Julian Assange WikiLeaks founder arrested in London

Julian Assange WikiLeaks founder arrested in London

What happened with Julian Assange? On the morning of April 11, London police detained the founder of the WikiLeaks portal, Julian Assange. An Internet activist who has become famous for publishing huge arrays of secret documents about corruption, the work of special services and war crimes of leading world powers (primarily the United States) has been hiding in the Ecuadorian embassy for seven years, where he was granted political asylum.

Julian Assange WikiLeaks

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Now Assange can face more than one prison sentence: Sweden accuses him of sexual harassment, the UK - in an attempt to escape from court, and the United States - in the disclosure of secret data. Let’s remember the story of the prosecution of the WikiLeaks founder and lear the new details!

Julian Assange: where is he now?

Access by the British police to the embassy of Ecuador is prohibited for diplomatic reasons. But on April 11, 2019, the Ambassador of Ecuador personally invited law enforcement officers. After a while, the founder of WikiLeaks, Jullin Assange, was literally carried out of the building - he did not let go of the book of the American writer Gore Vidal about the history of US national security and shouted: ‘Great Britain, resist!’

Why Julian Assange the founder of wikileaks was arrested

Last week there were rumors that Ecuador would hand Assange to the British law, but the authorities said they did not comment on ‘hypotheses and conjectures that do not have documentary evidence’. Today, the President of the country, Lenin Moreno, made a video message in which he told why Ecuador was depriving Assange of citizenship and, therefore, was no longer obliged to grant that diplomatic asylum.

There are two reasons: Assange has not curtailed his activities in the structure of WikiLeaks and violated the agreements that the parties agreed to fulfill seven years ago. But the main one was that Assange's actions as long as he took refuge in a diplomatic building and was inviolable for security forces, should not have harmed Ecuador’s relations with other countries.

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According to Lenin Moreno, over the years Assange has repeatedly interfered in the internal affairs of other countries in the asylum. The last incident happened in January, when Wikileaks released documents from the Vatican. According to Moreno, key people from WikiLeaks visited Assange before and after this publication, which confirmed his still existing relationship with the organization.

The main idea of the message: Ecuador's patience regarding the behavior of Assange is over: he installed electronic equipment at the embassy that distorts sound, he blocked security cameras in the building, and he constantly interfered with the guards and treated them poorly. He also got access to the secret computer files of the embassy without permission. Assange claimed that he was isolated from the outside world and refused to use the Internet provided by the embassy, but it turned out that he had a mobile phone with him and he communicated with other people.

Also, according to Moreno, two days ago, WikiLeaks allegedly threatened the authorities of Ecuador:

My government has nothing to fear, and we are not going to make decisions under threats.

The President added that before the arrest, he received assurances from the UK that Assange would not be extradited to the country where he would face torture or the death penalty.

That same Thursday, Assange appeared before a British court, which arrested him on a warrant issued back in 2012. The Swedish prosecutor's office said that they were not going to resume the already closed case of sexual harassment and would not require the extradition of the Internet activist. However, the issuance of the founder of WikiLeaks has consistently sought the United States: Scotland Yard has officially confirmed that today's detention is also due to a request from the US authorities.

This Julian Assange latest news impressed the whole world.

Seven years in the Ecuadorian embassy

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange settled at the Ecuadorian embassy in London in 2012, shortly after Sweden put him on the international wanted list for rape and sexual harassment. The rape charges were denied by the founder of WikiLeaks, stating that they were politically motivated. Then Assange was in the UK and voluntarily went to the police station, after what he was arrested. Subsequently, the court released him on bail, but after losing in all appeals instances, Assange decided not to come to the next meeting and applied for asylum at the Ecuadorian embassy. The authorities agreed to accept Assange out of fears that if extradited, his rights would be violated.

Last January, Assange officially received Ecuadorian citizenship. After that, the government of the country deprived the founder of WikiLeaks of the right to receive visitors, as well as means of communication with the outside world. Shortly thereafter, the authorities of Ecuador stated that he had violated the agreement, according to which he promised not to publish statements on the Internet that could spoil Ecuadorian relations with other countries.

The US Department of Justice officially accused Assange of conspiring to commit a computer hacking: according to the US, in March 2010, Assange entered into a conspiracy with the former intelligence analyst in the US Army Chelsea Manning. He allegedly helped him crack passwords on computers of the US Department of Defense connected to the government network, which was used to send secret documents and messages. On this charge, Assange could face up to five years in prison.

So where is Julian Assange now? He is waiting for the government to make a decision according to his case. No other details were told.

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