US Visa application process and requirements

US Visa application process and requirements

A visa is a travel document that is issued to a citizen by the citizen's country of origin, to ascertain that the citizen is lawfully allowed to be in a foreign country. In some countries, it is not mandatory for one to produce the travel document, while in others, it is. For a South African travelling to the United States, it is compulsory to have the travel document; hence, being highlighted on the US Visa application process might be beneficial.

US Visa application process and requirements
Image:, @South African Visas and Permit Agent
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Are you planning on visiting the United States of America? Are you aware that you are supposed to have a visa before you think of planning your journey? One of the most crucial steps is going through the Visa application process and ensuring that you do it right. That way, your trip will be swift, and you will not brush shoulders with anyone. The process will also equip you with the crucial requirements for the procedure.

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Types of USA visas

If you intend to visit Donald Trump's jurisdiction, you ought to specify the type of visit that you are going for. That will determine the type of travel document that you will apply for. It will also dictate the amount of time that your travel document will be valid. These are the types of visas that the US embassy issues;

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1. Immigration visa

This type is issued to individuals who wish to stay in the United States of America permanently.

2. Non-immigrant visa

US Visa application process and requirements
Image:, @South African Visas and Permit Agent
Source: UGC

This type is issued to individuals who are temporarily visiting the States, and they include; tourism and exchange, medical treatment, transit, official government travel, business, work, to mention a few.

The process of applying for either of the USA visa South Africa is nearly the same, except that one should be sure on the category that they are applying for.

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What are the requirements for US visa application?

If you are looking forward to flying to the United States, owning a verified travel document is one of the basic requirements. For you to qualify for the US visa South Africa, you should fulfil the following criteria;

A valid passport

US Visa application process and requirements
Image:, @South African Visas and Permit Agent
Source: UGC

The first step towards US visa application South Africa is that the applicant should have a valid passport. The passport should have been valid for not less than six months from the date of travel.

The application forms

Depending on the type of travel, the second step of the application process for US visa for South African passport holders involves filling in the required forms. The forms are particular to the nature of the visit.

Non-immigrant application forms

For non-immigrant applicants, they will be required to fill in and submit the following forms according to the requirements that need to be met for the award of the travel document;

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1. DS-160: Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application

This is one of the most basic forms that individuals on temporary visits are expected to fill. This form is also to be filled by individuals who wish to have K-1 American visas.

Individuals are expected to fill in the form online and send it to the department of state, on their website. The department, through consular officers, will combine the details on the form, with an interview to ascertain whether or not, one qualifies to be granted the US visa South Africa.

2. DS-156E: Nonimmigrant Treaty Trader / Investor Application

If you wish to travel to the United States as a treaty trader, this is the form that you should look up for and fill in. While filling in this form, the applicants are advised to ensure that they fill in all the slots as forms that will be incomplete will be returned.

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3. DS-157: Supplemental Nonimmigrant Visa Application

This form resembles the contact information and work history form. It contains slots where the applicant is expected to fill in correct details on it.

4. DS-158: Contact Information and Work History for Nonimmigrant Visa Applicant

The contact information and work history for non- immigrant is another form that one should fill in. The form also requires the highest level of credibility.

5. DS-1648 Online: Application for A, G, or NATO Visa (Applying in the United States only)

This form is available for particular individuals who wish to renew their visas while in the United States. A-1 -2 form is available for foreign government diplomats and other officials who work in USA for South Africa. The immediate family members of these officials can renew their applications through this form.

G-1 -4 form is available for employees and officials of International organizations. Their immediate family members can also renew their applications using this form.

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NATO-1 - 6 form is available for NATO employees and officials. Their immediate family members can also apply using this form.

6. DS-2019

This is the certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor Status form. The form is not available online. The exchange visitor program sponsor is responsible for feeding the DS-2019 information into SEVIS.

7. DS-3035: J-1 Visa Waiver Recommendation Application Instructions

In case you wish to have a waiver of your stay in the United States, you can fill in the waiver form.

Immigrant application forms

US Visa application process and requirements
Image:, @South African Visas and Permit Agent
Source: UGC

Immigration application forms are available for those individuals who wish to immigrate to USA from South Africa. Apart from fulfilling the condition of having a valid passport, filling in the necessary forms will dictate your next move, if you were wondering about how to immigrate to USA from South Africa.

1. DS-117 form

This form is Application to Determine Returning Resident Status. While filling in this form, the individual should ensure that the details that they provide are credible.

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2. DS-230 form

This is the Application for Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration form. The form is available for applicants who are Cuban Family Reunification Parole.

3. DS-260 form

This is the Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration Application form.

4. DS-261 form

This is the Choice of Address and Agent form.

5. DS-234 form

This is the Special Immigrant Visa Biodata Form

6. DS-1981 form

This is the Affidavit Concerning Exemption from Immigration Requirements for a Foreign Adopted Child form.

7. DS-1884form

This is the Petition to Classify Special Immigrant Under INA 203(b)(4) as an Employee or Former Employee of the U.S. Government Abroad form.

If you wish to take the road of USA visa online application, the process is as straight-forward as mentioned.

How long does it take to get a US visa in South Africa?

If you have undergone the process of American visa application South Africa, and filled in the necessary forms and gone through the interview, the process takes a maximum of two weeks before the travel document is processed.

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The US visa application process is as simple as that. In case of any mishaps that are likely to come up during the application process, one should make a point of visiting the consulates in Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg.


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