NCR debt help manual 2019

NCR debt help manual 2019

Are you searching for NCR debt help? Settle your worries one at a time as we unveil a thorough debt help system review for 2019. Established under the National Credit Act 34 of 2005, the National Credit Regulator remains a stem-governing entity that is responsible for the enforcement of the National Credit Act in the country. South Africans with unresolved debt issues should not shy from consulting NCR manual 2019. Provided is an in-depth NCR debt review to help you with your financial difficulties.

NCR debt help manual 2019

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Who is the National Credit Regulator? National Credit Regulator, famous as NCR, is a body in the South African credit industry that is charged with the responsibility of policy development, executing education research, registration of industrial participants, and complaint investigations among others. There are several credit providers in the country registered under NCR. These professional lenders execute their mandate within NCR frameworks that is established in the National Credit Act (NCA).

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NCR debt help

NCR debt help

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NCA requires regulators to maintain and develop highly accessible credit market while seeking to address the needs of low-income persons i.e. those hailing from remote and low-density communities among historically disadvantaged individuals. In essence, NCR purposes to maintain a fair and high-quality lending industry in South Africa through the enforcement of the NCA. Other areas of concern at NCR include:

  • Research
  • Advise government on relevant legislation and policy
  • Education
  • NCR complaints investigation
  • Policy development, and
  • Registration of industrial participants

NCR heads all professional elements relating to debts in close adherence to established standards in the industry. It is for this reason that the National Credit Regulator has published all registered credit service providers on their online portal.

Publication of South African recognized NCR debt counselors is crucial in validating whether an institution or individual is registered before accepting their services. It is, therefore, essential to make sure that you are working with a team certified by the host of a counselor about credit. Recent changes in lender related laws require all providers to seek certification from NCR. However, this does not imply that all businesses and individuals lending money must register themselves as lending providers. Registration is exclusively open for those lenders that satisfy minimum NCR requirements.

Unfair market practices prohibited by NCR

NCR upholds non-discriminatory and fair access to the market place for all citizens. The body prohibits unfair lending and marketing practices which undermine proper credit practices through the following ways:

  • Upholds black economic ownership and empowerment particularly in the credit industry
  • Limits unfair lending practices within the economy
  • Promotes credit granting responsibility to manage reckless grants
  • Reorganizes debt in cases of over-indebtedness
  • Regulates information relating to credit
  • Registrations of credit providers, sustaining the national lending culture, governing debt counselling services, and registration of credit bureau

NCR online registration requirements for businesses

Businesses running in South Africa can register with NCR as credit providers on the following criteria.

  • NCA is opposed to the registration of lending providers whose transactions relate to the incidental credit agreement. Businesses should, therefore, conduct preliminary checks to verify that they satisfy Section 40(1) (a) of the National Credit Act.
  • Assessment of whether a business’s transaction qualifies as a credit agreement based on the NCA.
  • Checks on whether the conclusion of a lending agreement will end within or its effects will escalate within the Republic.
  • Whether involved parties in the agreement are dealing at arm’s length.
  • Regarding if exceptions provided under Section 4 of the NCA apply. For instance, NCA does not accept credit agreements whereby a juristic individual is a consumer. In such a case, annual turnover or asset value alongside a combined yearly turnover or asset value or all other related juristic individuals equals or exceeds the current threshold value at the time of an agreement. Note that the present threshold strands at about R1 million.
  • Concerning if the individual is a credit provider as described in the lending Act.

Registration of NCR debt counsellors

  • NCA provides for the registration of compliant debt counselors having satisfied NCR training requirements.
  • Debt counselor holds the duty of evaluating financial circumstances on behalf of consumers before serving the courts with recommendations about debt restructuring. They also reserve the mandate of suspending any form of reckless credit agreement.

Online debt help

How can I get out of debt review? How do I get NCR certificate? For further information concerning debt help, proceed NCR website and login to access the Debt Help System. Here are further NCR contact details.

NCRdebthelp contacts

Address: Number 127, 15thRoad, Randjespark Midrand

CEO: Ms. Nomsa Motshegare

Phone 1: 0860 627 627 (call centre)

Phone 2: +27 (11) 554 2700 (switchboard)


Fax: +27(11)805 4905

Box no: P.O. Box 209, Halfway House 1685


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NCR debt help manual 2019 is crucial in South Africa for both credit providers and debt collectors. Start your inquiries today to initiate a solution for any of your debt issue.



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