question are not significant. Only consider moving your assets if the option is financially viable.

3. Have a job

Once you have decided on your new homeland, you must show proof of employment. This is something that should always cross your mind when considering emigration from South Africa. Furthermore, it is a necessity in many counties abroad. Unless you are of retirement age, most people are asked to prove that they have secured meaningful employment. After all, you should no move to a different country without a plan. It beats logic.

4. Move legally once you decide to emigrate formally

With many South Africans emigrating, it may not be clear whether they do this formally or not. In the case that you decide to take the formal approach, remember to get clearance from the relevant bodies. You should not worry about losing your citizenship. A formal emigration will not relinquish your citizenship.

When moving, therefore, clear with the South African Revenue Services to obtain tax clearance. You also need to clear with the South African Reserve Bank to get clearance for a foreign capital allowance account. The detailed process will, in turn, allow you to be free to transfer or relocate your assets. Your previous bank cards will, in turn, be destroyed.

5. Take a trip to the bank

The essence here is to get the M.P.336(b) form from a consultant. This consultant is responsible for guiding you through the necessary steps that will jump-start your emigration process. The bank serves as the authorized dealer working with South African Reserve Bank to facilitate your formal exit from South Africa. This process will need you to submit certain documents that will prove and ascertain that you are the person in question, and that the assets you want to transfer truly belong to you.

6. Get your account blocked

Upon completion of the legal and financial processes, you will be assigned a blocked account which will be the channel through which your assets will flow. Each family unit is allowed a maximum of R10 million and R20 million in a foreign capital allowance. It is advisable to spend half of the first year's saving as a supplement for foreign exchange rates and adjustment to the living standard in your country of choice.

This applies to everyone emigration from South Africa to USA just as it would for those immigrating to Botswana from South Africa. Even though countries differ, you will need some time to adjust tot he way of life in your new country. It only makes sense to have money for emergency expenses as well.

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7. Sell the car and furniture

It does not matter if you are immigrating to Botswana from South Africa, or are going to a far away country in a different continent. You need to work on your emergency kitty. Look for avenues through which you can increase your fund since you will need to make adjustments as you settle in.

While some people may ask for help from family and friends, a great way to raise funds would be to organize a party where you will be selling some of the items that you may not necessarily give away. While people may not have a problem helping you, especially if they are close, use creative means to get them to help as opposed to directly requesting funds.

8. Plan for health care

The fact that you are moving to a new country means that you may not be covered medically. Make sure that you find the right solution for this since there is no telling whether or not you will fall ill. It is better to be prepared than to be sorry. Talk to different insurance companies and find out if their health scheme applies in the country you will be moving to. If not, let them advise you on the best plans available.

9. Apply for a visa

emigrating from South Africa

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Find out what supporting documents you need to move to your new country. Gather every document that will prove that you have moved to the new country legally. The last thing you want is to get into trouble with the authorities. After all, you need to maintain a good reputation as your long stay in the new country may be dependent on it. Start things right, and chances are likely that they will remain that way.

10. Contact phone and bank service providers

Since you will be staying in the country, it is only reasonable that you get connected to some of the basic services. These include phone and bank services. Make sure you find the right service providers that you will be comfortable working with.

Have you been looking at how to relocate to the UK from South Africa? If so, then clearly you are on the right track. It will definitely not be easy since this is a new path you have chosen. Preparing yourself and your family for what may lie ahead is something you should work on early enough.

Apart from sorting yourself financially, there are other aspects of life that you need to familiarize yourself with. The lifestyles in South Africa will definitely be different from your new country of choice. Without proper preparation, you may ave a challenge adjusting. Emigrating from South Africa to a different country because of better opportunities is great. Just make sure that you ease your transition to it all.



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