Ayanda empowers herself in 'Generations': Smanga faces business woes

Ayanda empowers herself in 'Generations': Smanga faces business woes

Ayanda had an unexpected visitor and was surprised by his advice on how to deal with her current situation in Generations: The Legacy. Cosmo tried to warn his sister about her latest business ideas but Lucy thinks she knows what she's doing. Smanga was disappointed with bad news after more bad news.

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Ayanda was floored about Joshua's public spectacle accusing her of lying about the rape and claiming it was consensual. Just when she was about to give up her fight, she got a surprise visit from Jack.

Jack told Ayanda he knew how she felt because his sister went through the same thing. He advised her that she won't get her justice through the police or court but only by doing something herself.

Ayanda held her own press conference to tell her side of what had happened the night of the rape, and explained why she kept quiet for nearly two weeks. She was scared about what had happened, scared to cause any bad publicity for the company as Joshua is a big client, but most of all scared of how people would react and judge her. She spoke out against her rapist and empowered herself again.

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But after seeing the press conference online, Joshua called Ayanda and threatened her. Little did he know that Ayanda doesn't take lightly to threats. With the help of Jack, she stood tall and confronted Joshua with a gun, and told him she will not be fearful any more.

Ayanda brought Joshua to his knees begging for his life, and she said to him that this is how she would remember him. That he had no power over her and he was nothing but a scared little man.

Viewers were really happy with seeing Ayanda step up and not let the rape ordeal affect her life. This is what some had to say on Twitter:

This new-found empowerment drove Ayanda to stand up to Smanga, who was too scared of Ayanda making the rape ordeal public because it could jeopardise the business. Joshua did cancel his contract with Ezweni Inc. But Ayanda didn't seem to care. She resigned from the company and walked away from Smanga without a blink of an eye.

Ayanda also realised that Tau wasn't there when she needed his support to encourage her to be brave through her tragic incident. Ayanda decided to pack up her bags and head back to Cape Town, but to put all of this behind her for good.

Meanwhile, Lucy was approached by a new character on the show, played by Reggie Ndlovu. He is a gangster and drug dealer who is offering Lucy an opportunity to buy bulk and become her own supplier.

Cosmo tried to warn his sister Lucy about getting deeper into this market, which will only bring more troubles, but Lucy refused to think, as her only concern was to make more money.

Lots of viewers were impressed to see Reggie on the show.

Gog'Flo displayed her kind-heartedness when she wanted to not only help Palesa by providing her a home, but also wanting Lucy to donate money to a little boy who needed surgery to survive.

Her character is always helping out in the community and reminds most of Mzansi what people should be doing all the time, not just once-off.

Smanga thought he was too smart and had everything under control with his business, and turned down Jack's offer for him to merge Ezweni Inc with #Hashtag. Little did he know that life was about to shake things up. With Tshidi gone, her shares have now ended up in the hands of Gadaffi, whom Smanga feels has no idea about business.

Smanga was served the second blow when Joshua ended his contract with Ezweni Inc. The third blow was when Ayanda decided to resign from the company as well. He lost the two most hard-working partners, both Tshidi and Ayanda, within one week.

Where will this leave Smanga? Will he take up Jack's offer to merge the companies to save himself and his staff?

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