Solomon Mahlangu movie Kalushi overview, trailer, cast and soundtrack

Solomon Mahlangu movie Kalushi overview, trailer, cast and soundtrack

Kalushi is a South African true story and public-eye film that was produced in 2016. This starring film features a 19-year-old hawker from the streets of Mamelodi, a famous ghetto township sitting outside Pretoria. The film ranks high for its impressive cast that as famous stars including Thabo Malema and Jafta Mamabolo. Solomon Mahlangu movie was produced by an amateur film-maker, Mandla Dube. The movie is also famous for its story-line and soundtracks which have a rare combination of artistic touches. Read on to know more about the movie.

Solomon Mahlangu movie Kalushi overview, trailer, cast and soundtrack

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Solomon Kalushi Mahlangu, born in 1956, was the second born child to Martha Mahlangu. His father abandoned him in 1962. As a result, Kalushi grew under the sole parenthood of his mother who laboriously served as a domestic worker. It is through Martha's motherly dedication and love for her son that Kalushi grows up amid struggles to change his fate.

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Solomon Mahlangu movie

The film creatively unveils the ordeal of Umkhonto we Sizwe cadre, Solomon Mahlangu, who was unfairly executed and hanged in 1979 for murder and terrorism charges in 1977. The story reflects apartheid atrocities which eventually drew an interstate protest against the country’s internal policies. Kalushi IMDb rating is 8.1/10, and it is rated at 91% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Kalushi overview and movie storyline

In the movie, the police ambushes and beats up Kalushi following which he escapes to exile. He sustains these brutal beatings during the 1976 Soweto based liberation movement. Kalushi then completes a military training in Angola. After that, Kalushi joins Mondy, his close friend and comrade who later on loses control and fires at a couple of innocent people in Goch Street, Johannesburg. The incident leaves Mondy thoroughly beaten and wounded. Unfortunately, Kalushi has no choice but to face the same trials on the doctrine of common purpose.

The state pronounces death by hanging as punishment. In response, Kalushi uses the courtroom as a final battlefield, a sacrifice that immortalizes his identity to a hero for his undying spirit in the struggle. He also earns recognition as a national icon for young people enrolling for Umkhonto we Sizwe. Various Solomon Mahlangu quotes used in this movie further bring out the spirit of freedom fighting as portrayed by this hero.

Kalushi full movie cast

Kalushi attracted talented actors and actresses from diverse backgrounds to engage in this game-changing film that shares an in-depth story of the country’s liberalism struggle.

  1. Thabo Rametsi - Solomon Mahlangu
  2. Welile Nzuza - Tommy London
  3. Thabo Malema - Mondy
  4. Jafta Mamabolo - Lucky
  5. Louw Venter - Van Heerden
  6. Pearl Thusi - Brenda Riviera
  7. Fumani Shilubana - Lucas Mahlangu
  8. Gcina Mhlophe - Martha Mahlangu
  9. Murray Todd - Mr. Mailer
  10. Marcel van Heerden - Judge Theron
  11. Clive Scott - Mr. Bragg
  12. Lawrence Joffe - Heller
  13. Kaseran Pillay -Dawood
  14. Shika Budhoo - Priscilla Jana
  15. Mona Monyane - Comrade Eve
  16. Ryan Dittman - Mr.Hartog
  17. Buyile Mdladla- Gebuza
  18. Siphiwe Nkosi - Damoyi
  19. Zweli Dube - Comrade Papers
  20. Anton Dekker - Minister of Police
  21. Gary D'Alessandro - Commander Esperanza
  22. Thembalethu Ntuli - Coca-Cola
  23. Wandile Molebatsi - Cousin Phineus
  24. Bhekisisa Mkhwane - Jacob Zuma
  25. Dan Robbertse - Colonel Breytenbach
  26. Jacques van Jaarsveld - Ester De Wet
  27. Mpho Magapi - Solomon's teacher
  28. Reginah Dube - Sis Lindi
  29. Matt Stern - Wouter Wolmarans
  30. Jacques de Silva - Frelimo Soldier 1
  31. Denial Honeyball - Court Stenographer
  32. Martin Le Maitre - Prison Commissioner
  33. Daniel Du Preez - Swaziland Customs Officer
  34. Lawrence-Lee Thorpe - Pretoria Central Prison Warder 1
  35. Masoja Msiza - Rev. Ndlovu
  36. Thami Mzaku - Bra Frank
  37. Samuel Manuel Hauze - MPLA Soldier-Angola Execution
  38. Markus Haywood - White Comrade in Bungalow
  39. Jaden Naidoo - Indian boy
  40. Renus Muller - Policeman 1
  41. Johann van Rensburg - Court orderly
  42. Asia Mahomed - Record bar merchant
  43. Chris Barnard - Supreme court policeman
  44. Jacobus Smit - Court illustrator
  45. Mandlakayise Walter Dube Jnr - Studio photographer
  46. Simao Domingos - Frelimo Commander-Rescue
  47. Siphamandla Dlamini - Pretoria Maximum warden

Kalushi film trailer

Anticipations for Kalushi mounted high following announcements of its release on the 10th of March, 2017. Other than saving the date to watch the initial release, many could not wait to download Kalushi movie 2017. Here is a trailer for the liberalism struggle that martyr Solomon Mahlangu pursued.

Solomon Kalushi movie soundtrack

The soundtrack to this incredible movie is a trailer to Solomon Mahlangu song "The Meters #MarchFreestyle17" performed by Reason.

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Solomon Mahlangu movie is an epic television cast that not only shares severe apartheid experiences but also the ordeals of Umkhonto we Sizwe cadre between 1977 and 1979. Besides the great soundtracks and talented cast, Kalushi’s heroism is undeniable. It is not too late, you can download Kalushi full movie mp4 to watch Solomon Mahlangu movie.



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