The 10 best black models 2019

The 10 best black models 2019

Black models are some of the most beautiful creatures on earth. Check out mot fashion houses and publications to understand why. These beautiful souls grace the covers of some of the most prestigious magazines, bringing diversity into the world of fashion and glamour. The popping melanin is unique and authentic. So, which black model do you know of?

black models

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Well, more black stars are taking charge of famous runways across the world. This is for a good reason too. Their charisma, poise, and beauty all combine to form a great overall model that is not only attractive for the photos but also captivating on the runway.

Most famous world fashion brands are engaging black male and female modes for purposes of getting their brands known out there. While these are just ordinary people, their attractive nature makes them stand out from the rest. The following is a list of 10 outstanding black models that keep shinning even today.

Top 10 black models worth noting

Regardless of their gender, black fashion talents bring their A-game when it comes to the fashion world. With so much competition in the sector, these individuals seem to keep winning as they stand out in a stunning and undisputed way. After all, it is the unique factor that counts in this industry.

Black female models

While it may have been strange to think of a black male model a few years ago, this is no longer a strange phenomenon in this era. Even so, women are still the dominating gender in this sector. With so many ladies modelling, it can be confusing to know who is the best. Check out the list below.

1. Khoudia Diop

black female models

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Kicking off the list is the beautiful yet unique black model Diop. The Senegalese model with a bright and beautiful smile is so dark that she won the most dark-skinned model title. She is always referred to as the Melanin goddess because of how dark she is.

While this colour may have been a source of ridicule when she was younger, it quickly became her pride as she learnt to encourage herself through the photos of dark-skinned model Alek Wek. At 15 years, Diop moved to Paris where she kick-started her modelling career by getting several offers.

She quickly rose to become a popular Instagram star with her followers increasing dramatically after she became a model. In addition to coordinating with New York and Paris based modelling agencies, she also works in Make Up for the Ever's advertising campaign.

2. Adut Akech

black male models

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The dark Sudanese girl has a beautiful story in addition to being one of the top dark-skinned models in the world. Even though she had to flee her home back in Sudan to Australia after the war, she went on to become a rising star in Australia where she and her family moved to. Her journey in modelling began when she took part in her aunt's fashion show when she was just 12 years old.

Currently, places Adut as the Model of the Year 2018 (Industry’s Vote), a coveted position for any model. The fashion show by her aunt was an opener as 2 years later she moved on to serious modelling front. By the time she was 16 years, she was already on the runway at the Paris Fashion Week in the Saint Laurent show.

This marked the rising of the young model who continued to rise. She has already worked with some of the world's famous and best in the industry including Alexander McQueen, Tom Ford, Givenchy, Calvin Klein, as well as Versace. Apart from that, Adut Akech is the model that closed the Chanel show in a wedding image with Karl Lagerfeld.

3. Anok Yai

black male model

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The famous black model took the honour that only belonged to Naomi Campbell in 1997 when she opened the Prada show. The famous Italian fashion house had to invite 19-year-old Anok to the podium at the autumn/winter 2018-2019 fashion show at Milan Fashion Week. The Egyptian-born Sudanese model moved to USA with the family.

Her popularity spiked in 2017 when the popular photographer TheSUNK posted the photo shoot pics that he had made of her in a student party. With her photos garnering over 20,000 views, she got lots of offers from different modelling agencies across the globe. The famous Prada fashion house invited her for a defile. Currently, the 21-year-old Anok Yai conquers fashion world with so much ease.

This even led her to gain nominations for the Breakthrough of the Year by the Apart from her high-end Fashion Weeks, the young model still slots enough study time. She is focused on becoming a doctor which is why she studies biochemistry at Plymouth State University.

4. Nyakim Gatwetch

black models

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This famous model's colour is often compared to the dark of night. While most residents in Sudan are dark, the model that now lives in the US was still ridiculed for being darker than everyone else. While this may have been disappointing at the time, it was her ticket to a prestigious career and a world of fame and fortune. She started out as a black Instagram model, showing off different variations of melanin by posting photos of herself between white girls and other black girls.

Her different melanin photo shoot which was an Isaac West creation became so popular that it earned her a lot of fans. She went on to participate in a campaign for beauty brand Juvia's Place. She also took part in the New York Fashion Week with Flying Solo brand. She recently made it to the 2018 Emmy awards with her stunning photos. The queen of darkness believes that black is a colour that brings strength and pride.

5. Imaan Hammam

black female models

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The girl comes with exotic beauty because of her mixed blood origins. She is a Dutch of Egyptian-Moroccan origin. She kick-started her career as a participant in Victoria's Secret show in 2010. She went on to become a brand ambassador for some of the famous world fashion brands. Besides being brilliant at the podium, Imaan proved that she can also excel commercially.

This led her to become the face of the Givenchy campaign. She also covers a good number of popular editions including Vogue (US, France, and Italy), Numéro, i-D Magazine, and Love Magazine. From her discovery at the age of 14 years at the Amsterdaam railway station, she has been soaring higher. She has recently been part of the March issue 2019 photo shoot for the Japanese Vogue.

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6. Winnie Harlow

black male models

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Nothing could stop Winnie, a Canadian supermodel from becoming whom she always wanted to be, not even her skin condition. She suffers from vitiligo, which is a skin depigmentation. The milky-white pigmentations that appeared on her skin at an early age were the cause of ridicule but she could not let this hold her down. She became famous after hitting it out at the American top model competition.

She is the current face of Spanish casual brand Desigual and she also advertises bright wears of crazy styles and colours. Popularly known as the Dalmatian Woman, Winnie in 2018 spread her wings to become the new Angel for Victoria's Secret, the legendary luxury brand. She may just be 22 years old but currently works with a good number of famous clothes brands, besides participating in several magazines photo shoots as well as advertising. Winnie Harlow is also involved in the Sports Illustrated 2019 Swimsuit Issue where she features as one of the hottest black models.

7. Marquita Pring

black female models

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This is a model that has defied all odds in an industry that had its biases. The beautiful plus-sized model is US based that lives in New York and works with the likes of V-Curves Ahead, Vogue Italia, and Ford just to mention a few. Being a native New Yorker, she clearly has done her share of work to conquer the very challenging New York modelling industry. She gathered her courage at age 15 and walked to the nearest agency which marked the beginning of her career.

Her participation in the Jean Paul Gaultier show back in 2011 made her famous. She went on to gain recognition as the most popular plus-size model which in turn won her a spot as the face of Levi`s jeans brand. In addition to that, she collaborated with Bloomingdale`s and Macy`s department stores. Over time, the model has shot for magazines and has also given countless interviews about body positivity and the love of her body. Marquita also engages in figure skating, field hockey, and jogging.

8. Adwoa Aboah

black male models

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For this brilliant model, hers was almost an assured path considering that her parents ran a successful fashion business. Her parents were filming for glossy magazines and fashion shows. This made that doors opened quite early for Adwoa since her parent's links came in handy. She started out professionally at the age of 16 years and quickly rose to become a podium star but again disappeared for sometime before coming back. She is known by many even those not too keen about fashion.

Adwoa even rose to become a Model of the Year in 2017, and is today ranked as one of the raw models with black supermodels! Being a current age model, she does not strive to look perfect which makes her one of the most sought after models in the world. The brilliant and beautiful girl is not just about modelling as she actively works as a feminist. She also owns a website where girls hold conversations on mental health, depression, addiction, and relationships among other things.

Black male models

As already mentioned earlier, men have also ventured into the modelling world. Check out 2 of the best black models that serve as a good example in this thriving industry.

9. Adonis Bosso

black male models

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The famous model from Ivory Coast is one of the most notable African male models that was discovered in 2012. He first worked for Vivienne Westwood and Z Zegna. After gaining popularity, he also cooperates with world-renowned brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, GCDS, Tom Ford, Levi’s, and H&M. In 2015, he won Model of the Year 2015 (Readers’ Choice ) as shown by, a reputable modelling site. The multi-talented man has also tried his hand in music besides participating in numerous modelling activities.

10. Victor Ndigwe

black male model

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One of the most famous male models from Nigeria. Victor Ogonna Ndigwe became the first Nigerian to take part in the fashion weeks of Milan, Paris, and London. He starred for the Missoni campaign a few years back. He has also worked for Versace, Kenzo, Hermes, and a host of other famous fashion brands. He also won the Elite Model Look Nigeria in 2014. He is currently among one of the most sought after black male talents in Africa and the world at large.

With the above ten black models as a representation of the models out there, it is clear that blacks are taking this industry by storm. With opportunities being affordable for everyone, it is only a matter of believing in oneself to excel in this field.



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