How to tender in 2019?

How to tender in 2019?

Tenders are a great venture to invest in. With the right type of skills, one can get good returns. The only fear and stereotype that most people have are that it is difficult to get them. This notion exists because most people are misinformed. These are all the details on how to tender in 2019.

How to tender in 2019?
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Most people are interested in knowing the process and the details on how to tender in 2019 but do not come across clear information. The process of bidding is not as difficult as it may look. All it takes is applying for the right kind of contract, giving the best bid and submitting the stipulated documents within the given time. The most crucial part that makes one win the contract is the process of bidding. This is where all the focus should be. These, however, are details on how to tender in 2019;

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How to find tenders in South Africa

Who issues tenders? This is a question that most people are interested in getting answers to. The national government and the provincial government are responsible for issuing bids. Municipalities and parastatals too are in the capacity to issue tenders.

Where do I find tenders? This is also a question that prospective bidders ask. The major national and provincial tenders usually are uploaded as advertisements in the Government Tender Bulletin. If you wish to obtain them from the government printer, the address to contact is; Private Bag X85, Pretoria, 0001. Alternatively, you can access them online. You can also find information about the same through the major newspapers. For provincial and parastatal contracts, you can access them directly through the offices.

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Documents that are required while applying for a tender

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How to tender in 2019?
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Before you consider applying for a tender, you should ensure that you have these documents and meet the following requirements;

  • Be tax compliant. Being tax compliant means that your records regarding taxes are up to date. The only proof of this is being in possession of a tax compliance certificate.
  • Have an B-BBEE certificate or an EME Affidavit. This requirement is for prospective bidders who have start-up businesses.
  • The bidder should be registered with the Central Supplier Database before they embark on applying for the tender. The database contains a list and details of all the authorised suppliers in the country. Registering with this system will also make it easier for one to access to newly advertised tenders.
  • The bidder should also have a permanent address for effective communication.
  • The bidder should also have a bank account.

How to apply for a tender

Before one gets to this process, there are key factors that you should be aware of. These factors will determine whether or not you are qualified:

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  • The details in the bid document, the requirements of the contract, your technical skills
  • The cost of preparing the bid
  • Whether the contract is in line with your business
  • The total cost of fulfilling the contract
  • Whether the contract will affect your ability to take up new contracts

After coming to terms with these factors, you can go ahead to apply for the tender. You should fulfill these steps and fill in the necessary forms.

The bid

How to tender in 2019?
Source: UGC

With the bid, you should ascertain that you agree to the terms and conditions of the contract.

The tax clearance requirement

You should present your tax clearance certificate. This certificate is obtained from the South African Revenue Services (SARS) office after filing and submitting the Application for tax clearance certificate' form. This certificate is proof that you have paid your taxes to date.

The price and motivation

This is a document that gives details on your terms of providing the service. This document also stipulates the charges that you have set for offering the service.

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Declaration of interest

This is a document that states that you do not have any relations with the parties involved in selecting the best bidder.

Preference form

A bidder is required to fill in this form, even if they do not intend to claim the preference points.

The contact form

The contact form connects the bidder and the client in case the bidder is successfully awarded the tender.

How to tender in 2019?
Source: UGC

After filling in these documents and signing them off, the prospective bidder should then submit the forms. It is advisable that the documents are stored in one envelope and the tender number written on the envelope. The documents should be submitted before the deadline for submission to the stipulated address.

After submitting the tender documents, it is advisable to maintain a good image by following up. You can also inquire about the dates for the tender opening process. The tender opening process in South Africa is open. Therefore, a bidder is free to participate in the opening process. It is during this process that the details of the bidder whose deal was the best are announced.

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How to apply for a tender certificate

For you to qualify for a bid, it is vital that you include your tax clearance certificate alongside the other documents. You will access the tax clearance certificate after making an application by filling in the Application for tax clearance certificate' form. The applicant should then collect the certificate from the South African Revenue Services (SARS) office.

Tenders for startup businesses

Are you worried whether start-up businesses can tender. If so, worry no more. The South African government has set aside contracts for startup businesses. Some of these contracts include security, cleaning, and grass cutting services. The most important document that you should have if you intend to apply for this kind of tenders is the B-BBEE certificate or an EME Affidavit.

In conclusion, what seemed to be a puzzle is not as difficult as it was. Being keen while following these steps on how to tender might be the secret that you need to know to win the contract. One should also make it a habit to check out for information regarding newly advertised tenders.

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