The complete wedding checklist for the perfect espousal

The complete wedding checklist for the perfect espousal

What do you think is the most exhilarating moment? Imagine you were a lady and your man went down on his knee, took out a ring and popped the question? Imagine the adrenaline rush that comes with the thought of saying yes, and committing to him. That is a moment that most people wish for. What most of them forget is the hustle and bustle that comes with preparing for the wedding. Do you know that having a complete wedding checklist will go a long way?

The complete wedding checklist for the perfect espousal
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Planning a wedding is not as easy as it sounds. There is so much to it than slaying in your expensive gown and reciting the vows before your family and close friends. For you to wear that beautiful smile on the d-day, it takes more than effort. Planning before the d-day is one of the hacks that can go a long way. Working with a scheduled wedding checklist is one of the ways of keeping check of all the nitty gritties of your special day. You may want to know why the list is a must-have.

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How do you plan a wedding checklist?

Before we get to the how part of the question, it will be wise to ask, 'when should you start planning your wedding?' On average, a couple is engaged for thirteen months before they commence on sealing their union. Making plans for the big day should kick off within the first month after getting engaged. That way, as a couple, you will have enough time to put your ideas together and come up with a wedding planner checklist that meets the preferences of both of you. The list will also serve as a wedding planning guide as it will provide a schedule of how the events will flow within the given timestamp.

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Wedding planning can be overwhelming, especially if you have very limited time before the d-day. However, dealing with professional wedding planners can make the issue less of a big deal. Alternatively, you can choose to work without involving any professional advise and still achieve your goal. Coming up with a wedding check list is a simplified way of ensuring that you achieve all the goals before the final day. What makes it easier is that one can allocate the details in the list of a time stamp. That way, you will reduce the pressure that comes with attending to a list of activities. It will also help you focus on achieving your goals bit by bit.

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Wedding planning checklist

Let us take an example of a couple that decides to seal their union thirteen months after getting engaged, and they decided to come up with the wedding plan. This is how the schedule of the wedding plan is going to be;

Twelve months prior

Determining the budget

The complete wedding checklist for the perfect espousal
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This is the most crucial part of how to plan a wedding. It involves establishing the total cost of the ceremony. It involves compiling all the expenses that will be incurred during the occasion. It also involves doing the maths on the sources of funds. Besides that, it involves allocating the funds to different expenses. The best way to ensure that you are effective is by coming up with a spreadsheet of the latter.

Coming up with a guest list

The guest list is significant in determining the budget of the occasion. It will also dictate the size and location of the venue.

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Deciding on the theme

Adding the theme to your to-do list is equally essential. It involves having a sit down with your partner and setting your records straight on each one of your preferences.

Eleven months prior

After achieving the most important details of the wedding, you can go ahead to make reservations for some of the vendors like the photographer and videographer. You could also choose the theme colour of the wedding. You could also establish your bridal team and the groom's men.

Ten months prior

On the tenth month, you could work on the invitation cards. This is another element that influences your guests' turn up. Coming up with captivating invitation cards is one of the ways of creating bait on the guests attending your event.

Nine months prior

This is the perfect tie for the bride-to-be to go shopping for her gown. In case you opt for hiring one, you can also establish a place to do so.

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Eight months prior

This is the time to visit your florists for reviews on the best quality flowers and the colours to go for. The florist will also give an assumption of the cost of flowers.

Seven months prior

On the seventh month, you could visit the hiring vendors for items that you could rent, such as seats. You could also make arrangements for someone to officiate your union, especially if you are not planning on having your wedding in a church.

Six months prior

The complete wedding checklist for the perfect espousal
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On the sixth month, you could check out with the store where you intend to get your gown from to ensure that the one you selected still fits. You could also work on the lighting that the wedding might require. These lightings include all the fancy bulbs and candles.

Five months prior

On the fifth month, you could focus your resources on all the transportation sources regarding your big day. The areas that you need to focus on include transportation of the bridal team, your family members to the wedding venue, and transportation to your honeymoon destination. This is also an ideal moment for you to go for pre-marital counseling.

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Four months prior

On the forth moth before the big day, the groom could check out his tuxedo. The groomsmen could also go to check out their attires. At the same time, you could make arrangements for hiring the catering team. You could also go out and hunt for a place where you could order your cakes from.

Three months prior

On the third month before your day, you should finalize on the invitation cards and have them delivered to the expected guests. By this month, you should have made up your mind about the catering team. You should now focus on the menu that you wish to serve your guests.

Two months prior

By now, you have touched upon nearly all the important items on your wedding plan, and your worries are at rest. This is the month to start writing down your vows. It is also the moment to book your appointment with your officiate. You could also select the Bible verses that you wish to read on your day. The bride could also try out her hair and makeup look to ensure that it comes out as intended.

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One month prior

wedding to do list
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If you have been consistent about the wedding guide, by now, you should be easy about everything being in place. Being the last month before your big day, the wedding tips that you should polish on include collecting the gown and fitting it to ensure that it is according to your expectations, collecting the flowers, collecting your marriage license, as well as liaising with the DJ on the songs that you want to be played on your day.

Coming up with a detailed and scheduled wedding checklist is one of the ways of ensuring that the wedding party is according to your standards and expectations. The wedding checklist acts as a guide on the flow of activities that need to be done at particular times. It also helps maintain discipline throughout the whole preparation process. Working with a list is not as overwhelming as it would have been if you did not have one.

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