Tick bite fever: causes, symptoms and treatment

Tick bite fever: causes, symptoms and treatment

Is tick fever dangerous? However uncommon in most parts of the world, tick bites are a frequent cause of alarm, particularly in Africa and the United States of America. These eight-legged bugs mainly rely on suckling from humans to sustain their life cycle. While some tick bites are less contagious, most of them trigger severe immunological reactions. Tick bite fever is one of the leading health concerns which presents uniquely manifested symptoms that require specialized treatments.

Tick bite fever: causes, symptoms and treatment

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South African ticks are highly disastrous and aim their bites on moist body surfaces including the underarm or groin. It is critical to learn about the fever that results from being bitten by these external parasites, to understand when the bite is harmful and when to visit a doctor. These parasites are noticeable because they do not escape after a bite, but rather burrow a skin to feed on blood. Even so, tick fever symptoms are distinguished, making African tick bite fever easy to diagnose. How soon after being bitten by a tick do symptoms appear? Here is more that you need to know about tick bite fever South Africa.

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Ticks in South Africa and cause of fever

South African ticks cause different conditions depending on the type of bacterium transmitted such as:

  • Lyme disease
  • Rocky Mountain spotted fever
  • Colorado tick fever, and
  • Tularemia

Bites sustained from Rocky Mountain wood tick cause Colorado rick fever which takes only a few days to develop. The American dog tick is an agent that spreads Rocky Mountain spotted fever among humans causing immense muscle pain.

What does a tick bite look like?

Tick bite fever: causes, symptoms and treatment

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Ticks stay on the skin surface for an extended period, unlike their family members such as spiders. These bug-like parasites burrow hurtles and least itchy bites which cause insignificant pain. However, these minor bites eventually result in noticeable swelling, which becomes fully itchy and painful. Redness on the skin surface is arguably among the most common tick bite fever symptoms.

Symptoms of tick bite fever

How do you know if you have tick bite fever? South African ticks vary considerably in their sizes and color, which can be black, red, or even brown. The small sized parasites of this kind are about 2 millimeters in their lengths while large ones measure up to 5 millimeters. From observation, ticks enlarged with more blood consumption extending to the marble size.

Tick bite fever: causes, symptoms and treatment

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Tickbite fever rarely result in noticeable symptoms. The following symptoms of tick fever may, however, be present as a result of the condition.

  1. Itchy skin surface
  2. Redness around bite region
  3. Swelling around a bite
  4. Bite area burning sensation

Tick bites are distinguishable because you may find an attached parasite on the swelling spot.

When to consult the doctor

You can avoid the risk of African tick bite fever long term symptoms by knowing when to consult the doctor about these bites. Doing so can safeguard oneself against contact with a fatal tick-borne disease. If you are unable to pluck off all the parasites, it is advisable to contact the doctor. Noteworthy is that the duration of tick attachment to your skin surface increases the risk of developing the fever, so try and remove the tick, cleanse the area, then seek medical help.

Tick bite fever treatment

The development of a rash or flu-like symptoms appearing signals that it is time to seek proper medical intervention. The prompt medical response is necessary to help with full recovery from the condition. Before administering any treatment, it is vital to have the doctor assess a rash development and manifestation on the skin surface. While a minor pump is typical, more massive rashes are an indication of tick bite fever or Lyme disease. Tick bite fever recovery time varies considerably among individuals depending on the severity of the condition.

Home remedy tick bite fever

There are different effective natural ways of treating tick bite fever besides medical interventions.

  1. Citrus: start by preparing natural repellant oil from lemons and oranges. Boil the lemon and orange peels then allow them to rest for cooling before applying on the tick bite spot.
  2. Cedar oil spray: oil extract from cedar is an effective repellant against harmful ticks. Use a soft cloth to apply the oil on your pets as opposed to sprays
  3. Aromatherapy oil: these include lemon, pennyroyal, cinnamon, and basil
  4. Vegetable oil: oil extracts from vegetables contain natural repellants for ticks such as sulfur. Mixing ten drops of peppermint essential oil and a couple of teaspoons of vegetable oil and apply every week to get rid of ticks bite and fever
  5. Garlic: use enough garlic on pets’ servings to eradicate ticks. Humans can also eat garlic capsules.
  6. Baking Soda: mix some salt and half teaspoon baking soda. Introduce some apple cider vinegar before spraying on pets

More tick bite fever home remedies

  1. Liquid Dish Soap
  2. Eucalyptus Oil
  3. Orange
  4. Clove
  5. Mouthwash
  6. Cinnamon Oil
  7. Combs
  8. Neem Oil
  9. Apple Cider Vinegar

Tick bite prevention measures

Tick bite fever: causes, symptoms and treatment

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Ticks are highly active in warmth. Here are some proven ways of preventing ticks.

  • Regularly vacuum the home
  • Routinely spray all pets with natural repellants
  • Clean cushion covers, linen, and beddings in hot water
  • Clear and clean all areas that attract insects at home
  • Maintain grass in your yard short
  • Regularly apply shampoo on the pet within a couple of weeks
  • Avoid taking your pets into bushy and wooded areas
  • Clear your lawn of all fallen leaves and unnecessary outgrows

Can you get tick bite fever twice? Various preventive measures are necessary to help curb the implication of tick bites. Natural remedies are particularly essential because of their low costs and ease of use with minimal side effects on you and your pet.

Tick biter fever symptoms in dogs

Tick bite fever symptoms in dogs and humans show different uniqueness and similarities. Some similarities include the development of a rash, neck stiffness, swollen lymph nodes, and exhaustion. Tick bite fever in dogs is a common condition faced by dog owners and pet lovers.

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South Africa is home to different types of ticks risking the population of different kinds of diseases. The above information on tick bite fever causes, symptoms, treatment, and prevention will guarantee you and your pet safety from these annoying parasites.


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