Viewers despise Zitha for hurting Tshidi and her baby in 'Generations'

Viewers despise Zitha for hurting Tshidi and her baby in 'Generations'

In last night's episode of Generations: The Legacy, Tshidi realised that something was really wrong. Zitha arrived just in time to call an ambulance. Detective Pele could sense that his friend Ayanda was hiding something from him. Uncle Kabisi warned Smanga that he is playing with fire.

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After failing to get hold of Tshidi on her phone, Zitha called the office and found out that Tshidi was going to visit her mom. Zitha rushed to Siqulo Court and found Tshidi unconscious on the floor, bleeding severely. She immediately called an ambulance for help.

Zitha is worried what Jack will do when he finds out that she is responsible for his unborn child's death. She tried to cover up her tracks as much as possible. But Tshidi sensed that something was very wrong before she collapsed. She knew the blood thinners caused her to bleed internally.

When Tshidi's mom found her, she was overwhelmed with emotion and even viewers felt her pain and cried along with her. The scene when the paramedics wheeled Tshidi out of Siqulo court was too deep.

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Viewers lashed out at Zitha for her cunning ways, even though she was the one who called the ambulance. Some tweeps even questioned what Jack will do when he finds out his beloved Zitha was behind the death of his unborn child's passing. Here are some of the comments:

Even Kumkani and Mpho were shocked to see the blood on Gog'Zondiwe's floor of her house. Poor Kumkani didn't realise how serious Tshidi's condition really is.

Meanwhile, Ayanda tried to seek some advice from her police friend, Pele, without letting him know that she was the rape victim. She asked him if "her friend" who was raped recently could open a charge anonymously. Unfortunately, due to investigations needing to be done, it is not possible.

Tau is worried that Ayanda has become more distant from him and can't help but think there's something wrong. Ayanda hates lying to Tau and hence seeks Sphe's help to get a contact to see a counsellor. The whole incident is tormenting poor Ayanda and it doesn't help that she has to work with and see her rapist Joshua frequently.

Lucy is dealing with her own demons about facing the truth about losing Mrekza. She has withdrawn herself from work, family and home and is now spending most of her time locked up in her room.

Gog'Flo, who is very concerned, found Lucy's notes to Mrekza and realised what the problem was. She advised Lucy of two ways to best handle a situation like this. Either confront Mrekza and tell him she loves him, or cry her heart out as much as she wants until she is ready to move on.

Finally, Kabisi warned Smanga that he is playing with fire if he takes on his brother Mazwi in business. He said that they are both Morokas and that Smanga should have respected his brother enough not to have poached a client from him.

But Smanga is too stubborn and believes he did what was best for his business, and anyone else would have done the same. Smanga doesn't think he did anything wrong and is willing to take on Mazwi if push comes to shove.

One viewer has already chosen a side:

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