Last Day on Earth survival tips 2019

Last Day on Earth survival tips 2019

Last Day on Earth is a popular survival game that challenges the player to survive in a dangerous realm full of enemies like zombies and other players. These adversaries can enter your shelter and kill you and then take your resources with them. Similarly, the player can also go to another player’s base to kill them and steal their food and water supplies. To navigate the game, you will need a guide on last day on earth survival tips.

Last day on earth survival tips 2019

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Most Sandbox games are considered confusing for beginners because they lack an in-game tutorial to assist the gamers in navigating the game. Last game on earth: survival is no exception, and here is why you need Last Day on Earth survival cheats, tips, and tricks as outlined below.

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Top Last Day on Earth survival tips

You can play Last Day on Earth game on your Android or iOS device; however, Last Day on Earth pc offers real experience. Here are some essential tips that will help you become victorious.

1. Scavenge for resources

As a beginner of the Last Day on Earth game, the first thing you ought to do is to search for resources like grass, rocks, and things that are on the found on the ground. To do this, prompt your character in the game to pick up the items by pressing the auto button located on the bottom left corner of your screen. Gathering these supplies is one of the ways to level up your character in the game since you can now construct weapons like pickaxe and a hatchet.

2. Crafting

The second useful Last Day on Earth survival tip after gathering enough items that you need is to build a shelter by clicking on the construction icon situated below your minimap. This is because without a house, you are vulnerable to your enemies who can quickly attack you and do away with all your supplies. To build the shelter, first put the floor and then walls. Remember that each flooring unit and wall equals one pine log, so if you run out, you need to look for more. Finally, make your base functional by crafting a campfire, a garden bed to grow your carrots, and a small box to store your scavenged items.

Last day on earth survival tips 2019

Image:, @lastdaysurvival
Source: Instagram

3. Find food, water, and stay healthy

This is the most crucial part of the game as you need to get sufficient food to feed your appetite and remain healthy at all times. To get food in the Last Day on Earth, you can either

  • Kill wolves that attack you so that they drop their meat
  • Cultivate carrots on your garden bed, or
  • Hunt deer.

Hunting prey in the game is a risky endeavor and so make use of Last Day on Earth cheats by activating stealth mode, that is, clicking on the Z key. The reason behind this is that you need to sneak on the deer and kill it without attracting the attention of other enemies in the vicinity.

To get water, click on the inbox option at the bottom left corner of the screen and take the bottles of water. Remember to check the inbox daily as it will have free goodies in there.

To maintain the health of the character in the game, eat food, level up by killing the enemy, and use Healer character found near the truck of your base for assistance when hurt.

4. Remember to Recycle

After drinking water from the bottles, do not throw away the bottles. Similarly, after eating the beans in the tin can, save the tins. You can use these items to craft essential survival items. For instance, you can use empty water bottles to build a rain catcher, and this will help you acquire an endless supply of water. You can use the tins to create useful weapons like furniture, traps, and melee munitions. For this reason, always store cans and bottles that you collect along the way.

5. Shield yourself from the Zombie Pack

Last day on earth survival tips 2019

Image:, @lastdaysurvival
Source: Instagram

Your shelter is subject to attack by a group of zombies every twenty-four hours. These zombies will demolish your walls if they are not well secured. As such, a key Last Day on Earth survival tip is to build stronger walls and have the necessary weapons to fight the zombies. It is not recommended to face the zombie pack alone, and if you see that they are many, stay on the map screen until they leave. This is because you are better off alive to rebuild than dying several times as the holes left by the zombies on your walls will not talk long to repair.

6. Find a dead body

Finding dead bodies is among the crucial Last Day on Earth survival cheats that you need to familiarize yourself. If you are killed by your enemies, to come back to life, you have to discover a dead body in the area where you died. However, remember that you will not get back to life if you are killed in the zones.

7. Save inventory space by using your pockets

A handy Last Day on Earth trick is the existence of a quick slot where the gamer can allocate supplies like meat, first aid kits, and berries for use without opening the inventory. The pocket icon is on the equipment screen and to use the items in there, all you need is to click the pocket button by clicking E on the keyboard. Besides acting a storage unit, this slot also assists in saving you inventory space, which means more space for other essential supplies in your inventory.

8. Pause your hunger and Thirst

Hunger and thirst are the two challenging aspects of the Last Day in Earth game. This is because when you are moving, the hunger and thirst meters reduce at an alarming rate. For this reason, the game character needs to eat and drink every few minutes to avoid dying. To survive this obstacle one of the essential Last Day on Earth tips 2019 is to carry with you a stack of food and a few water bottles whenever you are out exploring.

The other unfavorable feature of the game is that there is no way to pause your hunger and thirst throughout the game and so the meters will keep subsiding while playing. The only Last Day on Earth survival cheats to ‘pause’ the game is by entering the map screen. The game will continue, but your hunger and thirst level will not be altered while in the map.

Other Last Day on Earth survival tips and tricks

Here are additional basic Last Day on Earth tips and cheats

  1. When you build your shelter, ensure that it has some doors to avoid getting stuck or being forced to break walls.
  2. Avoid using the gun too much since it costs durability.
  3. When looting, prioritize what you require and delete items that are unnecessary to create room for important ones.
  4. Strictly use energy for time events that are limited, for example crashed plane and destroyed convoy.
  5. Stay off red zones if you lack guns, full armor, food, and medical kits.
  6. To easily level up, completely clear auto farm and zombies until no resource is left.
  7. To benefit the most clearing a yellow area, use the green region to go home.

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Use the above Last Day on Earth survival tips to navigate the game and make it to higher levels where you can enjoy more health and craft options that will increase your chances of survival. Have fun!



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