Team Takes on Daring Rescue to Save Woman From Mountain Cliff

Team Takes on Daring Rescue to Save Woman From Mountain Cliff

A tourist had to be airlifted to hospital after a dramatic rescue from a mountain ledge.

The Canadian woman fell off the cliff in the Cathedral Peak area of the Drakensberg. She was airlifted from a ledge of the cliff and sutained serious injuries.

She was part of a hiking group in the Berg when she fell off a cliff onto a ledge on Thursday afternoon.

KwaZulu-Natal emergency services said in a statement on Friday that the woman, in her thirties, could not be seen or contacted at first.

A joint rescue party‚ which consisted of Mountain Club of South Africa members‚ the police and KwaZulu-Natal Wildlife, was mobilised to rescue the woman, while KZN EMS paramedics and Aeromedical helicopter were on standby.

For about an hour, the rescue team hiked to reach the area where the woman fell. When they arrived, it was already dark and late into the night.

Once a rope rescue system was secured, one of the rescuers was lowered to the patient, where he then secured her. They were both carted back up where rescuers stayed with her until the morning.

She was airlifted to a Pietermaritzburg hospital early the next morning when a helicopter could reach the cliff.

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