Generations Teasers June 2019

Generations Teasers June 2019

The long wait is finally over because Generation teasers for June 2019 are out! The May 2019 teasers left most of us hanging, but we can now find answers to some of the questions we have. Generations die-hards hold your breath, for the drama that lies ahead over the next few months will leave you speechless. Guess all we can do now is grab some popcorn, sit back and binge watch old Generations episodes and catch up on the drama while we wait for the new episodes.

Generations Teasers June 2019

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Generations is a critically acclaimed South African soap opera that premiered in 1994 on SABC 1. Created by Mfundi Vundla, Generations has over 1000 episodes in five seasons. The TV drama rebranded to Generations: The Legacy in December 2014. The show has an IMDB rating of 7.7 out of 10, and it airs from Monday to Friday at 8 pm on SABC1. Make a schedule and set your TV reminders to make sure you do not miss an episode.

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Generations Teasers June 2019

Here is what is in store in June 2019 episodes of Generation TV show.

Week 1

Here is a snippet of Generations soap opera episodes for week 1

3rd of June, 2019 (Monday): Episode: 136 (1176)

Zitha is baffled by Rose’s revelation. Crazy J is persuaded into being part of a cleanup operation. At the closed Shebeen, things get intense.

4th of June, 2019 (Tuesday): Episode: 137 (1177)

Cosmo is not happy with the findings after making conclusions. Someone knocks on Gadaffi’s door for help, and he is amazed. Jack’s baby mama gives him feedback.

5th of June, 2019 (Wednesday): Episode: 138 (1178)

Lucy proves how much she is hurting by revealing things she was not eager to. Mazwi discovers something surprising. Mpho picks a fight despite it being a bad idea.

6th of June, 2019 (Thursday): Episode: 139 (1179)

Life hits Tshidi with another blow just when she felt at peace. A crisis intensifies between the Moroka brothers. A man will not take no for an answer, therefore a woman is in trouble.

7th of June, 2019 (Friday): Episode: 140 (1180)

Zitha is exhausted with exclusion and acts on it. The Inyanga gives a serious warning to his customer. A commotion behind a friend’s door is heard by Pele but no one answers when he knocks.

Week 2

Generations Teasers June 2019

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There are interesting turns and twins in Generations soap opera South Africa in June week 2.

10th of June, 2019 (Monday): Episode: 141 (1181)

Lucy is in desperation, and she wants to reconcile with Mrekza. Zondiwe makes a remarkable finding. Something is out of place but Tau cannot figure out what it is.

11th of June, 2019 (Tuesday): Episode: 142 (1182)

Ayanda accidentally reveals a secret which shocks Sphe. Gog’Flo lashes out and leaves the family puzzled. Gadaffi is dumbfounded by what his wife tells him.

12th of June, 2019 (Wednesday): Episode: 143 (1183)

Tshidi discovers that she is in a bad condition. Pele feels his friend is not telling him the entire truth. Kabisi alerts Smanga that he is being reckless.

13th of June, 2019 (Thursday): Episode: 144 (1184)

Jack’s arrogance stirs things up at the hospital. Cosmo tries to cheer up his depressed sister. Mazwi is committed to knocking down his brother.

14th of June, 2019 (Friday): Episode: 145 (1185)

Palesa ultimately arrives, which leaves Lerato pleased. Ayanda tries to clear the air between her and Tau, but Tau does not reciprocate. Someone at death’s door seeks Sphe’s help which amazes her.

Week 3

What will happen in Generations soap opera 2019 June week 2 episodes? Here is a quick view.

17th of June, 2019 (Monday): Episode: 146 (1186)

Gadaffi’s wife words sway him. On the other hand, Crazy J is baffled by what he sees at the Moroka house. A customer is firm on seeing Lucy which leaves her astonished.

18th of June, 2019 (Tuesday): Episode: 147 (1187)

A pleasant finding is made in the shebeen by the Diales. Smanga leaks the family’s secret to the press. Tshidi’s boys are injured which breaks her heart.

19th of June, 2019 (Wednesday): Episode: 148 (1188)

There is a fist fight at the Siqalo gym. Palesa is going through adversity and keeps it from the family. Ayanda’s held up emotions blow up.

20th of June, 2019 (Thursday): Episode: 149 (1189)

Zitha is in despair trying to hide evidence. Jack’s proposal catches Tau by surprise. Gadaffi is told to get a hold of himself by Mpho.

21st of June, 2019 (Friday): Episode: 150 (1190)

Lurato gives some unpopular upsetting advice. Joshua gets cocky thinking no one is brave enough to challenge him. Tshidi’s will-reading is full of surprises.

Week 4

Generations Teasers June 2019

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24th of June, 2019 (Monday): Episode: 151 (1191)

Ayanda is paid a surprise visit by someone who informs her of unexpected things. Cosmo expresses reservations on his sister’s idea but she ignores him. Things keep getting worse for Smanga.

25th of June, 2019 (Tuesday): Episode: 152 (1192)

Gog’Flo’s plans to leave the Diales in shock. Will Lucy fall for Stivovo’s bait? Kabisi is ready to rescue the day but at a condition.

26th of June, 2019 (Wednesday): Episode: 153 (1193)

Mrekza is suspicious but no one opens up to him on what is going on. Mazwi becomes angry when he discovers why Tau is there. Palesa’s misfortune worsens.

27th of June, 2019 (Thursday): Episode: 154 (1194)

Lerato is afraid after not getting any information. Jack finds a way to get what he wants. Smanga is resilient despite being in a tough situation.

28th of June, 2019 (Friday): Episode: 155 (1195)

The pressure is mounting on Lucy and Gog’Flo is not helpful. Crazy J comes to the rescue of a friend. The elders have a tough decision to make, which brother will they choose?

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Get older episodes here: SABC1 - Mzansi Fo Sho

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You can get the previous Generations soap opera YouTube to be up to date with what already happened. Generations June 2019 episodes will be full of ups and downs, therefore, make sure that you do not miss an episode. Meanwhile, fans can sit back and enjoy television entertainment at its best as they wait to see how things unfold. Clear up your schedule early to make sure you are not left behind.



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