Future drops new EP "Save Me": tracklist, official audio and public reaction

Future drops new EP "Save Me": tracklist, official audio and public reaction

Last week, the king of trap music, Future, caught social media by surprise when he deleted all photos from his Instagram account. If you were his die-hard fan, you should have read between the lines that the clean slate was significant; because that is what the artist does when he's winding up on a big project. Barely twenty-four hours after the release of Future New Album 'Save Me', there has been a spark of reactions. You do not want to be left out on the gist about the album.

Future New Album "Save Me": tracklist, official audio and public reaction

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Was the clean slate a way of making his fans anticipate his return? Probably yes. The artist has been consistent for the past few years, releasing one banger album after the other. Barely six months after releasing his seventh album; The Wirzd, he is back with another smasher album, 'Future - Save Me'. His seventh album got his fans head over heels, and even before his fans could absorb the hype, the multi-talented artist has surprised them with another Future New Album.

Future - Save Me

The king of trap released his eighth album when no one expected he would. Neither did he release a single, nor come out with a budget promotion to hint on the same. This is the type of album that you would want to listen to without fast-forwarding, rewinding, skipping or stopping.

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The seven-track EP is a reflection of the artist's life. It depicts a playboy who is drained and is tired of the kind of life that leads. It also depicts a drug user, who is in a personal conflict with his drug life. These are some of the highlights of the album that you might want to keep up with;


The seven-track EP was released on 7th June 2019


The album is so far available in audio.


The mind-blowing EP was recorded at Epic Recordz /Freebandz Entertainment.


Musically, Future - Save Me is a candid combination of RNB and trap.

Future - Save Me tracklist

Future - Save Me is the artist's second album in 2019. The EP has seven tracks. These are the tracks in the album;

  1. XanaX Damage
  2. St. Lucia
  3. Please Tell Me
  4. Shotgun
  5. Government Official
  6. Extra
  7. Love Thy Enemies

Future - Save Me reviews and comments

The emotional EP that sounds like it is a personal reflection of the artist's life. The lyrics of most of the songs in the EP insinuate the life of a playboy who is emotionally and physically drained. Could the album be a mirror of what is going on in Future's life? The reactions on the individual hits will make us understand better. These are some of the reviews of the songs;

1. Future - "XanaX Damage”

This is the first track in the EP. The song depicts the heavy texture in the artist's voice, insinuating a man who has not slept for days and is in despair. In hopelessness, he sings, "I only call you when I’m faded." The song has so far gathered one hundred and forty-six thousand views on YouTube. These are the comments of the one minute and forty-seconds tracks;

  • Haider Hasan : Why this masterpiece isn't longer
  • J- LEETHAL : Heard a snippet of this on his IG... woke up singing just the 30 second clip over and over and been waiting for this to drop ever since.. needs to be longer
  • Ernest Gutierrez : So much pain under 2 minutes

2. Future - St. Lucia

St. Lucia is the second track in the album. The track has a whole different vibe. In the three minute and twenty seconds song, he says, "I'm in a whole 'nother league, but I'll fuck fans." These are some of the best comments of the song;

  • ISUR3M3JUICE : Bruh Do Y’all Hear The Switch In The Beat 0 to 9 seconds?! OMG. Future On Sum Nxt Level Shxt!
  • Daryl Francois :Shoutout to future putting my country out here‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

3. Future - Please Tell Me

Please Tell Me is the third song in the album. The beats in this banger will make you love it. It is the type that you will want to repeat over and over again. These are some of the best comments about it;

  • Meten Ndofor : All this music-dropping we ain’t going to sleep
  • eek’s Vlogs :Just shed a tear . This shit beautiful
  • Xavier Gilmore : Perfect mfen timing I was just getting tired of the Last tape

4. Future - Shotgun

Shotgun is the fourth track in the EP. It has so far gathered one hundred and forty thousand views in less than twenty-four hours. These are some of the reviews of the artist's fan showing their love to the artist;

  • BLACK : Pure Heat, Futuristic Vibes Forreal alot of this niggah music be bringing peace mentally
  • ARTHA Jemar : Finally He BACK!!!!! NOW I got something to jam other than myself Jimi and bootsy thank you future. And I'm waiting for that collab with Ms.Badu.
  • LS3_LaFlare : I don’t even sample his albums before buying anymore, straight purchase. He’s immortal. Hendrix really a

5. Future - Government Offical

In the fifth track of the EP, there is a sudden change in mood. In one of the lines, he says; "When I drink codeine I get in my feelings.” The beats in the song are enough to have you nodding along. These are some of the comments and reviews about the same;

  • The Weeknd : Future never disappoints
  • OnPoinT : this is the type of shit i was expecting, rest of the album is more emotional cant complain tho
  • HardCoreHockeyPlyr14 : future a living legend, this whole project is fire

6. Future - Extra

Back to the mix of RNB and trap music, in the sixth track of the album, the artist says, "I can make it hard for you to fall in love with me." It looks that Future does not enjoy the extra life. This hit is more of a melancholy. These are some of the reviews on the latter;

  • Trapped : God damn, Future hitting new levels 2019! This is special
  • Justin Stewart : Everyone needs to hear the song he sampled, shit is beautiful. Amber Olivier - One unread
  • Ben Cisse : Future has done it again melodic genius

7. Future - Love Thy Enemies

Back to the slow emotional kind of beats, Love thy enemies is the seventh and last track in the album. In this track, he sounds like he is singing from his soul. He says, "They wanna take my soul, save my flesh.” As though that is not enough, he goes ahead to say, “You wasn’t considerate to how I was feeling.” Maybe he had an emotional breakdown while coming up with this song. These are some of the reviews and comments about the hit;

  • societyofone : the way the beat interpolates when he says "how imma explains this to my children"
  • Jefe Em'Jay : Hardest song on this tape, was waiting on this from his IG snippet. But I really think future need help & he's crying out for it.
  • Shadyeh M : This whole Masterpiece is way too Hardd

Future - Save Me download

If you wish to listen to the recently released hit, you can download it through any of these sites;

Regardless of whether you are a staunch fan of the artist, you ought to listen to Future New Album - Save Me. The artist has done his best regarding the beats and his vocals.


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