15 adventurous things to do in Gauteng: best activities

15 adventurous things to do in Gauteng: best activities

There are numerous adventurous things to do in Gauteng. All you have to do is be on the lookout for the great sites where you can hang out with your friends and family over the weekend or whenever you are free.

adventurous things to do in Gauteng
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Whether you love outdoor activities, hiking or even water sports, there will always be something for everyone in search of an adventure. With so many fun things to do in Gauteng, you can be sure that you will be sorted. Check out the following suggestions of places to visit and activities you could engage in.

Fun things to do in Pretoria

Pretoria is the administrative city of Gauteng, which is the smallest province in South Africa. It is, however, one of the most urbanized areas which means that anyone looking to have fun can always find spots of interest. Consider the following activities and places as those you can go to.

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1. Montecasino Bird Garden

Are you a bird watcher or love birds of different types? If so, you will enjoy visiting the Montecasino bird garden. You can feat your eyes of the countless exotic birds housed at the garden. Enjoy the beautiful walkways, especially the aviary filled with dozens of bright pink scarlet ibises and other 60 or more bird species. You can also go to the frog room. If you are not scared then you will be impressed with the longest snake in the world, not to mention other unusual mammals like the sloth and lemurs. While at it, catch the bird show which is really interesting. You will feel the adrenaline rush as you feed the lorikeets as you get out which will definitely make you scream. Literally, when they land on your head and walk up the back of your neck.

2. Zoo Lake Swimming Pool

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Are you looking for a place to enjoy a cool swim during a hot afternoon? If so, this well-maintained pool will make you appreciate a public pool. It could be a great joint for clues on family things to do in Pretoria.

3. Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens

The natural reserve was started with the intention of preserving the place. It was a successful venture as it has grown to become an enviable picnic destination. When next you are in the area and want to hang out with friends and family, consider visiting the old gardens for a peaceful and relaxed adventure. The geological trail with fancy rocks would be a great adventure for rock lovers. It gives you a chance to learn some history.

4. Mountain sanctuary park

Swim in the natural rock pools as a way of whiling away your day. It is part of the mountainous Magaliesberg area. This 1000 acre land has been in the public domain for years and offers great hiking spots for adventure lovers. You will enjoy spending time in nature with those that you love. It makes a great spot for anyone that wants to do some thinking on his or her own.

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5. The Living Room

Visit the living room for an experience of a lifetime. If you want to enjoy the skyline view of the city then you should visit the venue in Moboneng. You enjoy drinking a number of cocktails and eating tapas around an array of plants.

Places to take your girlfriend in Pretoria

Have you been wondering where you can take your girlfriend just the two of you? It does not have to be expensive for her to appreciate it. Consider choosing the following areas for an intimate experience with her.

1. Afro Boer

Are you thinking of a place where the two of you can have a great meal? If so, then the Afro Boer is an excellent choice. The place is full of attitude and excellent meals. Whether you are having breakfast, light lunch or a serious dinner date, the garden setting and delicious meals are some of the things you will enjoy.

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2. Pretoria North Park

Is your girlfriend an adrenaline junkie like yourself? If both of you love a great adventure or are spirited for the wild then you will enjoy some acrobatics in the trees. The park has several challenges, 8-packed adrenaline rushing obstacles that will give the two of you something to work through. These obstacles will help strengthen your relationship as you will also learn to trust each other more.

3. Take a trip to the 1000-year-old Wonderboom fig tree

This is something every couple should do. Apart from the perfect natural setting, just taking in the trees' longevity and strength over the years is something that will challenge couples to strive for the same. After all, everyone desires a long-lasting relationship.

4. Enjoy some park acoustics at Voortrekker Monument

If you love listening to excellent instrumental music then you will enjoy the park idea. You and your girlfriend should join the crowd at the park to catch some of the best local musicians. Find out who is scheduled to perform and go have a good time.

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5. Picnic at the Union Buildings

This is a simple activity but can be one of the most intimate ones that actually bring the two of you closer. Pack some picnic stuff and go to the most famous gardens in Pretoria. You can have your picnic in front of the building. Just remember to visit the impressive Nelson Mandela statue and take in its magnificence.

Water parks in Gauteng

Water parks in Gauteng are some of the most common destinations for people that want to have a great time. Whether on your own or with friends and family, you can never go wrong with a water park choice. Consider the following suggestions.

1. StokeCity Wake Park

An excellent option for the family fun day out. It is easy on the pocket which allows families to have a great time together without worrying about overspending. The park is well structured in a manner that every age is catered for in terms of physical fitness activities. The main attraction being the Cable park offers water-skiing, wake-boarding, and knee-boarding, where participants are pulled at speed by a cable system. Additional attractions are an open-water swimming course, stand-up paddling, and the Aqua Park, which offers a floating obstacle course. You can also have light meals at the Stoke Café. This means that there is something for everyone.

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2. Aquadome park

This park is fun reloaded. It is part of the Emerald Resort & Casino. The fact that it is temperature-controlled means that you can always visit any time of the year. The 6 heated pulls, slides for the kids and a wrecked ship all offer fun opportunities.

3. ZambiBush resort

This one works for families that love swimming and having a great time in the water. The resort has swimming pools for both children and adults. there is also a petting zoo if you love to connect with animals not to mention a playground for the kids.

4. Pines Resort

More open places for swimmers and family hanging out joints. The pines resort is excellent for families that love water slides as different sizes are available for different ages. You should not worry about food and drinks if you will be bringing the kids. There is a tuck shop that has you covered as far as snacks are concerned.

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5. Wild Waters Boksburg

This may be one of the oldest and longest-running water parks in the region. It continues to be a firm attraction with its water slides, kids' tube slides, and several children's pools. You can also come with your picnic food and have a complete family day out.

With so many things to do in Gauteng, it is impossible to say that you are plan-less or have nothing to do over the weekend. Start with the suggestion above as you discover more joints with friends and family.

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